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  1. so i have allowed on of my characters to see an entity that grants one boon, of the player choice, and one curse the player as a force sensitive asked for a deeper understanding of the force, now i would like the curse to relate to the boon in some way and not have the boon replace a existing talent like empty soul, font of power or one with the universe thinking maybe add FP equal to destiny as the boon
  2. @Sincereagape @btmaja @Edgehawk @Zhigon happy belated zombie jesus day i hope you all ate your own weight in chocolate
  3. yea im gonna admit i this is a fixed event in this campaign
  4. so everyone's at the bridge you all hear the thump of ships docking together, what do you do?
  5. all good, i hope **** sorts it self out quick fast, if you wish to jump back in at a latter date i'm more then happy for you to do so
  6. WELCOME TO THE MADHOUSE, of course same rules as covered in the OP, hope to see your kicking *** soon
  7. @SithArissa @Sincereagape @btmaja who is in the engine room? who is in the medical room, alone with the captain and many many sharp pointy objects? who is at the bridge with lance?
  8. no the strain recovery is fine but throwing 2 boosts around? that most likely you your self will benefit from no. you can give one blue
  9. *thump* bit late for that, though if you are the captain now you should meet them
  10. OOC: probably should have worded that better captain still in the medical room only the guard and pilot are here after talking with the cell guard the pilot responds not worth it where about to dock with them
  11. lifting the captain over his shoulder he take him through the corridor you originally ran down after escaping and after making a stop at the medical room (10) he takes those who follow to the bridge
  12. interrupting the captain with a blaster bolt make both selonians a bit jumpy but still the captain waves him on i think we should do as they say for now then under his breath more trouble then their storming worth
  13. only you he stammers out (OOC: hmmm which cartel to bind you too) dunno call themselves the sisters of battle (yay 40k references)
  14. @Edgehawk @btmaja what are you two doing? @SithArissa im assuming that your being at least semi emphatic/sympathetic and are treating others wounds
  15. Then it went over my head but the above still stand as it is rather obvious information
  16. everyone, selonian captain is beat up to ****, Zeec looks like an amateur surgeon forgot to sow him back up
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