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  1. okay so the premise of this is that i wanted these to be wholly unique to the characters in addition i am drawing inspiration for these powers from a few fantasy series the first comes from mistborn where people have the ability to store attributes like luck or strength suffering the consequences of not being lucky or strong, to latter draw upon those same attributes to become luckier or stronger for an equal amount of time the second is from skyward where a genetic mutation (idk it's not fully explained beyond being genetic) allows select individuals to physically become part of the workings of their ship to perform several different effects most notably instantaneous travel of the ship and everything aboard the final one is from elantris where your knowledge and understanding of magic dictates how well you perform at it
  2. im not saying all of them but any of these
  3. he can add up to 4 black dice to a single check or across multiple to add an equal number of blue to one check or again across multiple eg. 4 black ---> 4 blue is good 1black, 2 black ----> 3 blue is fine 3 black -----> 1 blue, 1blue, 1 blue is allowed
  4. in short they can add a black to a check so that they can add a blue to a future check
  5. These are the alpha draft of the base ability, I'm still working on suitable upgrade trees But in the first case the player asked for luck The second case the resident pilot wanted an ability to use while driving In the third the player requested "a deeper understanding of the force"
  6. in no particular order trees: steel hand, hermit, ascetic, magus, pathfinder powers: heal, alter, seek, protect/unleash, foresee, suppress, conjure, imbue
  7. okay so i have a few homebrew signature abilities i'd like help balancing first: when making a skill check may add a black to dice pool to add gain a charge to a max. of 4, or remove any number of charges to add an equal amount of blue to the current skill check second: once per session when you make a piloting planetary skill you make instead make a astrogation (willpower) to teleport the vehicle to any where in short planetary range third: when making a force check may make a combined knowledge check, adding further details and benefits for each uncancelled S
  8. If you can find the attachment in your browser (I'm assuming your on a PC) you should be able to dictate which dictionary it draws from Yes I know it's kinda a hasle but a few auto correct attachments do have the ability to allow multiple dictionaries with a with priority so you could set it to be mostly from French but also allows English
  9. does this sum up your experience with auto correct? faites taire votre machine insupportable! si j'avais voulu que tu me corriges j'aurais demandé!
  10. Maybe OP Boon: When targeted by a force power may make a lore check to learn that power for the remainder of the encounter Curse: Every use of this power gains 5 conflict
  11. That curse is rather severe as these are new character with less then 50
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