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  1. Done, threw Black One and Pattern analyzer on Poe.
  2. Came up with this in the middle of the night, anything that can be done to improve? PS9 Poe Autothrusters Lightning Reflexes R2-D2 Nien Numb Integrated Astromech Rage Targeting Astromech "Blue Ace" Integrated Astromech R2 Astromech.
  3. As a collector of the hobby, I got all the current Imperial things, everything Rebel except the B-wing the T65 X-wing and the YT-2400. And this list of scum. Most Wanted Punishing One One IG-2000 Protectorate Starfighter Kirahaz Fighter Starviper Mist hunter What should I get next, can buy three large ships or 6 smaller ones.
  4. I play mostly casually, but as of now,I got writers block.
  5. But Poe is actually 2 pilots. You got Poe8 and Poe9 And Poe is apperently, through rumor, to be Poe7
  6. So, as stated, I've pretty much bought everything for each faction other than the YT-2400, X-wing expansion, and B-wing expansion and the big ships, so, I went to scum, picking up Most Wanted, the Starviper, the protectorate fighter, and the mist hunter, where to next?
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