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  1. Logically they would only stack if they where on the same weapon. Like the forearm powerblade from RT. Else, you only get the bonus of what ever weapon you are using to parry.
  2. No. You just get more penetration on the vehicle. You cannot target the people inside because you cannot see them.
  3. One limb being slightly tougher makes the character "super-tanky"? Even if they get all thier limbs replaced that still leaves thier hard and torso. Torso being the thing most often hit. It should not affect encounter balance at all.
  4. You do not gain Sanctioning by choosing the Mystic role, you gain it by being in the Adeptus Astra Telepathica background and gaining the Psyker advance at chargen.
  5. One adds a Toughness bonus; one adds an Armor bonus. There is no stacking involved. The bionic limb just has extra armor. Not having skin to cover it is irrelevant.
  6. Koronus Bestiary shall join my list of "check it out."
  7. Had you actually read it you would see I acknowledged the only actual advice (thanks to NFK) in the thread relating to what I actually asked, which was being directed to the Solitaire stat in Enemies Beyond. What I denied were claims to things are are not part of the actual fluff. I also presume that you do not know what "petty" means, since pointing out false information about lore is not trivial, nor is the fact it had nothing to do with what I asked. Therefore, it was unhelpful. If you have no actual advice about what talents/skills a Solitaire would have, which is the thing I asked, why are you posting in this thread?
  8. They do not actually have the Untouchable advance, they just have some of the powers from it. As far as I know, only humans have the Pariah gene. However, since they already had rules for the desired effect, they just used those instead of rewriting them. I have also not seen any fluff to suggest that Solitaire suffer from any of the social penalties that a Blank would (unless they are wearing their Solitaire garb). We also know they are not actually "soulless" because the fluff states Slaanesh does not get their souls until they die. Ofcouse 40k, so it's all true and none of it's true.
  9. It's not important because it's not official. There is no published source for it. I.E. It's not true. Also makes no sense with the history of the Harlequins. Also, also, Eldar do not need Grey Knight expys. Also x3:
  10. That is completely unhelpful. I know what harlequins are. I did not ask for tips on how to role-play one. Especially bad tips based on old leaked info.
  11. I don't plan on starting out with everything the NPC stat block has, or even having all the tabletop abilities. I am looking for suggestions about what talents/skills I would be looking at. He will be a Solitaire because that's how hes going to be RPed. The write up in Enemy Without is a good starting point thought.
  12. Looking into making a Solitaire for a game, looking for input in what kind of talents/skills/alt ranks I should look at.
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