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  1. I finally got round to buying my third core set, so have plenty of spare encounter cards. I sleeve my cards, so proxying is viable, but as you say, a lot of effort. If I look to play epic Attack on Dol Guldur, I would look to buying at least a second scenario pack, if not all three, as the deck count is higher for that quest.
  2. A bit of a late response. I am sure many before me have done it, but I recently did Mt Doom solo. As with preceding posts, hero reuse, disposable allies and will-power boosts are key. Sam, Glorfindel-Sp and Pippin-Lo as heroes, Fast Hitch, Light Valinor, Sneak / Gandalf, Escort from Edoras, Strider, Frodo's Determination and Courage Awakened all featured. Weak on combat, unless Gandalf was on hand, but had 7 rounds til doomsday, and made my 5th run on round 6. Hope the belated response is of some use!
  3. To play epic mode for Siege of Annuminas you need 3 copies of the scenario pack, or go the proxy route. Same for Attack on Dol Guldur, although the latter scenario would need more proxy cards, I recall. No extras needed for BGO / Mt Doom.
  4. I have recently discovered the joys of epic! As mainly a solo player, it irked me that I wasn't using some of the cards in Siege of Annuminas when I played it in standard mode. Of the 60 cards, only 35 are in the encounter deck, so with proxies (or you could use 3 x the product), I set up a 3 x 2-handed game. It gave a good experience all round - the epic version of SoA is a great scenario, thoroughly to be recommended. It also stretched my card pool, as I was aiming to keep uniqueness to a minimum, and caused me to dust off rarely used cards. Followed that up with an epic duet of the Black Gate Opens and Mount Doom for the end of my solo saga. Again, brings in unused cards, a different experience on these quests, and if you haven't considered it before, I recommend you have a look!
  5. Hi. Yes, you can attach this card to an exhausted hero, as it doesn't say otherwise. Fortuitous that you used Beravor's ability earlier in the round! And no, you don't have to reverse the card draw action.
  6. Oh, and rereading your post - normal enemies you haven't engaged don't attack you. Unless it is a special case, combat is only with engaged enemies ( who no longer contribute their threat in the Quest phase).
  7. Hi. Sorry if no one has responded sooner. Yes, you need to balance the three core activities with your characters - questing, defending and attacking. Spirit is the best sphere for questing - for example, Eowyn from the core set will quest for 4 willpower minimum, and you have only committed one hero. Get out some Spirit or Lore allies, and add to that. Also, hero reuse is another key concept. Glorfindel with Light of Valinor will quest for 3, and still be ready. Dain boosts Dwarf decks fantastically. Without knowing which cards you have, I can't be more specific, but I hope these pointers help.
  8. Hi. if anyone enjoyed this scenario, but thought it a bit tame, there's now a Nightmare variant. I hope I haven't overcooked it (but the clue is, after all, in the name...) https://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/202972/scouring-shire-nightmare-scenario You'll also need the original file (now updated, get the V1.6 one if starting over). As ever, feedback - good, bad or plain witty - always welcome! (And I've only just noticed the Shure typo from the original).
  9. Great - very pleased you enjoyed it! Hopefully pitched at the right level of difficulty (sometimes hard to tell with a playtesting team of 1!). I have made a few minor corrections since, and am also trying to put together a Nightmare variant.
  10. My nightmare of a Nightmare Campaign continues. Specifically, in Journey to the Crossroads, I'm being attacked by a Haradrim Archer, who has two shadows cards - Southron Rearguard (Shadow: Return attacking enemy to the staging area) and Ware! Ware! (Shadow: Choose an enemy in the staging area. Engage that enemy and deal it a shadow card). There are currently no enemies in the staging area. So, do I have the choice about which shadow to resolve first, as Ware! Ware! doesn't change the game state if picked first? And if I return the Archer to the staging area, then immediately re-engage him (apart from the annoying damage he does on engagement), what do I do about the extra shadow card - reveal it or not, as this is all mid-attack? I'm assuming the Archer still only gets the one attack, but you may disagree... (Nightmare Campaigbn is bad enough on my morale, without pummelling my brain too!)
  11. Not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post this! I have just had my fan-made "custom scenario" for the Scouring of the Shire added to BoardGameGeek: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/194818/lord-rings-lcg-custom-scenario-scouring-shure if anyone is interested. First one, so feedback (preferably positive, but I'll take the other sort too!) welcome. It is PDF print and scissors. I am looking at OCTGN when I get time, if folks prefer that medium.
  12. I'm glad you found your third hero (heroine?). I went for Lanwyn, as her Dale trait helped get a bit more card flow initially. I hadn't played her before, and it was an education to see her anti-surge credentials! Akin to Flrbb's comments, a cheap attachment like Cram is quite good - one-shot, but it then creates a gap to play another attachment with card draw. Also works as Lanwyn can quest, then attack if needed. And I agree with Wandalf - two attachments on your King of Dale is usually fine!
  13. I have bought from U.S. and Europe in the past - postage mounts up - but I've pre-ordered this one - as, I suspect, have some of the other eager Brits! Still posting days before Christmas...
  14. Sections 1.53 and 1.54 in the FAQ ( https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/1d/bb/1dbb319c-6b1e-466e-9177-75a5857b5cfa/lotr_faq_19_printer_friendly.pdf ) give a bit more clarity, but unfortunately do not nail the "Cannot" issue.
  15. Of course, the Spear's ability is a Response, so if you need the threat reduction you could opt not to trigger the Spear. At least you have the choice!
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