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  1. Good spot - I'd have never have worked that out on my own. (Just have to reply the scenario now!).
  2. Playing the LOTR campaign in Nightmare mode (more fool me). Had my first vaguely positive pass at Helm's Deep derailed by a Bloodied Beserker: "Forced: When BB is dealt a shadow card with no effect, either place 2 progress on the active location, or BB makes an additional attack against you". Since there was no active location in play, Bloodied Beserker had 4 attacks on me before finally getting a shadow effect (boosting the last attack). I assume I was right in dealing a fresh shadow card each attack, as per FAQ 1.42?
  3. I too can understand your frustration, as sometimes an "impossible" quest (or bad run of luck) puts me in a foul mood and makes me wonder why I play this game. But despite that, I still really love this game. Sounds like you already take a break now and again. I assume you are playing as a campaign, so skipping the quest wouldn't be a satisfactory option. You could try and mix up the play format - if you are playing solo hand, try two-deck play. You get ranged, sentinel and first-player interactions, you can cover all the spheres easier, and get more "access" to a wider card pool. If you are firm on the rules, I believe adding "players" (or decks) to a campaign is perfectly legitimate. I tend to play 2-deck, and succeeded 2 in 8 on Journey to the Crossroads in my first campaign. Not spectacular, but good enough for me. I have yet to get that far in my solo campaign (just completed Road to Isengard), so may yet feel your pain. But don't give up just yet!
  4. My last line was only supposed to be a throw-away quip. But catch it if you wish...! Thematically, the burning brand was used to keep the Ringwraiths at bay - fire and light against chill and darkness. The card translates that idea to a universal counter to surprises in combat, which it retains, albeit in a more limited fashion, post-errata. And if the Battle of Carn Dum can only really be won by maximising the use of one particular card, (and I'm not arguing against that), then maybe it is the quest that is broken and not the player card.
  5. Hi - thanks. Had dabbled with Sp Eowyn, Sp Glorfindel and Ld Halbarad, but I'll take a look at the three you suggest.
  6. Really interesting discussion! I can see the annoyance over A Burning Brand - felt the same for my way-overused Boromir, but I still put him in the line-up, and now play with his errata. (Just have to rely on other characters doing some defence and counter-attacking). So Hasty Stroke, or Dawn Take You All, or Sterner than Steel may all benefit in the charts at ABB's expense. To me, I think ABB was a combo - almost in itself. If you can basically ignore one of the frameworks of the game, that is pretty powerful. To stretch the point a bit, imagine an attachment that said "whilst attached hero is questing, cancel all When Revealed effects...". As the card pool has grown, so have the options for shadow handling. One way for the encounter deck to preserve itself would be to have more non-cancelable shadow effects - but that would impact all the counters, not just ABB (and "You can't cancel me" is so, so annoying!). Maybe errata on the card is the best way to limit it alone. I rarely play ABB (mainly because I defend with a certain Tactics hero, and - probably due to poor deck design, never could get Song of Lore and ABB out as a reliable combo. Looking back at my games log, I did actually use it on Lore Aragorn when I finally won in the Battle of Carn Dum, but he'd fallen by the end to a double Vile Affliction with Gandalf in the discard pile). So the rare quest aside, from my experience the majority are perfectly manageable with the new-look Brand. (And it makes perfect sense to me not to allow Treebeard to uses it. Why would a walking tree want to hold a burning branch???)
  7. Really struggling on this. My normal trio of Glorfindel (Sp), Boromir (Ta) and Aragorn (Lo) are failing to quest hard enough. Combat is fine, so I can normally complete the Trial of Strength in 2 rounds (or slow it down if needed), but I just can't quest hard enough on the other trials - especially if locations start to stack up. Ok, I do tend to tie one hand behind my back as I aim to play contemporary (or progressive, if you prefer) - which for The Three Trials Nightmare, includes cards up to Deluxe AA-4 (Treachery of Rhudaur), plus Saga Treason of Saruman. But I'm prepared to bend my own "rule" on this one. Beaten the normal quest on 1 and 2-deck, and nightmare on 2-deck, but nightmare 1-deck is just too much. Any suggestions?
  8. This cropped up again for me in Black Riders now I have begun the LOTR Campaign in Nightmare mode (hmm), so I checked with FFG. And GrandSpleen was spot on about sorting it all out when the attack action window opens. For reference, the response I received (albeit to a less complicated scenario) was: "Response effects must be triggered at the first opportunity. Those opportunities are the action windows highlighted in our online rules reference. There are still some cases that are sort of niche, like the one you describe. In the event that an enemy has a Forced effect that causes it to attack after it engages you, the first opportunity to trigger a Response will come while resolving the attack. When an enemy makes an attack outside of the combat phase, it still follows all the steps of enemy attacks, and there are action windows after each one. So your first opportunity to trigger Sam’s Response will be after Step 1 – Choose an Enemy. During that window you can ready Sam so that he is available to be declared as a defender in Step 2. This applies regardless of whether the enemy engages you during the encounter phase or the combat phase. Cheers, Caleb"
  9. I got curious, so did a rough calculation - slightly less than a 1 in 200 chance of drawing Followed, then another Followed or Undisturbed Bones. With Eleanor in the mix, the chance of the loss in setup drops to approx 1 in 7,000. So probably not worth avoiding the nasty rules for. I'll just have to make sure I shuffle more throughly next time!
  10. I'm fine with the "all" can be 0 (found a previous thread where Caleb states " The difference between ‘all’ and ‘each’ is very significant because ‘all’ can include 0 whereas ‘each’ requires there to be at least 1 target.". I'm also fine with the "if able" - again, requoting Caleb: " In The Lord of the Ring LCG, when an encounter card effect uses the language "if able" it means that if you are not able to completely fulfill its effect then you should ignore it. " (The link for this one is: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1702-official-nate-rule-clarifications/page-4 ). It's the newer Online Rules statement - because even if under the "old" rules I could legitimately choose the "All=0, if able" option, the game state doesn't change, and can't potentially change unless you take the view that you select it before counting the number of enemies engaged.
  11. Just want to air this one. I was playing the Road to Rivendell solo (actually in Nightmare, but the same would be true of Standard mode). Quest 1A set-up states "Put Arwen Undomiel into play ... Reveal 1 card from the encounter deck per player...". The card revealed was Followed by Night ("WR: The first player (choose 1): deals 1 damage to all allies in play and Followed by Night gains surge, or all enemies engaged with players make an immediate attack, if able"). With no enemies engaged, I chose the latter option. When I staged during round 1, the next card revealed was a second Followed by Night - so had I chosen the first option at setup, I would have immediately lost. Now I know that Followed by Night has different wording to some cards with a "must either X or Y" choice (where the FAQ section 1.44 states you must choose one you can do in full if able). However, I just came across the MEC01 Online Only Rules statement (under the Effects heading): "If an ability instructs a player to select among multiple effects, an effect that has the potential to change the game state must be selected." So, what does that mean for my choice above?
  12. Like ichabod, I sleeve my cards, so if it is something I may forget, I add in a text slip. But I've only done that for one or two cards. On where you draw the line, I was using Boromir as a hero when I went through the Rings saga - and finished just after the FAQ v1.9 came out, with the Boromir errata. I actually did the last quests after the FAQ was published, but before I'd read it - so was in genuine ignorance! It seemed fair to use his ability unlimited to the end of the campaign, but I haven't done so on any quests since. So a technical infringement only!
  13. I suppose I also had in mind my recent assault on the Redhorn Gate, where stage 3B states "Characters are discarded from play if their <Will> is ever 0" - so I had to keep Dain ready, even though I could ready him when he exhausted, or lose most of my dwarven tribe. It's that idea of passing through 0, albeit only between actions or responses. But I agree, it does seem the most honest approach to add all the cards to Nameless Thing, then do the calculation. Thanks for the thoughts!
  14. This one is a bit tongue-in-cheek. I was battling solo through DW5 - Foundations of Stone (in Nightmare), and encountered a Nameless Thing ("Forced: After Nameless Thing engages a player, attach the top 2 cards of that player's deck to it...") I was a bit slow on the uptake, so was about to defend its attack when I realised I had attached two 0-cost cards to it, so it had 0 hit points. However, there was a Nest of Horrors staged, which had gained "Forced: When one or more cards are attached to a Nameless enemy from the top of a player's deck, attach an additional card...". I duly added a third card, which as luck would have it, was also 0-cost. But thinking about it afterwards, did I actually need to observe the Nest's Forced effect, or would NT be dead before the effect kicked in? And to really push my luck - would it be dead after the first card?
  15. The Lost in Wilderland set seems to fit the theme of the quest better - although, as Dale points out, they are the tougher treachery set of the two. Thanks for the replies - it's appreciated!
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