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  1. Tricky - I have got into the rut of playing Lore Aragorn because his ability allows me to exploit Boromir to the max (errata alloiwng!). Plus he weighs in as a major player in his own right. To keep the threat down, Mirlonde, Bilbo or Denethor all spring to mind...
  2. Hi - I try to play progessive style, so used cards up to Encounter at Amon Din (AS-3), which was the last set before the EDG Nightmare quest came out. Not necessarily the best tuned deck, but here it is for the record: Heroes - Glorfindel (Sp), Boromir, Aragorn (Lore) Sp - Hasty Stroke x3, A test of Will x3, Stand and Fight, Bofur, Arwen, Elrond's Councillx3, Light of Valinor x2, Miruvor, Ethir Swordsman x3 Ta - Vet. Axehand, Feint x 3, Quick Strike, Blade Gondolin x2, Vassal of the Windlord, Rivendell Blade, Hail of Stones, Foe-Hammer, Goblin-cleaver x 3, Striaght Shot, Knights of Swan x3, Gondorian Shiled x2 Gondorian Discipline x3 Lo - Henamarth, Warden Healing x2, Healing herbs, Anfalas Herdsman N - Gandalf x2, Envoy of Pelargir x3 (should be 51 cards in all) I was getting better results are if Aragorn is the prisoner, so the deck has been increasingly slanted that way... A lot of the cards were picked for cheapness - because the game dragged on so long, had no problem with resources at the end!
  3. I'm sure you've all had them, so only a very small apology for sharing this! I'm trying to succeed solo at Escape from Dol Guldur (Nightmare), and have just had what must be the craziest game of LOTR LCG I've played. In round 1 I drew Dungeon Jailor, and with Torture Master on guard, just failed to quest by 1 point. Off went one objective to the encounter deck. I dispatched the Torture Master, but couldn't also optionally engage the Jailor. Round 2 was a case of deja vue - another Torture Master was revealed, and again I just failed to quest by 1 point. Off went the second objective. I didn't think much of it ("they'll turn up again") until I managed to get through to stage 2, free my prisoner, dispatch the Nazgul, and slowly progress (which is a lot better than I'd done in the dozen games previously). But of course, I couldn't complete the stage without the missing two objectives. Eventually the first one turned up - guarded by Hummerhorns, and as my hand stood I didn't have a defence against the 5 pts of damage. There then followed a stand-off - threat edging up towards the lethal 40, me well enough established to handle each new encounter card, but neither deck was playing ball (encounter deck still holding on to the third objective, palyer deck stil with-holding the cards to deal with Hummerhorn without loosing a hero). Tension was mounting... Eventually, with the encounter deck down to the last few cards, the objective turned up - as a shadow card! Straight in the discard pile, and I had to take a second pass at the encounter deck. Managed to draw Hummerhorns' sting, but I must confess my intergrity went at that point - the objective was top-of-the-deck, ready to become a shadow card again. A quick shuffle, and it was then spotted as the bottom card of the deck. Third shuffle and I didn't dare look again. In the end, it appeared, guarded by a surging Spider of Dol Guldur, and I "completed" the quest on my 22nd round. Which is by far and away the longest game I have played. Interesting, very enjoyable, but not, alas, a clean win!
  4. Thanks Richard - that makes a lot of sense, and restores the balance!
  5. Boromore

    How do you play LOTR LCG?

    Another thing to consider if you are playing it on your own, is whether you want to play 1-handed or 2-handed. Playing 2-handed expands the number of cards you are likely to use, plus it brings in the use of sentinel and ranged. I started off playing 2-handed, progressive style (or contemporary, as I call it), with one core set - mainly in the pig-headed belief that I ought to be able to succeed at the quest as when it was first set. I have a second core set, but try and reserve the handful of extra cards that gives for nightmare scenarios (or now also the GenCon / Fellowship specials) - just to give me extra help when I most need it!. But I am revisiting the old scenarios, playing pure solo, and finding a change of tack brings new life to those quests (plus enough time has passed for me to enjoy them all over again). But as you say, the game is versatile enough for you to enjoy it in your own style!
  6. Foolishly, I am attempting solo Escape from Dol Guldur Nightmare. A question on Dark Interrogation's shadow text: "Shadow: Discard each card you control that has at least 1 copy of itself in your discard pile...". When I look at the online rules - mec01_online_only_rules_reference_for_website.pdf - under Ownership and Control, it states: "By default, cards enter play under their owner’s control" and "A player controls the cards in his or her out-of-play game areas (such as the hand, the deck, and the discard pile)" So do I have to discard any card in play (under my control), AND in my hand AND in my deck that matches any in my discard pile? I know it is Nightmare, but that seems, well, nightmarish.
  7. Boromore

    The Road Ahead

    This may have been discussed already. The Dale allies are themed to get a bonus whilst they have an xxx attachment - do you read that as per attachment? Obviously restricted attachments would limit that to +2 for say, Warrior of Dale, but for North Realm Lookout, items are less likely to be restricted...
  8. Boromore

    Orc Grunt and Blade of Gondolin

    So the flow would be: Trigger response on Blade of Gondolin to place one progress on current quest Framework rule diverts progress to active location Passive (or as it now seems to be known, constant) effect on Orc grunts is no longer relevant. More than happy to play it that way - was just curious because Blade and Orc Grunts both use the same language (re: place progress on the current quest), and the case doesn't quite fit FAQ 1.05 (Removing progress from quests). Thanks for the reply!
  9. In the dreaded Battle of Carn Dum (take 87), I'm engaged with 2 Orc Grunts. There is an active location. Boromir with a Blade of Gondolin kills Orc Grunt 1 - can I trigger the blade's response to put one progress on the active location, or does Orc Grunt 2 prevent it? (i.e. does Orc grunts ability "Any time progress is placed on the current quest reduce the amount of progess by 1" include the active location?).
  10. Boromore

    Gildor's Counsel

    Hi. Can I use Gildor's Counsel in a 1-player game to effectively cancel a surge effect? I realise I'd still have to stage at least one card, as per minimum...
  11. Boromore

    Considered to be engaged and engaging

    I finally plucked up courage and asked my first rules question. if anyone is interested, here's the response: "The Lurker cannot leave the staging area, which means you cannot fulfill the first part of the shadow card “engages the next.” That means the second part of the shadow effect cannot trigger because it is prefaced with the word “then” - “then makes an immediate attack.” When we use the word “then” it means that whatever follows it will not resolve unless everything that preceded it was fully resolved. So, in the situation you describe the shadow effect will fizzle because the Lurker cannot leave the staging area. Hope you’re enjoying The Ruins of Belegost! Cheers, Caleb" So a lucky break!
  12. Boromore

    Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    I'd agree with the consensus - Erkenbrand's text always struck me as a bit vague ("...cancel a shadow effect just triggered") and Wolf Rider is pulling a mean stunt (interrupting an enemy attack to do its own enemy attack), so I'd say all's fair. Nothing to stop Erkenbrand cancelling "a" shadow effect whilst he's waiting around defending, polishing his shield... And on the defender for Wolf Rider - a new attack needs a new defender, or it's undefended.
  13. Boromore

    Considered to be engaged and engaging

    Hi - thanks all for the responses. Just to clarify on the "next player" part - I was playing 2-handed, so there would be a virtual "next player" (my other hand). But the difference between "considered to be engaged" v. actually engaged seems to be the key.
  14. I think you should be okay. I was happy with 7 resources on my third attempt. You can usually recognise when you've had a good run on the cards, and played them to the best. Both wraiths down is good, and Gwaihir is a bonus. I took the view that if 7 wasn't enough, I could always go back and retry, once I had a target in mind from Mount Doom. (Although I can understand if you don't like that "revisionist" approach). In the (long) end, I only actually needed 6 - but again, that was all the luck staying with me on Mount Doom. Often I try to play each scenario 5 times, win or lose, as the scenario changes greatly with card draw, with some new nasty twists. After that I tend to get deja vu.
  15. Boromore

    Considered to be engaged and engaging

    Hmm. So if it can't engage, the shadow effect says "engage the next player, then make an attack" I should apply the attack, even though the engagement hasn't been triggered. I thought generally a then clause was only applied if the first part was applicable...hence my doubts.