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  1. Alas, it seems that Smaug doesn't like lullabies! I posed the question to FFG: Q. "A question from The Lonely Mountain quest (Hobbit OTD quest 2). I am a bit unsure on how to play the following: At stage 2, I quested successfully (as per FAQ 1.24, determined before placing progress), with 5 progress already on Smaug the Golden. The Forced effect on stage 2B adds a progress to Smaug the Golden (making 6) - the Forced effect on Smaug advances me to stage 4A. I have yet to place any progress tokens. Can I place them on the active location (which was in place during the questing?). If I quest well enough, can I also place any remainder on stage 4B, even though it wasn't the stage I originally quested against?" A. "The answer is that after you advance to a new stage, any remaining progress is canceled. This comes from page 22 of the original core rules: “Additional progress tokens earned against the quest do not carry over to the next stage.” I understand why this isn’t obvious because the core rules definitely did not account for the unique mechanics of The Lonely Mountain, but the scenario was built around this idea. If you could defeat stage 4B immediately after advancing to that stage, it would negate the entire purpose for that stage existing in the adventure. I hope you’re enjoying The Hobbit saga expansions! Cheers, Caleb" So no progress placed - on either location or quest! It does tally with my understanding of quest stage changes - to me, when you start quest resolution is when the "current quest" gets fixed...if it changes after that, progress is not carried over (my interpretation).
  2. Boromore

    Limit on Mounts

    Thanks guys! That was the view I ended up on - Glorfindel swapping horses between questing and exploring, etc. I did fall between the "flavour fail" view and the horse-hopping stance, but Uruk Chieftain with two mounts is an absolute pig...
  3. Boromore

    Immune to player cards, and healing

    Well, made me laugh! (Which is more than Race across Harad solo is doing).
  4. I know there have been rules on allowing Dori and Honour Guard to cancel damage on cards immune to player effects (such as hero Beorn). I've assumed that was because the damage isn't placed if cancelled. But what is the situation about healing on immune cards? I had assumed healing was NOT allowed, but I've just come across the following section in the online rules (my emphasis): "Immune If a card is immune to a specified set of effects, it cannot be chosen as the target for or affected by effects that belong to that set. ◊ Immunity only protects the immune card itself. Peripheral entities (such as attachments, tokens on the card, and abilities that originate from the immune card) are not themselves immune." If that includes damage tokens, can they be healed? Or does any attempt fail on the basis that the healing needs to target the immune charatcer (hero, objective-ship, etc) rather than the token?
  5. Boromore

    Limit on Mounts

    I've had a couple of instances of this lately - one for a hero, the second for an enemy - is there any rule to say a character can only have one mount attached? Case 1 - Glorfindel was riding Windfola (restricted), and I wanted to attach Asfaloth to him (unrestricted). Case 2 - Uruk Chieftain (in Race across Harad) - had a Mordor Warg attached (limit 1 per enemy) and I drew a Racing Warg (also limit 1 per enemy, but I am assuming the limit is for the card of the same name, as neither card text specifies otherwise). In both cases, I had the target double-mounted, as I couldn't see a rule not to do so.
  6. Boromore

    Chieftan Ufthak

    And Mr. Spleen (just) beat me to it!
  7. Boromore

    Chieftan Ufthak

    Hi. This one is in the FAQ - Q. When do "after this enemy attacks" Forced effects like those on Chieftain Ufthak or Wargs resolve? A. These effects resolve immediately after step 4 of enemy attack resolution. So, yes, at the completion of the current attack, ready for the next attack.
  8. Thanks all, for the replies. I was unsure because the normal language ("Until the end of the round / phase") wasn't used here, and obviously the effect had to last beyond the end of the phase in order to keep you under water, which I suspect is the main intent of the card (otherwise you get into the "Until the end of the phase / At the end of the phase" debate). Fortunately, the impact on a new active location is minor - keeping you on the safe side of the grotto, albeit potentially slowing you down 1 round.
  9. Interesting! So if you are both right (and I have no reason to believe otherwise), if there was enough progress made that phase to put at least 7 progress on the quest, the scenario would cycle straight through stage 4.a and 4.b back to 2.b. Tweak Smaug the Magnificent's tail, then put him straight back to bed!
  10. Another uncertainty - played "The Lonely Mountain" (Hobbit OTD quest 2) solo recently. Was a bit unsure on how to play the following: At stage 2, I quested successfully (as per FAQ 1.24, determined before placing progress), with 5 progress already on Smaug the Golden. The Forced effect on stage 2B adds a progress to Smaug (making 6) - the Forced effect on Smaug advances me to stage 4A. I'd assume as it's a new stage, I wouldn't add my progress to stage 4B - but what about any active location (which was there at stage 2B)? Do I add progress to it or not?
  11. Hi. I'm a bit undecided on this. I'm playing "The Drowned Ruins" (Dreamchaser Quest 4), which included the treachery "Powerful Undertow": When Revealed: You cannot flip the active location this round. If the active location is Underwater , resolve its Forced effect as if it is the end of the quest phase. If there is no Underwater active location, Powerful Undertow gains doomed 3, instead. Do you take the first sentence to mean the current active location, or does it also include a new active location, if you travelled to one in the Travel phase, for example? I actually played the latter in the end (a bit more restrictive, but often I wasn't flipping the new Grotto locations anyway, to allow me time to play allies and attachements). Curious as to what people think.
  12. Boromore

    Dunedain Warning

    Which is of course one of the advantages of the Dunedain Signal attachments - they don't tend to be restricted, so can stack nicely with Items, most of which are.
  13. Hi Rouxxor. Think that was my 16th attempt, but I probably had a few where the mulligan count was stretched. Was your 2 turn win by any chance the infamous Dwarves and Ravens deck? Took me much head-scratching even to follow the sequence on that deck! Hi Bullroarer - yes, I normally play with 3 Valinor, 3 Shield and 2 Arwen - think I cut it down by one each as (from memory) there is not much attachment discard in EDG, and I couldn't afford to draw any duplicates early. I have tried Song of Wisdom / Buring Brand, but I never seem to get the combo going. Maybe I need more card draw!
  14. Boromore

    Dealing Damage to Enemies in Play

    Hi - yes, you are right on both counts. Direct damage can go on any eligible target (in Gandalf's case, that includes enemies in the staging area or engaged with other playes, unless the enemy has immunity), and ignores defence. Direct damage is a very useful strategy in many quests!
  15. Tricky - I have got into the rut of playing Lore Aragorn because his ability allows me to exploit Boromir to the max (errata alloiwng!). Plus he weighs in as a major player in his own right. To keep the threat down, Mirlonde, Bilbo or Denethor all spring to mind...