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  1. I still do fine with them in my local meta with my personal list. I just think people are flying them wrong.
  2. There will be alt sculpts for sure. But not as event prizes. They are going to $$$ on that train.
  3. Im not sure the accuracy of the volume of cards here, but the concept is similar to my thoughts and understanding of it.
  4. Agree. Im really interested in the command card system myself.
  5. I may have totally misunderstood, i would have to rewatch, but i thought not all of the cards could be played in a single match, so it was more of a "deck" than a "hand" but i know no more than anyone else. Regardless i would expect more command cards to be added to the "hand" as they release alternate sculpts for specific command units. They would be crazy not too. Heck even new guys on the block like Guild Ball etc, make a ton of alternate sculpts for their miniatures game.
  6. The end of the team Covenant demo the Creator specifically shows different cards available to the specific command units. Each commander had their own decks. I would have to rewatch for specifics on how many they came with in the core set. I would imagine in the future, we might even see different sculpts of various command units that would add more cards to the command units deck pools as well. For example, Princess leia VS General Leia. Two sculpt opportunities minimum for FFG, meaning more money for them, and more cards in the units pool.
  7. The various deployment zones have much more impact on a 3x6 as well, making the various options more impactful.
  8. I got the vibe like they designed this to be the tabletop wargame version of destiny.
  9. Ill get two for the extra dice, templates, tokens, barriers and for extra bits for modding as needed. After that i will go for the expansions because as mentioned, they will have different goodies.
  10. This has pretty much been confirmed. Luke and Vader each have a card pool of three i believe. So even a single commander can have totally different impacts from one game to the next even with the same units. Multiply those options with various commander options, and i like where this is going. A simple clean system, with lots of variation from one command unit to the next.
  11. See personally, the AT-AT doesn't throw me off as far as realism goes as much as a snow speeder does. The Snow Speeder is so fast it would cover the entire board and then some each round. Having said that, i still want ffg to release both so i can buy both lol.
  12. With Disneys new Movie release schedule, you can be certain they will not run out of possible units any time soon. I personally think they will lean less towards factions, and more towards "light, dark, grey" type alignments as they have with Destiny.
  13. it wont matter. There are tabletop wargaming social media platforms already in place and already hyped. Minwargaming and Beastsofwar both have a larger subscription base than TC has. I do hope TC jumps on the bandwagon however, as i like their content as well.
  14. Not really speculation. Each command unit even has special cards that even allow a single specific commander to function entirely differently from one game to the next.
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