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  1. My concern is something like engine techs and reinforced bulkheads.
  2. To be honest, I though the 8 turrets on the sides of the ISD tower were represented by the Heavy Turbolaser Turrets upgrade. Given that the artwork seems to show them in that location. Unless the octuple barbette turbolasers are something different
  3. Since I should add something constructive, here’s a more thematic Palpatine: “During fleet building, all ships may equip an additional officer. All ships gain: Engineering: add one engineering point to the pool when you spend a dial Concentrate Fire: you may reroll a die when using a confire dial. Squadron: You May activate an additional squadron when you spend a dial Navigate: You May add one additional notch when using a command dial. That’s a thematic, absurdly expensive Palpatine. His effect is essentially his battle meditation. All the imperial ships become more efficient at everything they do. I can’t really make him make individual officers better, so we sort of simulate it by bringing more.
  4. No. It uses a command token. Look at the difference in icons between the T series and the new thrawn. Your complaining that the fact that Palpatine takes an action at the start of the round which forces the opposing player to change their choices throughout the entire round counts as “nothing the imperial player can do?“ Here’s the thing. Palpatine has already taken the initiative in this scenario and is forcing the opponent to react. Most of the time in wargaming, maintaining the initiative (concept, not game mechanic) is better than reacting. Arguing “you can’t counter Vader” is a pretty terrible argument. You might as well try and argue that players can’t counter their opponent’s engineering commands for all the sense that makes. We aren’t discussing actions a player Does that affects themselves (like dice mods). We are discussing abilities that affect others. Fear? Not fear, just a resigned “oh good, this BS again.” Nobody feared pre-nerf Demolisher. We were just tired of seeing imperial players at tournaments whose fleet brought nothing to offer except that broken little prick. There won’t be any fear with your Palpatine, just a bored frustration that you literally cannot do anything against him as a commander except know you’ll only ever use each defense token on your important ships once. The rest of your post was a bunch about how the Emperor should be amazing. Except he was a terrible fleet commander. His track record commanding fleets is 0-2 and he’s lost one SSD, 10000 Xyston-class, and about a dozen ISDs in two fights. He managed to destroy.... what? 20-30 capital ships for all that. He was at his best Subtly moving pieces until he won without his opponents ever knowing they’d been in a fight.
  5. Also, conceptually, why would Palpatine be a powerful commander? The only 2 fleet actions he is ever in command of Onscreen were resounding defeats. His power was in subtle changes and playing the long game. In legends, His most effective buff to the fleet was battle meditation. So thematically, his ability should be something more akin the increasing the effectiveness of every command issued.
  6. Ok. So how would spending a command dial during status phase work? Because where or not you use the dial, it goes to the same place once a ship’s activation is done. The ship card. Discarding a command dial as you wrote it would mean you are also reducing the command value of the flagship as there isn’t some existing mechanic. If you just put the text on the card saying when activating, discard command dial to refresh a token, it works better mechanically. But doing it that way also means the full brunt of Palpatine can be used twice in a turn If you work your activations right. You were making Palpatine into 6 (max number of defense tokens a ship has AFAIK) copies of a super intel officer. Part of intel officer’s balance is the timing. It’s still a very good officer when you are choosing And exhausting before They spend defense tokens. The defender now has a choice to work around intel officer or accept the discard if they must use the critical defense token. Moving the timing means that the defender no longer has counter play. Just a written “screw you” that they can’t counter. And I mean cannot counter. The other player has no mechanic, no abilities that can force you (the Palp player) into suboptimal choices. They just have to spend defense tokens and accept that they have no idea whether or not they’ll lose defense tokens. That isn’t fun nor balanced. A single copy of an intel officer that triggers during the spending of defense tokens is wayyy more powerful than a regular intel officer. You’re proposal gives a pay single ship access to 6 on a sideboard. So let’s call Super Intel officer a 10 point crew because we are being conservative. That’s 60 points worth of them. 120 if you use a mechanically sound method of discard command dial to get refresh
  7. This is turbo broken. Like un-balancable by points turbo broken. if you want it workable into something that would not break the game, switch it so that Palpatine has to exhaust the defense tokens on his card before the spend defense token step. Then we can start adding limits so it isn’t Still busted. Otherwise what you wrote is like giving every ship in your fleet Access to six copies of a supercharged Intel officer.
  8. My guess for the battle variant is high 70s. Maybe 75-78? AFmk2A has two more blue anti-ship dice, one higher command, can go faster. And has 2 blue over 1 red flak.
  9. If I had to guess, the general patterns seem to be (with exceptions) Imperials seem to be the stand alone specialists. They don’t really build a network of supportive abilities as much as make a fleet of potent individuals. Rebels seem to be the generalists. They build most things to be able to do a bit of everything, sometimes standing on its own and sometimes through teamwork. GAR will be THE teamwork faction. Most units helping others. I’m also going to guess less confidently that they will be specialized units as well, but not so extreme as the empire. I haven’t quite worked out how CIS will feel.
  10. Feels like Naboo, Geonosis, and Coruscant would be the likely ones to me.
  11. They will send a single scatter ace to lock down Shara, and bury tycho under a wall of fire. Just like before... Or they will bring intel and ignore the jack squat damage Shara and tycho will do. Just like before... Or pound at them with flight controller fueled Squads that starter with 4 dice anyway. Just like before.., Or any number of viable strategies which didn’t change Really? Squadrons:• Biggs Darklighter (19)• Jan Ors (19)• 2 x X-wing Squadron (26)• Dagger Squadron (15)• Gold Squadron (12)• Ten Numb (19)• Norra Wexley (17)= 127 Points Go take this and run it. You’ll be fine. oh wait. here is one with three aces. Squadrons: • Biggs Darklighter (19) • Jan Ors (19) • Norra Wexley (17) • 6 x X-wing Squadron (78) = 133 Points Total Points: 133 Oh wait, here’s a meatball with one ace. Squadrons:• Jan Ors (19)• 4 x X-wing Squadron (52)• 3 x B-wing Squadron (42)• 2 x Y-wing Squadron (20)= 133 Points But this last screen must not be able to do any damage. It’s got too many generics. /s Its fine to be concerned about any changes, but you’re worried about nothing here
  12. You point out the straight, angular fins on the MC95 as a reason why it doesn’t look like a mon cal design. But the MC75 has 2 Straight, angular Fins As well. Larger and also looking like they were added after the fact (spoiler, they were). The MC75 looks less “Mon Cal” with its complete lack of the modular blisters along the hull. The MC95 looks distinctly mon cal with the modular blisters and a hull reminiscent of Home One. It’s okay to say you don’t like a design. You’ve got every right to not like it. I just find your judgement that the MC95 doesn’t look Mon Calamari to be based on nothing,
  13. You make no sense. The MC75 fluff calls out that it is a very atypical Mon Cal design. One that a lot of Mon Cals didn’t like how it looked. So it should not be used as a benchmark for what a typical MCxx ship looks like. MC95 is “authentically” mon calamari as well.
  14. Card Pack Fleet Starter 2X squad pack Ill only go into one faction. Leaning CIS, but not decided yet.
  15. Against large dice pools they will last slightly longer, against small dice pools they will last a lot longer. Against flak they die same as swings.
  16. Dodge is stronger than that. It will spike Effective durability wayyy up when facing things like bombers with only 2 dice. Even with 3. its still good even against higher dice pools, but obnoxiously good against small. A single JSF with adept and counter 2 can engage multiple bomberS at once and expect to win. If not win, severely damage all of them. The comparison to Shara is a good one though
  17. Stares in OrdPods, Wide Area Barrage, Annihilator, Unity, Kallus. Looks at other flak buffs. Stares at his default fleet with zero squadrons and his second default fleet that still runs zero squadrons, both of which do fine against heavy squad builds. No. I can’t say I agree.
  18. Going first is one thing. Building your entire list around last-first is another. That’s why I tried to specify that I don’t want to completely remove the advantage of being able to last-first somebody. I just want something in activation mechanics that prevents it from being a viable tournament strategy that you can build a lost around. Just something to take advantage of when opportunity arises. Very few people get last-firsted by a BTAvenger, Demolisher, Concord, or any Pryce build and went “what a fun way to play!”
  19. I’m expecting some new cards will create interactions that will make old cards need an errata. Even if not changed mechanically, maybe tighter wording. Im hoping for something with activation to reduce last-first as a viable strategy to build around and reduce it to a mechanic that you can take advantage of turn to turn.
  20. I’d rather just see the GAR peltas have the wings swept back like it shows up onscreen
  21. I’d rather see her removed or reworked. I’m not sure she balances well at any points cost. A single upgrade that warps the entire way the game pans out?
  22. You’re better off asking for a community-made application than one from FFG. I don’t see a pricing structure that continues to be profitable to FFG that doesn’t turn the community off to it. If you want an example, see megamek for Battletech. Custom built Java app for just one game. Not a module shoehorned into an interface like TTS or vassal. That being said, I would be interested in an Armada app.
  23. The Supremacy worked for me as less of a ship and more of a mobile manufacturing center. Something hard to pin down while building an army.
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