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  1. Church14

    A few thoughts on Balance

    Honestly, having Aggressive obly work on the first march still allows a lot of the shorter range nonsense, but cripples anything past range 5 for Warsprinter+Aggressive. Aggressive Shrieker and anything else is largely unaffected. It’s why I think that if you must nerf that combo then this is the best nerf suggestion I’ve heard so far. I only want to make sure it is first march only and no first movement only so Berserkers still have an I7 aggresive response available.
  2. Church14

    A few thoughts on Balance

    I get the frustration of trying to corner something that can reform/charge at I3. I’m getting mileage against Faolon and pinning him down is a pain. Something even more maneuverable has to be a headache. But ive also seen just how badly that star falls apart if it ever loses a charge. This isn’t like a spearstar where you can armor up and reform to make an unpleasant kidney shot less bad. Where you have convenient shield wall and inspiration access. Berserkers that lose charges to anything near their own size just melt. Basically, every time I lose a charge battle with Berserkers, I have to write off at least 4 trays, usually 6 for little gain. Game 2 worlds: I accidentally charged Greg’s Lancers. His LordV jumped the ZerkStar. LordV killed 4 or 5 trays and got away. Game 3 worlds: Dusty caught the ZerkStar with 2 archers and LordV. I don’t call this so bad as it was a sacrifice play on purpose. Entire unit died. Game 4 worlds: I charged a 2 tray thresher and killed one. JJ’s Ravos flank charged the ZerkStar and the surviving thresher got to attack back. Entire star died. Game 5 worlds: Got screwed by no red runes. Lost 5 trays and both figures to a 3 tray Wraith unit that charged my FRONT before they killed it. Seriously, if the ZerkStar doesn’t win charges, it just kinda dies.
  3. Church14

    Deep Space Nine

    The quality is A+ But isn’t DS9 supposed to be like 1.5km across? It would be a bit shorter than an ISD.
  4. Church14

    A few thoughts on Balance

    I’m testing a community fed tracker out by putting in the games from worlds. If it works, I’ll add a column or two for Community errata for people to fill out if they use. Probably the Insatiable Hunger resequence and the exhaust the shift for Scuttle at first
  5. Church14

    Rune golems

    That seems too good. I wouldnt mind adding a simple Scion-Like ability that enemies who collide with the Golem or who the Golem collided with receive a stun. It leaves the Golem still clumsy and slow, but a bit more of a “want to go around” obstacle than a “just go through.” Adding a wound was an option before BaronZ. I think it would be too much to see a convenient 16+ HP Rune Golem as a blocker. That makes a single Golem able to stop most Death Stars for 2 turns when charged
  6. Church14

    A few thoughts on Balance

    I’ve thought about the first move,ent only nerf t9 Aggresive Musicians and I have two thoughts: 1) Make it just the first march, not movement. This gives berserkers a single late initiative option. If you make it only apply to first movement, Berserkers lose any offensive late initiative response to opposing armies. Just feels too much at the moment. 2) I wouldn’t make the musician nerf yet. Honestly, looking back in the forums, the only player I could find who for months consistently said this was a good combo was me. Then I use it at worlds and it suddenly came to the forefront. This feels like a perception problem more than data problem.
  7. I don’t want to nerf into oblivion various Uthuk cards. I want to try incremental changes to see what the effect is. I would also like the data that we don’t have about what types of armies win in each faction. To make a point. Players have suggested to ban (or have in tourneys?) Insatiable Hunger. Jukey and I tested the sequencing change. The way I play Ravos - with him attacking like a wrecking ball to the kidney and largely operating solo - ends with him taking 2-3 more wounds a game. This forces me to play him closer to the main army if I don’t want him a lot more fragile. That makes it easier (though not easy) for opponents to get archer shots on him or to get him in engagement face to face and kill him. Very small change, very significant difference. Uthuk seem to also cause some NPE that seems above and beyond just effectiveness. When they win big it seems like the losing side felt it never had a chance. That’s a concern to me as well. One I’m less confident in addressing.
  8. Faolon with unique, LordV, Beastmaster, Gorgemaw with unique, in a way Leonx All provide either out of turn movement, teleportation, or extremely early potential disengagement.
  9. Side note: Shrodinger’s Thresher is an amazing name. I love it. Though it was originally a thought experiment/story showing how quantum states don’t scale up sensibly to sizes we can easily understand. I guess my point is that while I can theoretically put a thresher in dozens of spots around terrain with scuttle, there are usually only 1 or 2 that are really good choices. Your opponent should be able to see that as well. You can also affect terrain during setup. As first player, put the worst terrain for you where it’ll never be a factor. If second player, you can still keep it down to one piece of terrain to worry about. I’ve played against a list with 3 Zoidbergs and we had 3 closely lacked pieces of terrain, all with 2 capacity. All I did to nearly completely counter it was to wait a bit away from the terrain with units close enough together that he could only get one flank via Scuttle. Knowing that, I could dial in an appropriate response. Maybe it’s because I have used it a lot, but the scuttle choices are usually obvious to me when facing it.
  10. Church14

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    2 hour drive for store champs. 6 hour drive for regionals. The noteworthy detail here is that I have family or friends in the cities I go to for those 6 hour drives so I crash on couches. I’m not sure I would go if I had to pay hotel costs
  11. Scuttle is just left or right. That’s it. Your issue is with scuttle near terrain. As for near terrain, to be frank, it is generally pretty predictable and can be played around. There are only so many good ways to scuttle out of terrain in a given situation. Also, just charge said terrain on the turn that you think they’ll try to enter it. Ask Jukey. He’s learned to deal with it. The Scuttle shift rarely surprises him and rarely matters in our games. The stun is more significant. It also wasn’t a significant card for me at worlds except for my games against JJ. I don’t like that you easily get both effects. Making it exhaust to shift keeps all the theme and makes it so you generally have to choose between one or the other. Sure, you can bank inspiration or use Rallying, but that means wounds, slow play, or relying on other units. . . . People are complaining about Flesh Rippers?
  12. Honestly, I think Ankaur is a perception and maybe a consistency issue. He isn’t easy to use himself. Like BaronZ, he needs to look at least a turn ahead. But it look at his army buff. Your memory of the game would be that the crossbows/threshers you brought did awesome. That his ability enabled it isn’t what sticks foremost in memory. But when he he gets caught flatfooted, he feels helpless. Those memories stick boldly in players heads. So I want to see win rates and data before rendering judgement.
  13. Something better: Lets start with data and adjust. I’m looking at getting anTI4 style community data project going. After a 100 or so games are recorded, we will see what archetypes are pulling ahead and what needs fixing. In the meantime, let’s start with a small number of suggestions. 1) Resequence Insatiable Hunger to end of end phase instead of start of end phase. 2) Make Scuttling Horror exhaust to shift. I’m not inclined to do any more without some data. I think a lot of issues are perception more than actual. If you want a suggestion tested, Jukey and I can probably try it
  14. Church14

    Issues with the Corellian Conflict

    Basic fix to economic runaway and 6-5 being same as 10-1 wins. 1) All players can rebuild up to their faction’s current max every game ) Each match, tally the score. Add those scores to each players’ faction’s max. So a 8-3 win for Imps moves the fleet maxes to 408 for Imps and 403 for Rebels. 3) No scarring. If a unique dies then it dies. Admirals can suffer the same or not. Your group’s choice. 4) I hadn’t worked out how this affects objectives. Probably something like: Defending player gets whatever objectives defined by the system they are defending, plus their choice of their own three to get the total choices for the attacking player up to 3. 5) Pick a planet each side has on turn 1. That planet gets the Planetary Ion Cannon objective. No other planet ever uses it.
  15. Church14

    Alternate terrain rules ideas

    What about modifying the change to be that terrain has to touch between the outermost connectors on that side. Fits Jukey’s mostly. Mostly resolves your figure 3 I think. Though it may make Jukey’s idea not as effective