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  1. Not the last canon ships though. There was a video a few months back that laid out several designs that nobody really explored in the background of the rebel fleet at the end of ESB. There’s the wingless Liberty which would really just be a chimaera treatment for the home one.
  2. Very impressive artwork. Pretty artwork. Impressive and pretty artwork depicting something really, really, really stupid. It it has been compared the the Enterprise in the ocean in Into Darkness. Both were really, really, really stupid things. But I do applaud the passion and skill needed for that art
  3. The Ynfearnal (spelling?) Ward (YW) that I wrote up is basically a token that is placed in the board. At the end of every turn, ANY unit at distance 1 receives a panic token if they don’t have one already. Like thresher but everyone is afraid of it. Then various upgrades allow Uthuk to trigger effects if an enemy or you are near the tokens.
  4. Having to spend a ConFire isn’t much of a burden. Between Thrawn and Piett the empire has two viable options to allow the Onager to shoot and then get moving or to flub the command timing and still fire the gun. I love the speed 0 idea. I just don’t think adding a CF command to the burden of triggering it means all that much
  5. A rebel medium good at something An an imperial expansion that doesn’t revolve around last-firsting.
  6. That’s all fair. When I can see upgrade slots, maneuvers, cost, and defense tokens I will probably be more excited. The little I’ve seen so far isn’t the ISD-buster I was expecting. Though this could be a be a fun time to buy a Mon Remonda model and have some silly headcanon fun.
  7. It seems like 8 dice out the front, 5 out the sides, 6/4/2 shields. I thought I saw 10 hull but now I’m not finding that. Basically, the armament is not decisively better. Just a smidge better. Salvo may change the math here, but given FFG’s unwillingness to keep anything out of the hands of ISDs (save experimental retrofit) there will be upgrades that give that token to ISDs as well.
  8. This is a ship that is supposed to comfortably take down ISDs in single combat. That stats don’t reflect that. I’m waiting to see details of upgrades or new mechanics. The model is cool though. I like that.
  9. My go to fun list is a triple Liberty list. Which sounds like you wouldn’t be able to field. Here’s the next just for fun list. Name: Why not Faction: Rebel Commander: Admiral Raddus Assault: Advanced Gunnery Defense: Contested Outpost Navigation: Solar Corona MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • External Racks (3) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Aspiration (3) = 122 Points MC80 Command Cruiser (106) • Admiral Raddus (26) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • Leading Shots (4) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • Defiance (5) = 153 Points MC80 Star Cruiser (96) • Gunnery Team (7) • Leading Shots (4) • Mon Karren (8) = 115 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 390 My fun imperial list is: Name: Vader - Int/Arq/Arq/Raider Faction: Imperial Commander: Darth Vader Assault: Opening Salvo Defense: Fleet Ambush Navigation: Navigational Hazards Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) • Minister Tua (2) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Grav Shift Reroute (2) • Targeting Scrambler (5) • Heavy Ion Emplacements (9) • Interdictor (3) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 121 Points Arquitens Light Cruiser (54) • Darth Vader (36) = 90 Points Arquitens Light Cruiser (54) = 54 Points Raider I (44) • External Racks (3) = 47 Points Squadrons: • Ciena Ree (17) • Mauler Mithel (15) • Howlrunner (16) • Valen Rudor (13) • Whisper (20) = 81 Points Total Points: 393
  10. Anyone else liking the “**** you! That’s mine!” Text here?
  11. I guess Cracken needed nerfing. New Imp commander is wierd
  12. My best hope would be Imperial Support Vessel (dreadnought) and the winged mon cal ship from the newer comics. It’s appeared a few times and would give FFG a lot of room for design space. Barring that new winged design, then some sort of Rebel medium base. They need a medium base ship
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