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  1. Church14

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I seriously settle for a cardboard/card pack. I don’t need new models, but two new variants of the Home One and AFmk2 would be nice for rebels.
  2. Church14

    Ardus Ix'Erebus VS Baron Zacareth

    I’ll let Daqan focused players answer for Daqan. -I’m hard pressed to ever take flank guards. Rank Discipline will likely do better. -Wind Rune is an interesting card for Reanimate Archers. With an initiative 2 reform, they can jump away before most anyone can catch them. Personally, I prefer Tempered Steel on Reanimate archers, but there are some who swear by Wind Rune and staple it to nearly everything. There is valid arguments both ways -Without changing much of your list, I would drop the Wind Runes to Tempered Steel, remove both Flank Guards, redo Ardus’ upgrades, and add a third Carrion Lancer. I would change Reaping Blade to Dimodian Blades and then swap from Ancient Technique to Ardus’ Fury. That list then requires 2 cores, LordV, Waiqar infantry command, and a Lancer pack OR 1 core, LordV, 1 infantry command, 2 Lancer packs, 1 Reanimate archer pack, and 1 Reanimate pack Also, if just playing with friends, just proxy things you don’t have.
  3. Church14

    Let's talk SSD speculation!

    Ok. So let Konstantine work on large ships. Your SSD then has to have an interdictor, VSD, or ISD with it. Which leaves you at most 107 for a commander, upgrades, and squads. Been a while, is quasar a medium? Would that work too?
  4. Church14

    Ardus Ix'Erebus VS Baron Zacareth

    Tabletop Admiral is an excellent builder site. Here is your list cleaned up a bit. 196/200 Ardus IxErebus [37] 1x1 Reaping Blade [4] Ancient Technique [2] Total Unit Cost: 43 Reanimates [35] 3x2 Deathcaller [5] Profane Banner Bearer [5] Support Carrion Lancer [6] Simultaneous Orders [2] Total Unit Cost: 53 Reanimate Archers [18] 2x1 Combat Ingenuity [6] Wind Rune [6] Total Unit Cost: 30 Reanimate Archers [18] 2x1 Combat Ingenuity [6] Wind Rune [6] Total Unit Cost: 30 Carrion Lancers [15] 1x1 Flank Guards [5] Total Unit Cost: 20 Carrion Lancers [15] 1x1 Flank Guards [5] Total Unit Cost: 20 I had a list of changes and then read your goal of not having to buy much to make the list. I’ll get back to you on any changes I’d make. One suggestion is to use Deathcaller and support lancer in the reanimates. With simultaneous orders, that specific setup is called Deathcaller Disco. It’s a good way to cause wounds to high armor targets and provides a way to pressure an opponent to close with your reanimates.
  5. Church14

    The Land Endures

    We will certainly look over lists.
  6. Church14

    The Land Endures

    The general sales pitch becomes: 1) Dead game. So good news is that there is a known financial commitment and then you’re done. No keeping up with the Jones’. 2) FFG killed this game after reaching a good level of parity between factions. So no faction is truly shorthanded. 3) The people obsessively playing this game since launch are still finding new combos and builds. So even for a dead game you will have a lot of variety for a long time.
  7. Church14

    When to release Raddus Bomb ?

    My typical Raddus drop is nearly always turn 2. Sometimes turn 3. In one weird CC game where I played keep away from a massive squad wing, I dropped it turn 5 and had it support flaking the heck out of a squad screen My typical choice is a kitted out MC80A Defiance. I have found it better than the MC75O, but I get the reasoning behind MC75O. My build typically throws 13 dice and maybe 1 more with a ConFire, that’s typically more dice but of lower quality (no frog effects) than the MC75O. I just have a habit of dropping my Raddus ship directly in front of ISDs, MC75s, and MC80s, so I want a superior defensive suite. I found Mon Karren a lackluster choice for Raddus. It wants to engage two targets every turn and my personal Raddus play usually revolves around using Raddus to efficiently place one my own ships to delete one of my opponent’s. I get why it would work for others.
  8. Church14

    First game with the SSD

    I’m having a sudden flash of the first SSD on SSD match. The refined elegance and depth of strategy expected brings rochambeau to mind.
  9. Church14

    Unique non character CC squadrons

    I for one always swap out a generic Bwing for Dagger if I have a point. Making Dagger a generic upgrade would almost make the basic Bwing extinct to me.
  10. Church14

    What's the best ship in the game?

    Home One. I have an unreasonable amount of success running 1-2 in a fleet. It’s my preferred Raddus drop. It’s my preferred Ackbar ship. It is my preferred combat carrier. All they need to do to guarantee me running 1+ in every rebel fleet I ever play again is to give it the Chimaera treatment and give me a variant with a fleet command or fleet support slot and a variant with a weapons team slot. EDIT: I don’t even really need the weapon slot one either. It just seems fair since ISDs have gotten some really good offensive buffs and will get more with the SSD.
  11. Church14

    Cymoon vs. Kuat

    Might be a local thing, but the ISD1 and Kuat: -Have near identical armaments. -Both have officer, weapons team, offensive retrofit, and ion slots. -ISD 1 gets 2 more squadron, offensive retrofit, and turbolaser while the Kuat gets a defensive retrofit and ordinance slot. With Tua, then the ISD1 can gain a defensive slot so the differences are 2 squads, offensive retrofit, and turbolaser versus crew and ordinance. Kuat’s ONLY selling point over ISD1 is essentially the ordinance slot. Since ordinance virtually always means a point blank build, then that means AvengerBT or Screed FCT build. ISD1 does everything else as good for slightly cheaper or does it better.
  12. Church14

    Cymoon vs. Kuat

    We’ve found that the Imperial access to both IF and Vader make the Cymoon hit near 100% with both shots. Add in spinals and CF command and you have an almost guaranteed 8 damage at long range, 10 at medium. Kuat only pulls ahead for me when you look at AvengerBT or that crazy Screed HIE/ACM build. Otherwise it doesn’t have a meaningful advantage over the Cymoon. Outside of those two specific builds, I don’t really see a reason to take a Kuat. The ISD1 just seems to be a better all around.
  13. Church14

    What I’d Love to See Released for ARMADA

    He commanded the Mon Remonda. It was the first Mon Cal warship. Not a converted research or exploration vessel, but from the ground up intended to project force. It seemed decidedly superior to ISDs and gave SSDs trouble in a few fights. The same books are where the Mon Karren title comes from.
  14. Church14

    When you see an MC75, but think....

    Huh. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that the AFmk2 has the same pylon hanging down. Rebels have 2 dongships. I’m now going to run an AFmk2, use the MC75 model, and call it an MC45 in my head. Maybe I can bring myself to run the AFmk2 that way.
  15. Church14

    What I’d Love to See Released for ARMADA

    Hey. I could always just be wrong. I can accept that. They just seem to outperform ISD2s, Keats, and ISD1s for our meta. Though the ISD1 is still the best Battlecarrier.