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  1. I’m in the “I need to see the ships and commanders first”
  2. I had a sudden brief moment of seeing a Jar Jar Officer/commander that allows you to swap the top dials of 4 ships. You choose 2 ships and your opponent chooses 2. Then you look at all 4 command dials and place two of them back on ships of your choice. Your opponent places the last two.
  3. Never mind, just realized to meant swapping out a red for a blue at long
  4. I forgot about the separate decks. That messes with the idea pretty hard.
  5. I kind of want a Jar Jar commander that has: “When activating a ship, you may draw two faceup damage cards. Assign one to you and one to an enemy ship at distance 1-5. “ You probably get the better of it, but both might be rotten for you.
  6. A few notes from earlier conversations with @Jukey: 1) I would not add extra units. I would just add some notes to a few. Allow Flesh rippers, scouts, and Leonx to “climb” the walls. Waiqar already have a unit that can get through with wraiths. 2) Like Jukey said, gives walls HP, only damageable by siege units. Gates damageable by anyone. Mark a long edge of the walls that can’t be entered except by climbers. 3) Give the walls at least Fortified 2, Cover 2. Also, give the walls text that gives any unit in it CQT. Make getting units off the walls possible but costly.
  7. My most memorable was getting 17 superior positions tokens but still losing because I got tabled. It was early in Armada’s existence so we had to look up what happens when you get tabled but outscore your opponent.
  8. This occurred to me while reading this thread. I’m not sure what the balance implications would be, but it sounds interesting enough.
  9. This was basically the idea I kicked around with local guys for droid fighters. Makes them a massive blob of fighters that lose effectiveness as they take damage.
  10. You type that like it wouldn’t be cool to see a few unique squads in Armada that are ad hoc combinations.
  11. In CC, yeah. RitR I think has a mechanic to let you trade in squads or any kind of upgrade of half cost to purchase something else
  12. Hm. I hadn’t considered a ship with a small ignition shot. Something with 3-4 dice. It’s an interesting thought. I don’t think the munificent will get an ignition arc though. Those cannons were still similar range and scale as other ship to ship weapons I thought
  13. Anakin really got up close and personal. Not necessarily his ships. Just thinking about it, he was known for fundamentally always acting as if he was in offense. Even if he retreated, it was to regroup to find a more effective way to go on attack. Trench brings this up when he looks up Skywalker. Ahsoka picks up a similar mindset, but without the good judgement at first. Obiwan calls out Anakin for that when Ahsoka is refusing to retreat. He had a habit of using things on offense in roles they weren’t designed for. Makes me think he would either mess with offensive dice or allow an attack when defending. I know Salvo does this, but maybe he provides a way for ships to salvo without the token or with a different dice pool.
  14. Why would a character whose defining characteristic was “fear of force over force itself” add dice or offense? It would be more thematic to have given him some sort of ability where Any enemy ship that hasn’t been shot at has a fear token and their attacks are obstructed. As soon as they are shot at they lost that fear. As it is, Tarkin is plenty thematic. He was a Grand Moff, which meant he was responsible for making entire sectors run more smoothly and effectively. Giving all his ships command tokens seems appropriate
  15. The new unique squadron Macluncky. After he defends he counters with full squad dice.
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