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  1. Thanks for all your comments so far. My Opening games in X Wing have consisted of 2 Black Sun Aces with predator and Torkil Mux, I found it to be a great combo, maximizing the use of Predator and ensuring the Kihraxz get their shots off. But I was curious about other builds for them. The mindlink one is really interesting, I love the sound of it with either Palob or possibly Kavil. So I will look into builds for those squads shortly. Finally, looking at Talonbane Cobra, he is a someone I have always been looking to field, but just seems too pricey for what he brings to the table, especially when you start looking at upgrades for him. But I will be experimenting with some budget builds shortly, and look forward to seeing how the new Vectored Thrusters card works with them.
  2. When I was looking at getting into X Wing. The Kihraxz fighter sold me on the Scum & Villainy Faction. After playing a few games with Black Sun Aces with Predator, I found they were a really handy ship capable of stripping shields & hull fairly quickly. There are however, some glaring weeknesses, a fairly sparse action bar combined with a weak HP, I have seen many people label it with the X Wing as "A jouster which can't really joust". Rarely have I seen the Kihraxz included in tournament play, besides the odd 5x Cartels or a couple with a YV-666. I always like to include the Kihraxz in my squads, as I see it as my signature ship. What are the different ways the X Wing community runs the Kihraxz, do they prefer the standard Cartel or the much improved Black Sun Ace? And what are the preferred EPT's that combine with them?
  3. I've only recently got into X Wing (Only played a handful of games) and have recently purchased the Mist Hunter Expansion to add to my rapidly growing Scum force. A lot of the reviews for this ship that I have seen when it was first released claim it to be mediocre, and I was wondering if this has changed since it's had some time to hit the table? I am looking to include one in 100pt Squad Lists but have been unable to finalise a build for it. There are some upgrades, like Advanced Sensors/PTL or FCS, Stay on Target and Intelligence agent which scream out to me, but that makes the ship costly very quick. What, if any, are some perfectly viable/sound builds for the Mist Hunter? I was more looking at ones around the 30-35 point mark.
  4. Thanks once again for the comments, I agree with what you said but I wasn't sure whether I would be better off taking Palob or Mux with the list I am running, this is how I was thinking of it going: Palob (28) Bossk, Twin Laser Turret Black Sun Ace (26) Crack Shot, Glitterstim Black Sun Ace (26) Crack Shot, Glitterstim Kaa'to Leeachos (20) Draw Their Fire, Ion Pulse Missiles, Munitions Failsafe The idea is Kaa'to is there to provide some much needed control and to take the heat off Palob. I could always swap Palob for Mux if that would be better.
  5. Thanks for your comments, With regards to Palob, I have a feeling there may be better uses of the TLT without using a HWK, I had made a list using the feedback you gave (Crackshot on Kaa'to + Munitions Failsafe instead of Guidance Chips, Trimming Palob's points etc) But wanted to know what you guys thought of this: Drea Renthal (29) TLT, Unhinged Astromech Black Sun Ace (28) Crack Shot, Concussion Missiles, Guidance Chips Black Sun Ace (28) Crack Shot, Concussion Missiles, Guidance Chips Black Sun Soldier (15) XX-23, Munitions Failsafe 100/100 This way I have probably a stronger way of generating Target Locks for everyone, which could be key for Drea if she becomes too stressed.
  6. Greetings X Wing Community! I have recently become famililar with the game and have started a collection of Scum and Villainy. I had my first game on the weekend using 2 Kihraxz Fighters and Palob and got to grips with the feel of the game (The maneuvers were very hard to predict at first). Whilst I did lose to my friend, I learnt a lot and had a blast, and now I'm looking at doing a general 100pt list for me to use, I would like to try and get more ships in than 3 but keeping to 2 Kihraxz as I love the model, hopefully you guys can give me some feedback and pointers as to where to improve?. Palob Godahli (32) Moldy Crow, Recon Specialist, Ion Cannon Turret, Cool Hand Kaa'to Leeachos (16) XX-23 S-Thread Tracers, Guidance Chips Black Sun Ace (26) Crack Shot, Glitterstim Black Sun Ace (26) Crack Shot, Glitterstim My Plan being Kaa'to "steals" a Focus off Palob while using TL, Black Sun Aces will focus most turns and hopefully all ships being given a free TL from Kaa'to's Thread Tracers on 1 ship to focus fire on. The Kihraxz are there to Joust and hopefully get some good results with Crack/Stim.
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