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  1. thanks ! I have another question about this spell. I am a rank 1 psyker so my PR is 3 so if I push the spell I have 6 PR, so for exemple with the spell "caLL To arms" I will create 6 soldier, after their creation when I sustain the spell, does the spell remain like this or 3 soldiers disappear? In other words with sustained spell the PR is taken into account "in real time" or its my PR I had when I launched the spell who matters?
  2. Hi, I am new to rp game, I want to make a Storm wardens psyker. The spell caLL To arms in Storm Wardens Powers seems fun but its a Sustained spell so I have to spend a half action eath turn to sustain it. So as long as I sustain it I cant cast full action spell (like force dome ? or I can but it takes 2 turn to cast the new spell?
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