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  1. Officer + dlt are 44 points: -2 wounds -+1 courage - 2 red dice with impact range 4. Gideon husk is 38: -2 wounds -+1 courage -2 red dice range 3 -coordinate corp. -also let a free personal slot. I think is pretty balance in points/ rules.
  2. A 2nd edition is not necessary a new product. Just think on it as an update of the rules that fix issues from the past and an opportunity to bring a new core with possible new era. Just the things already existed can be used and they can do an update pack just like mansions of madness. You can still use your boba fett or purchase another reprint of the same pack but in the new core there is already a card that let you use him instead of the actual useless.
  3. Thinking on a 2nd edition is not crazy (same as descent). They can focus the game in another era (clone wars or resistance) or even go mid eras (mandalorian-pre episode 7). I think it will works nice and of course add some point a rogue one wave to bring us vader and rebel heroes.
  4. I notice a new boba fett in 3rd season. The 2nd season boba and his command was a little OP so he really need a rework but looking at the new one... It seems pretty stronger! Really you can move an enemy out of his position and then stun without spending an action? Basically boba can reposition an enemy (and halve his next act), move 4 (or even use a flame thrower and move 2) and attack in each o his turn. Then you can do it even better with your command. Usually it takes an action to perform an special ability like flamethrower (terro), choke (vader), force lighting (emperor), invasive procedure (000)... and so... ok boba is a 13 point miniature and must to have some action economy so I bought the flamethrower spending movement but I think the stun cable is too much for only 2 mp. Vader is a 13 points too and his choke is not as disruptive powerful than this. We tried this yesterday and is totally disruptive for the adversarie plans at no cost for boba player. Is kind of game breaking. Stun is more powerful than attack in a objetive based game and move and then stun is a joke. I think put the cable action cost will be better.
  5. We tested yesterday on return to hoth misson an was so OP. Too much damage per activation due to his spend movement abilities. I don't know how this works on skirmish but seems too OP
  6. How do you see that card for Boba into a campaign?. He is pretty useless for 13 and I found this card in the IA continuity project https://ia-continuityproject.com/ but remove the first ability that lets you choose 1 of your die colour. Seems balanced or overpowered?
  7. He can not attack with 10 dice in close combat after all. His ranged weapons gains versatile that let you shoot out of combat but not let you use it as close combat weapons.
  8. Round 1 darkness descend to start at range 3 Round 2 new ways to motivate them to move up your troops to objetives and closer to vader Round 3 master of evil to supress everyone (at this time you can be in the middle of the enemy army) Round 4 fear and dead men to tank damage from the middle of the fight Round 5 implacable to clean up enemies Round 6 vader's might to ensure objetives
  9. When new operative Vader arrives and the new 3 pip command card with him... no tank needed for the dark lord
  10. You can expect an operative version of han solo with chewie counterpart.
  11. Hi all! Anyone can say me who is the artist that make the art of "darkness descent" the new 3 pip vader card? Or if I can find it at good quality somewhere? Thanks guys
  12. Dooku seems pretty balanced since he actually can't charge, relentless or steady he is even more slow than commander Vader.
  13. Meta lists could be a myth but sniper problem is just real
  14. On paper even the cheapest version of this vader (fear+choke) could engage round 1 + 2 supression + kill a heavy. Second round even more supression (asuming master of evil is played) and perhaps delete 1 unit + kill another heavy. Perhaps this could be worth the points even if he dies after that. If he even survive this round the oponent will have serious problem (new 1 pip put even more supression + presumible multiple attacks)
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