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  1. Spam of z6 is just the main reason i lost every single match i tried against rebels with my vader lists... if they get supressive i will run out of this game haha 11 die per troop is huge... is true that is not consistent but sometimes **** happens and these things vaporize entire troops in cover. Remember one time Vader in heavy cover+dodge dies against a single attack that causes him 5 crits T_T
  2. Wait... tell me that immune:pierce and impervious aren't cumulative. If yes, better it can say immune: vader.
  3. Wo wo wo where can i find the full movie with that duel inside??!
  4. My best deflection was 3, killing 2 guys and a z6.
  5. I never run him with Anger, perhaps i will try it... My favourites are force reflexes, push, saber throw, choke...and never ever think about anger.
  6. I think this could shake the deflect keyword itself. This will be a placeholder to that cause is better to simply use this new ability or card instead of dodge token + trigger deflect. The other way you trigger deflect spending a dodge and then you can use your "power up deflection" to convert blocks to surges.
  7. To trigger deflect ability and inflict wounds to enemies
  8. Wow i can't imagine my Vader without reflexes. It means a 3+ defense with 1/6 returning hit and prevent 1 hit by free... that is a lot of bonuses. What do you do to increase his durability without spending actions in dodge? Even with that bonus each turn my vader allways end games with 1-2 health left if he end games alive!
  9. I see is like canonic thing haha Ok so imagine a nice vader buff force upgrade is out. What of the actually upgrades go down? Personally i ever run Vader with reflexes, saber and push and don't know what of these would throw to the trash if we get a new one designed to help vader (that is what i hear from celebration)
  10. Is far simple and effective (and cheaper for ffg) to do a force upgrade or keyword that let you convert X number of blocks to surges while defending. " defensive instance X: while defending from a ranged attack, you may convert X blocks to surges" You can add variety here with the number, putting this via upgrade (that can be exhaustive or not), adding another keyword for melee or one combined... etc. Much better than a die
  11. Ok i feel your answers consistent but.. in the case something in the near future will help vader to surge to defend and attack (that will rise his survival and his attack to 5-6 expecting damage), i would to decide what of the actual upgrades goes out (reflexes, saber throw and force push). Reflexes is incredibly good for the durability it provides to vader and the deflect keyword. Force push is so useful to increase the vader charge treat, throw people away am objetive, to not lose activations killing a guy you are engaged with, to disengage that farmer boy.... many many situations that can change the match. Saber throw on the other hand just kill a guy or two in all the match. I think i would prefer a durable Vader and a practically sure 5-6 hits per attack once i get in close combat than the possibility to kill someone at range 2. Perhaps i am in mistake... Of course these times i fight against atrt, saber throw really worth it. Obviously all this topic is around the chance to get some buf via upgrade for Vader i the near future (i remember to ride something like that from sw celebration, i guess force guidance to put a new surge token)
  12. Hi all I'm playing the game since the release and 80% of the times i played with Vader with more or less sucess. My point is... is saber throw really that must have when you build a list with Vader? I mean in this game of covers practically 90% of times i throw the saber the objetive is at full cover due to special rules, barricade, trees, rocks... and doing nothing but a supression. Is this worthing the 10 points? People are saying that some kind of force power that allows vader to have surge in attack and defense (force guidance) is coming. What about move+reflexes+guidance? Can you argue me to use lightsaber throw again?
  13. Sounds good. I often saw super risky to use boba and vader in the same list. Can you advice me how to use "new ways to motivate them"? I usually send 1-2 snow flamers squad into a suicide run... sometimes they flame a rebel squad, sometimes they inflict less damage and then they are dead..
  14. I have a question. Are the stats for Vader the same as dawn of rebellion? Thanks
  15. I saw vader is listed in content. Are his stats the same as the one in dawn of rebellion? Sadly, this book not arrives to my country
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