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  1. If spawned enemies automatically go to the current party leader, when do face-down enemies become face-up? During the next round along with more enemies are that are then spawned according to current location? This just seems like you could end up with LOTS of enemies spawned in shadows/engaged with no time to rest/heal until entire quest is complete. Do you continue to spawn enemies at a location every round until you progress past it? I have not gotten to the actual Card Quests yet (still playing/learning the above intro quests that were user submitted) but does Peril increase each round or only when you progress to the next location? Thanks again.
  2. Appreciate you clearing that up! If I run into anything else I'm sure I'll be back. Gonna try the user submitted 3 intro quests; Lair of Spider Queen, Night of the Goblins, Domain of the Rats.
  3. So I had a few questions on the rules of WH:Q. If anyone can do their best to help clarify these for me I'd be very grateful! Was kind of disappointed in the rule-book for this game as others have been pretty extensive in explaining things so I'm hoping someone in the community can help me out. Just starting out these are what I've encountered so far; When does a face-down enemy become face-up? Can it stay face down if never engaged? Does a face-up spawned enemy start in the shadows? If a creature in the shadows has Advance can it not attack until after it advances during enemy phase (unless ranged)? Aid you may choose a hero does rolling Shield stack or do you only stack Attack rolls? Can you leave location as soon as you have total progress tokens for that location or must you wait till the end of all phases? When entering a new location are all actions automatically readied or do you still need to perform whichever action readies all actions? Are creature abilities (Advance, Retreat, Ensnare, Lacerate, Disease) played out all at once or 1 per round? The tutorial sadly I feel made things more confusing than helpful. Thank you ahead of time for answering these!
  4. A good, RECENT, guide would be great. I've wanted to play this for so long and saw you could play it online so I've been scouring the net trying to get this set up to no avail! Downloaded OCTGN, card packs wouldnt load, not sure which file is the 'game' file. SO lost.
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