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  1. Just a quick shoutout that in the AoR module Friends like these, the battle scenario involves both space and ground combat, so you may wish to take a look at that - also as it is broken down to phases, it does a great job of teaching you how to implement MAss Combat into a game. Generally though, a check on an MC phase is really wide-spread in scope. If the advantages, triumphs allow, you could have a dozen wookie warriors grapple on top of a TIE wing, tear open the hatches and murder the pilots - similarly to how Chewie took command of an ATST during the battle of Endor. Or them rushing to beat down the crew of an E-WEB and turn the gunnery weapon on the approaching vehicles. Just go for whatever looks cinematically cool, really. I'm not a big fan of the Clone Wars pilot film specifically, but we've seen AT-TE walkers overcome a sheer cliff face hundreds of meters tall during the battle of Teth. It1s start wars, backed by the narrative dice system, so the only thing impossible in the game is whatever you and your players fail to think of at the time.
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dKklo1rf2fvEVi8wkAOtazpiFQNh6lt8/view?usp=sharing Not sure why, but here is the same thing in PDF form. A few kBs too large for upload so I put it on my google drive instead.
  3. I have made this helpful cheat sheet about rings and approaches. Feel free to point out mistakes, and/or use it for your own games L5Rcheatsheet1p.docx
  4. Not sure if this is something I had missed but I could not find a rule regarding using a bow or thrown weapon at targets locked in melee combat. How should I handle the risk of hitting your ally?
  5. I don't have the book at hand but if I'm not wrong, page 178.
  6. @LordBen your problems are not uncommon - but giving you the means to identify a statistical averages of success is exactly what FFG's various dice mechanics are meant to avoid. In my games, there's nothing I personally hate more than when players start going "I need to roll at least 12 to succeed". But there was also a point you made I'd like to address. You said people would always just pick the highest ring for any roll - but that's really not how it works. Due to the approach mechanic, sometimes your best ring isn't the most effective. You're trying to roll Fitness TN3 (for example) to cross the slippery log bridge. If it wasn't slippery or you weren't in a hurry, the GM is suggested not to even ask for a roll. If you try to rush into this with your Fire Ring (which could be your character's highest), the TN goes up to 4. If you cross cautiously, the TN will go down to 1. tl;dr: FFG don't like the numbers game where the higher is the better. And I'm glad.
  7. A piece of feedback, I think the paragraph containing this should be moved forward to the part where roll mechanics are explained, as I had to read through that and the techniques before found what the paragraphed TNs mean.
  8. EotE/Genbesys is a great system, but it's very, very non-lethal to characters. I don't like to kill my PCs but the threat of death needs to be there if you're playing samurai.
  9. If a character has 2 on a ring (average value) and 1 in a skill, you'll roll 3 dice (2d6+1d12) and keep two of them. And with that, you need to achieve up to 8 successes to defeat your TN.
  10. //My apologies for ending it this way and wasting your time. I concede, and do let the wookiee win//.
  11. Do consider, that in Rokugani culture, samurai are expected to carry themselves with perfect decorum, and showing your true feelings to anyone but your closest friends and family is a breach of etiquette. I've yet to start playtesting, but I like the idea of Strife bringing this into play, otherwise everyone would just perfectly cool all the time. It's the name Outburst that I don't necessarily like because it implies a more severe response than what might actually happen. That is, if your daimyo says something so stupid you suffer Strife, the triggered Outburst can be no more than audibly sighing at the stupidity (and since the PC has to decide what form it takes, this is no different from other systems without Strife, where the GM will have you make a Willpower/Cool/Discipline etc saving throw to avoid doing so). That sigh, because of the meanings it implies of your vassal lord, is a breach of protocol nonetheless.
  12. //Work work work. Sorry, I am in training this week, but should be able to reply tonight. I don't want to just let the wookiee win.//
  13. //I am, but please bear with me for a little longer before I manage to post. Sincere apologies.//
  14. //Interesting. Do I have a legal move here to reclaim my weapon?//
  15. //Darn, I failed at math again. Apologies. Also completely forgot my lethal blows, which means the first roll would have resulted in Crippled, no 2nd attack. Do you want me to recompose my narration? I can do it after work tonight. //
  16. //yes I'll dodge! @Nightone thanks, I think I'll have to sacrifice a gaming mat to the Random Number Gods. //
  17. Before anyone could do anything a vehicle nearby moved to leave, and, not having noticed the ongoing duel, blasted both of them with the backlash of its engine. Both combatant tumbled to the ground and the wookiee was the first to get up. With an elecrtic sizzle, his oversized gauntlet came to life and swung downward, towards the Chadra-fan. Instinctively, Cheevil rolled right, narrowly avoiding the hit, but then realised he let go of his lightsaber in the process! As the shock glove lifted up, he rolled back the way he came from, reaching to grasp the hilt with his stubby fingers - and then, with a single fluid motion, kicked the air, letting the momentum carry him and at the peak, he shifted his center of the balance to land on his fett in combat stance again, his saber whirring to readiness again. //A maneuver to retreive the weapon and then an incidental to Jump Up.// He knew he couldn't take a direct hit from that giant's weapon, possibly even at the peak of his health, so he had to finish this quickly. Still somewhat shook from coming so close to defeat once more, he focused to call on the Force. And as he felt that energy course through his veins, his skin, his mind, his saber, he jumped, for a moment coming face to face with the larger creature, and then, with a complicated twist of his wrist, he drew the four wings of a butterfly in the ear with the glowing yellow blade. Heat 3: Second attack. Taking 3 strain to activate saber swarm again as an extra maneuver, and adding Flow to the check.: 2eA+2eP+1eB+1eS+1eD+1eC+2eF 5 successes, 1 advantage, 2 Light Side, 1 Dark Side //Linked cannot be activated but with the advantage from the curved hilt, I can Crit the wookie and use the LS pips to recover strain. // Heat 3: Second Attack, Critical hit: 1d100 80 Overpowered which means I can attempt another attack with the same dice pool. Per RAW I am out of maneuvers but I think the crit overwrites prerequisites such as maneuvers and strain?// Heat 3: Second roll from Overpowered Crit: 2eA+2eP+1eB+1eS+1eD+1eC+2eF 2 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph, 1 Light Side, 1 Dark Side //Recovering a strain with LS pip, causing 8 Breaching damage to the wookie, and will activate another crit with both the Triumph and advantages. WQizth the previous Crit, this comesa to a +30 roll// Heat 3: Second attack from Overpowered Crit also Critically hits: 1d100+30 129 Gruesome injury: d10 roill determines characteristic to be permanently reduced by 1. Man, lots of rolls today. Heat 3: Second attack from Overpowered Crit causes Gruesome injury: 1d10 3 3 is Brawn. I'm on a roll myself!// Hitting the ground again, Cheevil continued his relentless push, slicing in an upward X, severing muscle and tendons in the wookiee's arm. He bellowed in triumph, seeing the damage he inflicted. //6/12 Wounds and 7/14 Strain currently. EDIT: I think that second image wasn't inaccurate.//
  18. //Congratulations to us! I'll probably reply early tomorrow, I may be getting home late from work today.//
  19. //Correct. I shouldn't do math before my morning coffee. Yes, I will activate Dodge again.//
  20. The chadra-fan hardly remembered how he got here. His life had become fire and pain. That first encounter he lost, he got away from with mostly mental injuries and a few days in a bacta tank. The fire the tentacle-headed female set to him cost him an eye, the socket now covered by an opaque metal plate. It wasn't replacement cybernetic - it was just a cheap method of covering up the hideous scar and the melted eyeball. He didn't care. He didn't care about the scars or the pain - but his dedication to becoming the greatest swordsman was being consumed whole by obsession and what was excremented as a result was seething hatred and anger. Here on the loading platform, he felt danger nearby. He had the hilt clutched in his tiny hands, sleeping, waiting to be unleashed, but for now he did not want to draw attention to himself. He was stalking his prey, all muscles tense and ready for engagement, the dark in him just waiting to find a focal point. And then, there was a sound. His arm went up in the fraction of a second, the yellow blade hissing to life at the very same time as Cheevil twisted his whole body to the side, he nearly avoided all of the projectiles but - another testimony to his weakness, incompleteness - a burning bolt of plasma left a long, charred scar along his temple, starting just above the eyebrow and ending well behind his pointy ears. - Now You die! - his words were full of everything the Jedi warned him away from and he was too blind by now to even begin realising it, his voice deep and threatening, defying his small frame. All that mattered is the death of the wookiee standing in front of him. As Cheevil attacked with a leap, the wookiee - to his surprise - dropped his gun and assumed a defensive stance. Barehanded, against a lightsaber? 'Oh I'm going to have so much fun.' //I thought of using precise aim this round and made a roll with it (seen in my roll history on orokos), but then I realised I wanted to use a stimpack to prolong my life expectancy so made a reroll with the wookie's defense in place. Sorry.As you can see it wasn't worth it, as I only have a single advantage from the curved hilt. I engage using one of the pips and add another advantage with the other. I want to use this to blast Grrwalryyhl (and as I am engaged, myself) with Exhaust Thrust as per the location table, if this is okay, knocking both of us prone.// Heat 3: First attack. Cheevil spends a maneuver to activate Saber Swarm, taking another strain. This attack will have Linked 2 quality, and also adding Ebb to the roll. Boost for accurate quality, setback for defense.: 2eA+2eP+2eD+1eS+2eF+1eB 2 Light Side, 1 Dark Side His anger blinding him, he missed with all of his strikes as he planted his foot in cfombat range from the enemy. But he wasn't going to give up! Letting go of his weapon with one hand, he reached into his pocket and pulled one of his stimpacks, pushing the syringe through his skin and feeling reinvigorated by the soothing warmth of the medicine. //6/12 Wounds and 7/14 Strain currently.//
  21. Third Heat: Initiative Reroll: 1eA+1eP 2 successes, 2 advantage //Your move, sir./
  22. Third Heat: Initiative: 1eA+1eP 1 success, 2 advantage //Flipping a DP for the roll. Initiative is a tie, how do we decide on the breaker?//
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