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  1. Thanks everyone! I didn't even think about restricting to the Dunwich investigators. I haven't had a chance to play with them or the scenarios yet that I forgot about the splash part of their deck building. I may work on some decks to be safe, but luckily we played through the the core once already they are all really interested in the game including the deckbuilding, but i think it might be good to have back up decks to be safe.
  2. Hey everyone! I've managed to convince my Age of Rebellion group to play Arkham Horror on weeks when we are missing people. We did one playthrough of Night of the Zealot with the starter decks, which ended pretty horribly--Scenario 2 was a cluster for us. From that I learned that if we do it again, we need to make decks with all the available cards be cause we were too ham strung at times with just the cards of 2 core sets. Here is where my problem comes. I have 2 cores and all of the Dunwich sets. That all we have as a base. I'm hoping I can convince some of them to start getting there own sets--one of them has their fist core, but they are scarce around here--but for now it just my pool we can work with. What I was wondering is if you have any tips or strategies other than letting them take all the primary class cards and let them find the cards they want to use first and the rest of us use what's left of that class to fill out when needed? Not really looking for decklists, just ways to manage the small supply of cards effectively.
  3. I think that's good for now. There is nothing in Lovecraft that would help specifically with Path to Carcosa, but Chambers, and the King In Yellow, was an influence on Lovecraft's ideas and themes in his stories. So depending on what you have read of Lovecraft so far, there are lots of possible suggestions.
  4. My first time playing, I didn't and then I had a bad go at The Midnight Masks and those two alone made the second act of the last scenario a cluster. So unless I don't think I can survive the fight, I try to kill him.
  5. I recently attempted a solo of the core campaigns with Skips and saw the same thing. I feel like, although he has the fighting resources like Roland, his Rogue cards really want him to evade and exhaust enemies. It's not a bad tactic, but when he's the only guy and you get a few bad draws on the encounter deck, you start to loose actions just because of the number of enemies that could be on the board.
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