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  1. So what happens if we cannot get a swap. Kind of can't play two games on the same day.
  2. As the title states let me know if anyone wants to swap. Thank you
  3. Well that I understand. I want to know if I must choose the first mine that detonates in a round or can I choose to wait on using her ability in the attempt to kill a different ship.
  4. I will apologize in advance if this has already been address but I have been unable to find any clarification for this question. I am playing in a no faction event coming on on July 24th. Basically you can run what ever ships you want and put any cards on any ship as long as the ship has room for them. So I am running Emon Azzameen, Andrasta (title), Sabine Wren, & 4 cluster mine sets. However I will pose this question using only rebel ships to avoid and unnecessary confusion. Lets say I am have YT-1300 Chewbacca Veteran Instincts Sabine Wren Millennium Falcon (Title) Cluster Mines 2 x Grey Squadron Pilots Bomb Loadout Cluster Mines So with this setup let assume that all 3 of the mines have been deployed on the table. If my opponent triggers one of the mine sets with a low level pilot must I use Sabine Wren's ability of assigning an addition damage token on the first mine that detonates or can I hold off on activating her ability, if I want to take the risk, and have it applied to a different mine token. I.e. A P.S. 9 pilot that triggers the mine later on. Any verification if I can decide which mine gets the bonus or does it have to be the first mine that detonates?
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