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  1. Thanks for the explanation, guess it was the first time I wanted to use a force user! ☺️
  2. I don’t know why or how but when I select Vader in his tie advanced, there is no talent slot; anyone has the same problem ?
  3. PoorGreedo

    Kill Han

    I thought that Ezra gunner wouldn’t worked in the Falcon? Isn’t it’s only attack a turret attack ?
  4. 1x Lando Falcon 2x Rebel conversion kit 2x Scum conversion kit 1.0 Shadowcaster extension
  5. “There are two types of charges: (standard charge) and (Force charge).” both are a charge with different token.
  6. « Some charge limits and all Force capacities have a Recurring charge symbol. During the End Phase, EACH CARD with a recurring charge symbol recovers one charge ». Where did you saw it’s one total no matter how many upgrade cards you have with the recurring charge symbol ?
  7. PoorGreedo

    2.0 card viewer?

    I know this one : http://www.infinitearenas.com/xw2browse/#
  8. Sorry if this has been answered before but i couldn’t find the information. Anyone know if the 1.0 maneuver dial upgrade can be use with a 2.0 ship dial ? thanks!
  9. Range 0? Does this mean you need to be on the obstacle?
  10. I’m fine on my MAC with the latest update but can’t find a way to finish a game with the aileron. I’ll post a screenshot tonight.
  11. For me X-Wing is a time to be with my best friend each week and have a great time! ?
  12. Nice list! I gonna try Draw their fire on Biggs so you use it multiple time. Maybe hull upgrade if I can free the 3 points.. what do you think ?
  13. Is adaptive aileron coming too ?
  14. « striking red-and-white color » Am I colors blind or its black-and-white ?
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