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  1. Sorry to hear that the other adventures looked great and loved the theme... Good look on your fallout campaign.
  2. Croman

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode Announcements

    Excellent Job! Keep them coming.
  3. Croman

    Finding the Tone Article, now with Supers

    I must agree this article gave me a better understanding of what I think they are doing with this system. Not to say that they needed to sell it to me (since I already preordered the book). But I can see here that this is a system that I can use with all of my gaming needs. Much like I did with Hero system in the 90s. I feel more comfortable though being able to rope my players into this system now. Most of them are already playing EotE or AoR. And they believe it is the best Star Wars system they have ever played. BTW some like me have been playing Star Wars Games ever since WEG.
  4. Croman

    Shipping now! Wooooooo!

    Just got email that Preorder is now in Process. Yeah!