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  1. Being addicted is a trait, not a condition on a drug card. I've taken the text on all drug cards to be their interaction with the addicted trait; it get give you the trait, and interacts with it just like other traits such as Synths. As the procedure for gaining new items is 'pick up the new item, then discard down to inventory limits', you would pick up the drug while addicted, then because cannot trumps must in FFG games as a rule, you cannot discard any of your drugs. So even if you have 13 in your inventory, so long as you're addicted you can pick up a 14th.
  2. I'm getting "image reserved" and no picture wherever I assume you've put one.
  3. It'd really not solve the overall problem. I6 pilots and I1 pilots still polarise the war. Anything else in between risks a hard counter during tournaments. I personally think FFG needs to stop the automatic lowest - highest pilot skill cost curve pricing scheme. Middling pilots have been the worst since the start of the game, and they never seemed to realise that inherent flaw. The only exceptions were those that had absurd abilities that made their prices effective.
  4. My FLGS' x-wing community plummeted around wave 8, and was more or less dead by 10. The other waves were bought, but resented. So we swapped to Armada, and then we're greeted by a year of zero progress on a stale meta. So now the FLGS has shifted again to X-wing, only 2.0 this time. It's a great business model, but I'm not going to buy anything myself until FFG shows me their model has changed.
  5. Vader's pretty absurd. However, 4 points is pretty much nothing for the ships he's best served on. Cymoons don't really care about how much vader costs, so long as they can keep their essential upgrades (gunnery teams and whatnot). His ability is just inherently strong in the right matchups, and garbage(ish) in others. Vader's probably worth 50 or more in a Cymoon list against, say, double MC080s. But against Rieekan aces he might as well not be there. Thus his current points seem about right. Tagge should be free - his opportunity cost in the admiral slot is enough...
  6. Astech

    Armour Seems OP.

    Fair point. I've yet to see anyone win with less than 5 special tokens. However, Armour helps quite a bit with gaining those tokens, as fighting aggressive enemies (preferably while travelling) is the most effective way to level up quickly. Armour makes it easier to punch through multiple encounters without taking a multi-turn pause to regenerate health, and if all else fails, can be sold for a strong weapon or crucial item. Your last point is true as well, but I'm obliged to point out the biohazard suit, which not only counteracts pretty much all radiation, but also gives a bonus in E tests - crucial for drug based play. For that matter, most of the purchasable armour pieces have strong buffs during one kind of test or another, so you could almost treat having a piece of armour as having a special token of the corresponding type.
  7. Astech

    Armour Seems OP.

    Brotherhood outcast aside (due to inbuild movement restriction mechanic), armour seems like the most crucial part of this game. In every competitive game I've played getting some good armour early was the crucial move I made towards winning, and in co-op, strong armour went alongside the better performing players. As soon as you get level 2 armour and well rested, a deathclaw is nothing to you. Considering that there's only 1 set of combat armour, and that T-60 (and tesla) armour is more or less given out at random to the closest player to its trigger, there's really not much skill in winning a game. Has anyone tried to fix this?
  8. You've said two opposites here. Here's the answer from the rules reference, pp4: Camp Action ... All exhausted cards must be unexhausted... As such, so long as there's nothing explicitly prohibiting you from unexhausting a card, it's free - and obligatory - to unexhaust.
  9. More thread necro, but meh. It'd definitely break the game if you only gave players 3 actions a turn. Enemies wouldn't have any chance of catching you, ever, unless you wanted them to. The Brotherhood of Steel could just power they way immediately to the high-level areas (taking advantage of the fact that they'll barely ever take damage) and run away with superior loot in a few turns. You'd have to make all monsters activate once, and a second time if they're shown on the end of turn agenda card. Then you'd have reliably scary npcs that still pressure the board about the right amount. I'd also enjoy it if for the BOS, you'd only have to pay the cap for full movement until you get both A and E; just so that they have a strong presence in the endgame like the vault dweller enjoys. 4 Hours?! The longest I've had a game take is 2, and that was with 4 totally new players (myself included), playing 50/50 between story and progress. In every scenario, the 'main' quest line eventually produces a card where none of the results have a "stage X" consequence. I've figured that completing one of those quests ends the game, with the faction track simply serving to make enemies more difficult as the game wears on. If you're struggling solo, play the Vault dweller. He's absurdly broken with any number of players. I've played through all 4 'classic' scenarios with him, and completed almost all side quests available to me each time, simply by virtue of the fact that my armour was so high I never needed to camp (and a vertibird when I needed it). 12 agenda points is quite easy to achieve when you've got 4 cards - almost laughably so. It's just a matter of getting there before your last shuffle of the agenda deck. Genius, though I'd imagine that, with 250ish cards in the set so far, this would be a lengthy task.
  10. I try to keep an eye on Amazon in particular. Something's up with their pricing system, and I've scored Rogues and Villains for half their MSRP on the Australian site. They also tend to have a delay on stock availability over other retailers, so I don't have to compete with the rush as much.
  11. According to the EU, the battle for Coruscant lasted for 3 days before Anakin/Obi-wan showed up. Of course, that was a huge battle with capital ships constantly arriving from many areas. I imagine 400 point games to be an abstract representation of an hour-long skirmish. So, 10 minutes per turn, yes. Of course, that mainly applies to Imperial Vs Imperial. When Rebels are involved, I'm thinking more along the lines of a 15 minutes lightning raid, so 150 seconds per turn.
  12. Who's saying the monster wasn't intentionally let into the vault? I wouldn't put it past vault-tec to 'test' some vaults for unexpected incursions.
  13. Astech

    Companion App?

    Narration of the scenario cards would be amazing - that's an app I'd pay for. But just a generic, roughly built app that has all the cards in it to facilitate solo play would be acceptable.
  14. The wastelander is by far the worst starting character. The tire iron is laughably weak by turn 3, and then she's got no inherent ability. I'd like to give her the ability t add 1 to the level of any wilderness encounter she makes as a boost, and perhaps make it so that high level monsters don't have the aggressive trait towards her. The super mutant has a pretty simple play style, but unfortunately his ability is best in the early game, yet hard to trigger until the late game. I've seen players get huge leads with him when there's radiation between two key areas, and I've seen him be just as bad as the waste lander when there's no convenient radiation until halfway through the game. To buff him, I'd like him to get an inherent ability to lowr his radiation - making him into a sort of red zone explorer. Something along the lines of "when you defeat a level 2-3 enemy, lower your radiation level by 1-2 respectively". Dangerous, but very thematic and useful for a big ol' brute. Conversely, the vault dweller is absurdly powerful; double armor and drug resistance off the bat? Yeesh. I'd rather his ability stated "you may equip a second armor piece; your armor value is equal to the higher of your two armor values.
  15. Having owned the game myself pretty much since release, I've yet to actually lose a game. Tied wins, yes, but it's almost impossible to lose in a 4-player game by the simple virtue of having 4 agenda cards. I've found that 2-3 player games are a lot closer, and solo play has pretty much always gone to the second-to-last card in the scenario at the least. The increase in agenda points required really makes a difference. Still, just bumping the point total up (say, to 13 in a 4-player game) doesn't solve the overall huge variance of one player getting 3-4 of a faction card and wining by default. I think the easiest solution is to play the game to the conclusion of the scenario (or make one up where thee is no definitive conclusion*), backtracking a faction when the other would win, and then everyone reveals their agendas once the campaign ends. It'd be a much tighter race, since players can properly get a sense of what their opponent's objectives are.
  16. Against any ship that relies on defensive modifiers and rolls defense dice, the Quadjumper is the hardest counter imaginable. Boba with amazing rerolls and 2 defense dice shrugs off most attacks. Boba at 1 die, blocked, gets almost nothing, and concentrated fire will bring him down quickly. Add in a cloaking device and Ketsu crew and you're only looking at 38 points for a definitively better version than what 1.0 had to offer.
  17. I'll plan out the whole game to ten turns or so during setup, and after each ship is placed during setup. Of course, that plan rarely lasts more than 3 turns, so in each planning phase I'll reassess the next 2-3 turns of movement. In preparation for tournaments one of the key things I do is practice on Vassal to get my deployment just right against different speeds of enemy squads, and that can go a long way in turn 0.
  18. The FFG app has a super unintuitive set of scroll zones. On my average sized laptop, I have to scroll up in the centre to see Soontir, select his elite slot, scroll down on the pop up, then scroll down the main screen and the sidebar on the left to add a TIE (which may involve scrolling up again), then scroll the whole site back up to see the point total of my squad. In YASB I could build my default 1.0 squad (3 ships, 9 upgrades or so) in less than a minute. Its 2.0 equivalent on FFG's site takes 3 times that long. Still, it's free. And FFG had to pay something for it, so at least they're providing that functionality. If they set up an auto-update service for 3rd party builders I wouldn't have any complaints at all.
  19. I think that limiting tournaments to 2.0 only will stop me from playing at all until the ships that I actually enjoy flying are released. From FFG's perspective, it makes total sense to allow all products, as it not only encourages the purchase of remaining old stock, but also gives them a base from which to begin refining point costs on everything at once, rather than piecemeal. On a side note though, I think the whole OP structure is unbelievably bad. It's a toxic environment akin to Armada finals, only in every game of the day. Half points on small ships doesn't solve the issue - it just balances it across all builds. An Armada-esque point allocating scheme (10 for a 400-0, 1 for a 0-400) would make tournaments infinitely better, encourage far more tactical play and give players with 2 losses a glimmer of a chance to make the cut in larger events. Also, because of the nature of 2.0's startup, new players who want to become competitive quickly have to invest less than $250 to do so if they're willing to netlist and play the same thing over and over.
  20. Red dice roll 2.25 damage on average with focus. Greens are 15/8, or 1.875. The difference there is pretty minimal, on average. What truly comes into play is variance - triple evades are rarely useful, but 3 hits always is. It's the same way TIE fighters used to do damage to AGI 3 ships before they got too ridiculous to hit. Contrary to popular belief, Soontir can token up in 2nd edition. And he can do it quite easily. All he needs is a target in his bullseye and one of his actions to be an evade. So he can get single repositioning, focus, evade and a predator reroll on offence during most rounds if you play him right. A Focus+Evade Soontir is very close to impossible to hit at R2 by ATT3 ships, and if Soontir's at R1 in arc you've made a big mistake.
  21. Sloane sounds like an outstanding option if Whisper's being run alongside a TIE swarm.
  22. Astech

    Missiles on YT-1300

    270 is a lot less coverage against an arc dodger than 360. In fact, a 270 arc is effectively identical to a 180 (shadowcaster style) given the tendency of fat ships to kite. And it's very easy for a double reposition arc dodger to stay in that gaping blind spot.
  23. The calculate action is more critically paired with additional calculate tokens for use on other effects. C-3P0, Leebo and IGs all have the ability to get more than one calculate token in a round, so the actual efficiency of these ships taking the calculate action is extraordinary n comparison to the one-and-done focus.
  24. I'm enjoying not having Lone Wolf stapled to Dash anymore. Of course, there are many auto-includes now, like Juke on Defenders and Phantoms, but it's of a much lower calibre of necessity. Soontir came out at the exact same time as the Falcon - the ship that began the token (and tokenesque ability) stacking war. In 1st edition PWTs had to be stacked against. Now Soontir can dodge them literally forever. I've beaten a full health Asajj to death with a 1 hull Carnor in 1st edition, and Soontir is much better than 1st edition Carnor - cheaper, too. Why on earth is Soontir getting shot at?! I swear, everybody who played the BS of fat turrets has completely forgot the art of flanking. You can fit 5 TIEs in with Soontir (1 howl + 2 aces, or howl + Iden), and wham, suddenly Soontir isn't worth shooting at R3 obstructed. What's more, he's only a slightly more expensive TIE at 12 more points than Howl, and gains 1 attack and Initiative 6.
  25. On a related matter; what's more powerful, a large jet engine or a balloon? Did I mention that both are in the vacuum of space? All 'power' is relative. And the new predator, relative to all other passive mods, is very good in 2.0. First edition predator was just an okay card by the time Expertise came out.
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