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  1. That was the goal, I am hoping to be able to handle anything the opponent deploys with a lot of flexibility!
  2. Luke with force reflexes and battle meditation (185) 2x Rebel troopers with ion trooper and personnel (164) 2x Rebel Troopers with personnel (100) 2x At-Rt with Rotary Blaster (170) T47 with Wedge (180) Total: 799 The idea being a support heavy lineup with the army being split into two even 'platoons' with one ion gun supporting the At-Rt, which in turn supports both trooper units. Luke would be embedded with one of the two platoons and the T47 would be used to flank the opponent at the opportune time.
  3. It will be interesting to see how those match-ups play out!
  4. We have been very casual while learning the game, I will be dropping the concussion attachment for extra concussion grenades when we start getting more serious, and that will put me just under 800. I actually am not concerned about loading up two models. However, Vader has been very disappointing, while he can easily wipe a squad, it takes forever to get him into combat, which is why I cannot wait to replace him. In our games, the At-St has been dominant, destroying vehicles left and right, while my troopers lay down suppression on the opposing squads. With Veers, I plan on running two At-St's, two storm trooper units with DLT's and two snow trooper units with just five units (perhaps the heavy if I can afford them). While five or six squads may seem optimal at first, having the mortar on the At-St (two if with Veers), one could potentially lock down two units and keep them out of the game entirely through suppression, then use the remaining guns to lay down suppression on two other units, thus limiting your opponent and leveling the playing field troop wise.
  5. I have used this list four times now to great success, having yet to lose a game! The DLT troopers have got to be my favorite units, (outside of the At-ST of course) helping to efficiently eliminate any At-Rt's and laying down some powerful fire on opposing squads. Darth Vader - 200 Force Reflexes - 15 Saber throw - 10 At-ST - 195 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon - 20 Mortar Launcher - 10 Concussions grenade launcher - 15 Weiss - 10 2x Stormtroopers Dlt- 19 - 24 Extra Stormtrooper - 11 Concussion grenades - 5 2x Stormtroopers Dlt - 19 - 24 Extra stormtrooper - 11 Point total: 801, if your opponent is not willing to budge on the 1 point over cost, simply remove one of the grenades from a stormtrooper or the grenade launcher from the AT-St and give two more units of troopers grenades in stead. The list is a lot of fun to use, flexible and powerful. Vader is a buzzkill though, his slow movement makes it difficult to get him into combat and it can be hard to fully support him. He does, however, do an immense amount of damage if one can get him into combat (as I am sure you all know). I cannot wait to try Veers and some snowtroopers!
  6. Greetings all! There are currently two of us in this league and we are trying to expand and grow the Star Wars: Legion community in the Grand Rapids area! We currently play Wednesday nights at 7pm EST at Big Kidz Games off of Plainfield Avenue. The link to our Facebook group will be linked below. If anyone is interested, feel free to join our Facebook group or message me here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/178555472789883/
  7. I have sent him two messages now so I just hope he responds! In the meantime, do you know how to photoshop? Maybe you and I could work on some new cards if you're willing!
  8. Arwaker, I know this is a couple years after you originally posted the images, but if you're still around and manage to see this, is there anyway you could re-post the links for those images? I would really love new teams but your links have expired. Thanks!
  9. I absolutely love this game and have played it relentlessly for some time now. I can't help but want a couple new teams and I don't see anything official coming this way in the foreseeable future so I really would like to create a couple new teams. The Lizardmen and Ogres are probably the two i'd ant to create the most but I also like the conference themeing so would not be opposed to creating a new conference with the Lizardmen, High elves and Amazons(as an example) I just don't know how to do any of this on my own and so would really appreciate any help anyone here might be able to provide. Thanks!
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