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    Green Doo reacted to pickirk01 in So if worlds is dominated by Han, Vader, Luke and Fel, I think I would be okay with that.   
    1.  If I had to give odds on who and what the first responce to this thread would be I would have given anyone 50 to 1 it would be you saying exactly what you said.
    2. Your point about a balanced game is completely valid, and when I play, I fly everything so I always want balance.  But I got into this game because in 1977 my mom took me to see a movie not because I am hyper competitve about miniature or war strategy games (And I would wager that I am not alone in that).
    3. Opinions are based on personal experience and feelings.  No opinion is ever dumb, they just may be based off of things you do not understand or agree with.  You saying an opinion is dumb is a dumb opinion and is the exception that proves the rule.  And saying sorry before insulting someone doesn't make anyone think you are actually sorry.
    4.  See my disclaimer in original post.  After a month or two of seeing my favorite pilots win, the childhood novelty will wear off and I will be screaming for cost adjustments, upgrade nerfs, etc like everyone else.
    Final note, I am not the least bit upset nor do I actually feel insulted.  I have been laughing out loud on my lunch break here at work reading all these responces.  I had no intention of stirring the pot.  Sorry everyone.
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    Green Doo reacted to NervousSam in So if worlds is dominated by Han, Vader, Luke and Fel, I think I would be okay with that.   
    FGD, I get your salty, but pull it back a notch dude. You can't go calling someone's opinion dumb. Most of us came to this game for the Star Wars parts of it and wanting the game to feel more swarzy isn't a crime. Take a break man, you're starting to sound like Paragoomba.
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    Green Doo reacted to SabineKey in Will the Fang Fighter will be worse in 2.0?   
    I would go so far as to say that for the Fang and Interceptor default builds (PTL), the Interceptor has the superior dial. It’s got one more green maneuver in its four straight. That’s a nice advantage for when you need to bug out of an engagement. As a frequent Fang Fenn flyer, I would prefer the Interceptor dial probably 90% of the time.
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    Green Doo reacted to TasteTheRainbow in Important: If Backstabber is Bullseye-Arc Only, is he Frontstabber?   
    I’ll probably just call him Mooch.
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    Green Doo reacted to Azrapse in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    I think someone said Reload now refreshes all the charges of a single torpedo or missile card. Not all of them.
    Not that bad considering that torpedoes and missiles now can be fired several times without reloading.
    Also, the gunboat has a white Reload action, while the Y-wing and TIE Bomber seem to have it red.

    The new Saturation Salvo, could fit well a gunboat now, since it spends ordnance charges to do something something similar to what the old Zuckuss (crew) used to do?
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    Green Doo reacted to FTS Gecko in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    No linked actions.  Poor Push the Limit Rho Squadron Veteran, we barely knew ye
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    Green Doo reacted to Jehan Menasis in TIE Phantoms are now 3/2/3/2   
    So basically, Phantoms can turn invisible, but only when no one is looking at them...
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    Green Doo reacted to Rakaydos in TIE Phantoms are now 3/2/3/2   
    Tie Phantom is the only ship capable of stacking Focus/evade in the whole game. /Mic drop
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    Green Doo reacted to impspy in Soontir Fel   
    I have 3 181st Interceptors (traded for them, didn't go out and buy 3 Imperial aces lol) so I can fly the Baron and his squad mates in all their glory.
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    Green Doo reacted to ficklegreendice in The necessity of re-done 2.0 templates and cards   
    hey guys,
    now I'm not here to argue the costs of conversion kits...again, because they are a still a significant investment (even if comparisons to GW are so off base that it's actually concerning). Rather, I'm here to drive home why FFG felt the need to re-design all their cards and base templates for 2.0. (i.e WHY we need to convert our stuff to play 2.0, or why FFG felt the need to make our stuff "obsolete")
    of course, all this info is available in the current preview articles, but given some are still convinced that 2.0 is just a re-skin of 1.0 instead of a complete balance overhaul. Basically, I will try to summarize why 2.0 is an entirely different game, because some seem unable to look past the surface.

    1.) A lot of pilots have different abilities that would be a pain in the *** to errata. Obvious. 
    2.) So far, Card-bloat seems to have been removed from the game. The Advance sports a modified version its TWO "fix" cards (x1 and ATC) right in the same pilot card. The Phantom has been "fixed" by rolling Stygium instead of ACD into the base card, hopefully lessening its crippling dependency on shooting before the enemy
    3.) Action chaining and red actions (TIE Advance, FOCUS --> Barrel-roll). This change is largely to avoid the pitfall of Push the Limit, which lead to problematic situations where you could token stack enemy ships into uselessness (especially 2-die primaries).

    Specific action chaining also serves to further distinguish ships. Your double action vader will still be a sprightly fellow, but he won't be able to dance like an interceptor without limited-use afterburners
    Red actions by themselves simply add variety to what the designers are able to do to differentiate ships from one another.
    coupled with the apparent removal of cards such as engine upgrade, ships should prove to be highly distinguished from one another. For example, EU will no longer turn the Decimator into a **** falcon. It is now its own class of vessel, a (hopefully) reinforced mighty tank of a ship that can live up to its bad-*** appearance.
    speaking of reinforce,

    4.) redesigned bases

    standardized quadrants and arcs on all bases allow designers to implement actions like Reinforce or bullseye-only related abilities on more ships than just the Auzzie and Kimoglia. It also finally turns turrets into what they should have always been (mobile arcs!)
    this continues the theme of opening up design space by allowing special actions on ships that would never have been able to perform them otherwise
    5.) New Dials
    self explanatory. even if some ship dials remained the same (fighter and fang fighter), there have already been many changes revealed for 3 iconic ships and 1 minor change to the Y-wing.
    kinda hard to underscore how new dials will change gameplay as dials are kind of determines how ships play in the first place
    6.) the dreaded App
    Apart from the ease of erratas, the app serves as a crucial balancing tool by allowing FFG to easily scale upgrade costs according to ship-type and (presumably) pilot initiative

    any x-wing 1.0 veteran should be able to tell why EU on a ps 2 Advance wasn't worth 4 points, or why Vader loved the dang thing at 4 points, or just how badly it broke several large base ships for a pittance of four points.
    ships and pilots were not created equally, and scaling upgrade costs allows us to maintain balance between plucky generics and the far superior unique pilots that can squeeze so much more value out of their new toys

    "Points will adjust based on the type of game that you are playing, and the cost of a card could vary under very specific criteria. For example, an upgrade card may cost more for one ship to equip than another ship. The X-Wing squad builder app will also track which upgrades a ship is allowed to equip at any given time. "

    7.) TL;DR

    it is VERY difficult to begin to illustrate just how much X-wing changes with all the additions made to 2.0, and that's not even getting into the force mechanic and the slew of new upgrades that will use it as a resource, nor how the Charge mechanic keeps before abilities such as shield regeneration or action-independent boosts under control.

    by redesigning all this cardboard, FFG has basically turned the game on its head. They have introduced variety and new playstyles by differentiating ships in ways that were simply not possible given the constraints of 1.0. Even if your TIE fighter looks the same, it is entering a world where Kylo bearing decimators won't twinkle-toe across the table like a spooked fawn, or where its X-wing counterpart won't be a mere target might as well be stationary for all the maneuverability it had in 1.0
    Despite the very similar core rules, we will be entering a vastly different world of "Tactical space combat"

    You can certainly point out that the cost of conversion is significant (and it IS). You cannot with a straight face claim it wasn't necessary to create a vastly different X-wing from the one we now know
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    Green Doo reacted to Jeff Wilder in Here's how the finances of 2.0 work out for me ...   
    I own at least one ship of every ship released thus far.  I own 130 to 140 ships.
    At near-perfect efficiency, it will cost me 2.14 cents per ship to upgrade to 2.0.  This includes a core set, four Conversion Kits at $50, and two CKs at $30 (First Order and Resistance; guessing on price).  It is counting retail prices.  (It is not counting Epic.  It's also not counting third-party accessories, some of which will not be usable or valuable with 2.0 in existence.)
    Near-perfect efficiency is unlikely, though I have started collecting data from players in my region for a Conversion Kit Exchange, to get at least "good" efficiency.  But I'm quite willing to say it will cost me $2.50 per ship to convert my very, very large collection.
    I simply cannot see how $2.50 per ship is unreasonable.  I have read every argument people have made in the forums against it, and every argument against it is just plain silly.  $2.50 per ship so that I can continue playing with the 140 miniatures I love, and a game engine that I love, with a vastly improved rules-set?  And people think that's just too much?  A "money grab"?  "Milking cash" from our wallets?  Are you serious?
    I am frankly shocked that FFG did this with such incredible mindfulness for fairness and reasonableness of cost.  That people can't see and appreciate that is baffling, disconcerting, and (frankly) embarrassing.
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    Green Doo reacted to GrimmyV in Imperial upgrade kit updated   
    RIP Baron Valen Rudor.  Always the buttmonkey, never the bride.
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    Green Doo reacted to ficklegreendice in New Information from Live Stream Today   
    "Omega Leader"
    The last born of the prestigious Leader family 
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    Green Doo reacted to PhantomFO in Imperial upgrade kit updated   
    So much for my dream of a 6x Decimator swarm.
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    Green Doo reacted to SDCC in X-Wing 2.0 Positivity Thread   
    You know what the single biggest positive for me might be?
    That's what I call X-Wing, and it seems like that will be main aim of it. Get them in arc and PEW PEW.
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    Green Doo reacted to FTS Gecko in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    Just had a thought.  If all the original, Wave One ships are being remodelled and re-released for 2nd Edition, then, somewhere down the line....
    XG-1 Assault Gunboat, 2nd Edition!
    (all this has happened before, and will happen again)
    Maarek Stele!  XG-1 Ion Cannons!  FOLDING WINGS!!!
    Time, my brothers, to BEGIN the CRUSADE once MORE!
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    Green Doo reacted to Jiron in Big FFG Announcement This Week?   
    I don't know... it might be something bigger. Campaign set maybe? New core set? New business model? Who knows...
    Edit: maybe they will announce loss of Star Wars rights :-)
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    Green Doo reacted to Commander Kaine in The most exciting part of Wave XIV   
    I'm not Tarkin this any longer. Yorr rebel bias clearly shows. Juno better than that... You are such a Brath. 
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    Green Doo reacted to Jadotch in The most exciting part of Wave XIV   
    Not Cracken up enough? Saw a joke that is not meta enough for you? I guess sometime you just have to be Blount about puns.
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    Green Doo reacted to PhantomFO in The most exciting part of Wave XIV   
    There are going to be so many opportunities for Saw puns in our Rebel build names. Previously, this was almost exclusively the province of the Imperials, but now the Rebels literally have Saws. JigSaws, BuzzSaws, HackSaws... it's a whole new naming meta!
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    Green Doo reacted to TheHumanHydra in R2-D2/IA rides again!   
    Cast it into the generator shaft. ISILDUR!
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    Green Doo reacted to GrimmyV in Stop Whining!   
    Am I the only one who saw the title as ‘Stop Winning’?  I thought it was directed at Rebel Scum.
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    Green Doo reacted to gasgraham in The Perfect Ship   
    My thoughts exactly. 
    Running the 3 protectorate aces is one of favourite lists currently. Always enjoy the game win or lose. The risk/reward is fab as you said. 
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    Green Doo reacted to Boba Rick in Stop Whining!   
    The GUNBOAT may be the most fun ship in the game and it's pretty new.  I wish Vynder was 2 points cheaper or one PS higher though.
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