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    Green Doo reacted to Wes Janson in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I will add to the pile. I was actually really entertained and everyone with me enjoyed it too.  Nothing bad to say. Too bad it seems to be doing poorly in the box office. But straight up I think TLJ really screwed this movies chances of doing better then it is. And as an observation that makes 2 for 2 of the individual movies that I liked. Can't stand the new trilogy so far.
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    Green Doo got a reaction from Lonestar83 in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I really liked it. Adventure that had genuine Star Wars feeling and I liked how scum of the galaxy was portrayed.
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    Green Doo reacted to FTS Gecko in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I'd just like to point out that I really can't stand The Last Jedi.  I thought it was an insultingly bad Star Wars film, and I've pretty much written off the sequels at this point.
    I also had little enthusiasm for Solo when it was announced.
    All that said, I still went to watch Solo, and I enjoyed it.  And I'll happily go to see a sequel, or Lando spin off, or whatever comes next.
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    Green Doo reacted to Forresto in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    You know what sold me on the movie, this exchange of dialogue between Han and Lando when they first met. 
    Lando: Han (A pronounced like in Hand)
    Han: Its Han (A pronounced like in Lawn)
    Then Moments later.
    Han: What is this, Sabacc? (A pronounced like in Lawn)
    Lando: Sabacc (A pronounced like in Hand)
    They insult each other by flipping pronunciation of things that are both sources of pride for each man, for Han that's his name, for Lando that's his gambling. Maybe i'm reading too much into it but that is clever writing.
    Han and Lando are so well written in this film in a way that might take another viewing to totally absorb. 
    That's why I hate, numerical ratings, they have no place in analysis of film.
    Its lazy at worst and ambiguous at best.
    How do you boil the complexity of art, of a project that has so many aspects and years of production down to a single, cold digit?
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    Green Doo reacted to Forresto in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I went in extremely cynical, both from a serious break up a few days ago and no enthusiasm for the concept of a Han Solo origin film. I couldn't have been in a worse, less receptive mood. 
    I absolutely loved it. There are some rough spots, unusual number of terribly written lines, and jokes that don't fall right but there are so many great scenes and aspects that more then make up for it. I'm more then pleased.
    There are so many subtle and not so subtle references to canon that it feels like the first view into normal life in the Star Wars universe.
    -Han Shot first!
    -Alden as Han and Glover as Lando. More please.
    -Designs are inspired, Enfy's Nest looks incredible.
    -Great references, only a couple out of a hundred or so felt overly fanservicey. Most felt super awesome as an EU fan.
    -Excellent set pieces and action sequences.
    -Corellia and all the planets were well characterized and interesting unlike the rather boring locations of say TFA.
    -The Battle of Mimban was great! I'm glad we only saw so much because what they were fighting didn't actually matter.
    -Sloppy introductory text. Please just use a crawl. Nothing else works or is as smooth.
    -Planet names ala Rogue One might've helped know where we are but I respect the styalistic choice.
    -Felt like it was missing some context shots. Did Han win the Falcon using Lando's little device? 
    -Some lines are cringey and others uneccesarily expository. Not a lot of them but when they hit they stick out.
    -L33T, I don't hate her character but I think they could've made her more 3-dimensional then such a caricature. 
    -Maul. This is a hard one. I don't hate his inclusion but seemed uneccesary and it must be confusing to someone not following the lore. Last time film watchers saw him his body halves falling down a pit.
    Solo isnt an incredible film but it's above average and definitely enjoyable. If it says anything, I would love a Han Solo Trilogy.
    My ranking is as follows:
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    Green Doo got a reaction from Sir Orrin in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I really liked it. Adventure that had genuine Star Wars feeling and I liked how scum of the galaxy was portrayed.
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    Green Doo got a reaction from Ccwebb in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I really liked it. Adventure that had genuine Star Wars feeling and I liked how scum of the galaxy was portrayed.
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    Green Doo reacted to SpikeSpiegel in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    Loved it.
    Easily the best new Star Wars film so far.
    My favorite parts in no particular order:
    - Han getting his name by joining the Empire to become a pilot, only to cut away to three years later and getting blasted on Mimban.
    - Han speaking Wookiee and connecting to Chewbacca. Super heartfelt moment for me, especially when they're on the heist and Han translates for Chewie.
    - Han bragging about his VCX-100
    - Donald Glover as Lando
    - Lando having the hots for his sassy robot
    - L3 and Qi'ra's conversation about Lando
    - L3's feminist-activist humor, especially starting the revolt on Kessel
    - Kessel run explained
    - Lando being salty about getting his ship trashed
    - Beckett betraying Han betraying Becket betraying Dryden with Qi'ra betraying Han to kill Dryden so Han can save Chewie with Beckett trying to kill Han but getting shot at the end.
    There's a lot more I loved about the movie but I basically just loved the entire movie.
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    Green Doo reacted to All Shields Forward in Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?   
    Now I remember why I stopped using the official FFG forum. Thanks guys. 
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    Green Doo reacted to FTS Gecko in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    Unless their opponent is running Luke Gunner.  Then it's game over.
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    Green Doo reacted to DailyRich in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I checked out the Rotten Tomatoes user reviews, and nearly all the 1-star reviews on the page I looked at were from people who were vowing never to see the movie.  So take that RT audience score with an enormous grain of salt.
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    Green Doo reacted to papy72 in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    Caught the movie last night and loved it.  Honestly I've enjoyed the stand-alone movies (RO/Solo) more than the new episodic ones.
    One part I liked the most: on Kessel when they were shooting their way out and Han was blasting while going up the Falcons entry ramp: the camera angle and action was pretty much the exact same as a classic Han shot from ANH.  For a second I thought it was actually Harrison Ford it was that close.
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    Green Doo got a reaction from NeonWolf in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I really liked it. Adventure that had genuine Star Wars feeling and I liked how scum of the galaxy was portrayed.
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    Green Doo reacted to drail14me in Solo movie talk (No spoilers)   
    I’m an OT fan. I hated the Prequils, TFA mostly sucked, Rogue One grew on me but hated it the first night and TLJ was abismal. Tonight, I left the theater for the first time since 1983 happy after a Star Wars movie. 
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    Green Doo reacted to Quack Shot in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    Most fun I’ve ever had watching a Star Wars film. Loved it.
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    Green Doo reacted to drail14me in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    It’s the first time I’ve walked out of a theater happy on opening night for a Star Wars movie since 1983! 
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    Green Doo reacted to Xendrick in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I hated TLJ and my expectations were super low for Solo, but it was actually really good
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    Green Doo reacted to MacchuWA in Solo movie talk (No spoilers)   
    It's 3:30 AM, so this will be quick. But:
     It doesn't suck! As someone who truly disliked TLJ and really liked Rogue One, Solo is solid. 7/10 for me. Good Star Wars feel, bit of a weak first act, Donald Glover is great, Alden Erenreich grows on you. Chewie is cool. There are some very nice nods to the old movies, the old EU (though one of these in particular felt a little shoehorned in) and the Filoni TV series' (first one it's a little bit of fun, and I'll say nothing beyond that). 
    If you're on the fence, go see it. It's un, and you'll leave happy.
    For X Wing though, there's basically nothing more than what we see in the trailers. The AT Hauler can deifnitely go into space. Neither the Falcon's pod nor the new TIE plays a substantial role, and if there were any other new ships they weren't prominent.
    Now, bedtime.
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    Green Doo reacted to fishlegs in Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]   
    I went in with very low expectations, but I sat and grinned through the whole thing. Great fun, proper grungy, dusty Star Wars with no force users dominating the story line. There are some weak points, but not enough to stop it being great fun.
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    Green Doo reacted to thespaceinvader in "Skill Floor": how do we define it?   
    For me:
    Skill floor: the lowest level at which the list can function, independently of player skill.
    Skill ceiling: the highest level the list can function, dependent on player skill.
    So, a list with a low floor is one that is easy to run and meet a certain baseline of competence with regardless of your skill as a player.  Quad TLT, Fat Han, etc.  Lists that require minimal mental effort to do consistent damage, or which can make many meaningful decisions with perfect information.
    A list with a high floor is one that is difficult to run.  Either requires lots of practice to do well with, or is just plain BAD.  Something where list building holds you back, if you're of average skill as a player.  6 naked HWKs, say, but also Brobots.
    A list with a low ceiling is on that is difficult to excel with.  Where you can meet a baseline minimum competence level, but not move much above it - again Quad Y TLT Y Wings fit here.
    A list with a high ceiling is one that is possible to excel with if you're very good at running it and/or at playing the game, generally.  Brobots, say.
    So, examples:
    Low/Low: Quad TLT Y Wings.  You're going to roll a lot of dice, and you're going to plough under a lot of lists with the sheer weight of them, but good players will be able to shred you by PS kills, outguessing you to control range, etc.
    Low/high: Dash/Poe.  Both fundamentally strong, tough ships with good damage output and good action economy.  But to get the best out of them needs skill and patience and good abilities to outguess your opponent.
    High/Low: non-fucntional lists, bad ships.  U Wings, Punishers, etc.  Possible to do well with with luck and good matchups, but not without those.
    High/High: Brobots.  Very difficult in inexperienced hands, easy to misplay, misplace, etc etc.  But in the right hands, magic.
    I think?  Of course, a lot if it is meta dependent and matchup dependent anyway.
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    Green Doo reacted to SirCormac in I proxied 2.0 Vader, here are my thoughts...   
    So the other night, using some of the pre-built 200 point squads (we assume) from various videos of 2.0, I played two games last night (with a new damage deck, and all the rules we know). Both games were Vader and 4 TIEs vs. Boba Fett and 2 Fang Fighters. Besides the fact that I think generic Fangs are great (that boost or barrel into a red focus is nice), here are my thoughts on Vader.
    To sum it up, before I go into detail, I believe Vader is best described as...balanced. He is better than his current incarnation in some ways, and worse in other ways. Here are the points.
    1. Force - With 3 Force on him (as pseudo-focuses), Vader kind of has three actions banked until he needs them. This is pretty nice, and means he can k-turn or T-roll without a huge loss to his action efficiency, which is very nice. The force power they gave him (sense) I don't think makes sense on him and doesn't really help him, but maybe there is another one which we don't know yet which will work well on him.
    2. Dial - The 2-banks being blue, plus the white-1 forward are very nice (as well as the t-rolls), but I have been saying for years that he needed a 1-turn, which they didn't give him. The dial is unarguably better than what it was, but not quite what I was hoping for.
    1. Actions - I know it sounds weird on a Vader that can theoretically chain actions to say there's a problem here, but there really is (imho). New Vader only has reliable access to three actions: Focus, BR, TL. That's it, and natively, the BR is already chained to the Focus. So I found myself on many turns with Vader (since I already had the TL up), simply 'turning' the red BR white, essentially, as I would Focus and BR. And if you don't need to BR, on many turns, you'll find yourself with 'nothing to do' with Vader other than Focus. He reeeeeaaaallllyyy misses the Boost and the Evade, which leads us to the next point.
    2. Squishier - Without Evade and only access to a very limited Boost, Vader is much more squishy than before, and can't really rely on new Palp either. This makes new Vader feel very squishy, as he has no way to deal with a bad roll. He just takes it. He never had autothrusters, but now without the evade...Ouch.
    In Conclusion, this Vader build they gave us might not be optimal (I doubt it is), but my conclusion is Vader is balanced. He's not OP, from what I can tell. And to tell you the truth, since Advanced don't want to use their TL anyways, most other Advanced Pilots will have similar action economy to Vader (if you accept getting stressed). When all of this comes out, I may consider playing a lower PS Advanced, if they cost alot cheaper. Will be interesting to see it all play out.
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    Green Doo reacted to TasteTheRainbow in What IS "Rebel Bias"?   
    This hypothesis is not falsifiable. It’s like the magic unicorn theory of the internal combustion engine.
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    Green Doo reacted to clanofwolves in Gunner Luke is a geinus design decision, awful PR decision   
    These threads on Luke are like ping pong. One side says no 360 Turrets (effectively in Luke) and hits the ball; the other side say 360 Turrets are not so bad, could be wicked expensive, great for newbies, etc (as in Luke) and hits the ball.
    ...rinse and repeat.
    What does this tell us? Well one, guess FFG designers want Luke to be great, which is absolutely cool, even if he breaks their own stated rules. Maybe that is the definition of greatness? Kinda like 1.0 Palp and his unlimited range. Two, maybe the designers want the Falcon (new movie huh?) to be great and do something the other large based turreted ships cannot. Three, the designers have already reduced his ability (in card text or some dark-side force ability) that lowers or negates Luke assumed power.
    Anyway, let's hope this is all for naught, and Luke really isn't going to break the game and send the ship he's on back to 1.0 abilities.
    And, if you think Luke is fine, if he actually breaks the games "Arcs matter" theme, then I guess you'd be OK with a single faction getting a crew that makes a selected ship move last and shoot first regardless the ships posted Pilot Initiative? VI for one faction only? Guess you'd be OK with that, it's a force user by the way, sure.....
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    Green Doo reacted to Dengar5 in Jumpmaster   
    Jumpmaster is ruined. Scum ships mostly got significant dial nerfs. They will remain dead faction sadly.
    Not even a single white turn to the right. The dial is second worst now, just barely ahead of the lambda.
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