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    Green Doo reacted to Tritus De in Star Wars Fans ruin X-Wing not FFG!   
    Yeah you heard me. I've read so much negativity in the short time I've been a member of this forum it is clear that something needs to be done.
    Now there are those who clearly are not just moaning and whining because they've nothing better to do with their time. Some have genuine reasons for disliking certain things and wanting to see fixes and such. Unfortunately, even these intelligently composed topics start suffering the seemingly inevitable blather of those who likely inspired the phase:
    haters gonna hate
    For me, nothing exemplifies the sheer scathing hatred of allegedly Star Wars fans than the reaction to the ARC-170. Handsome ship. Some good stats and cards. But instantly it was cast aside by many, coincidentally by many Star Wars fans who hate the Star Wars prequel movies. This came across in their unwillingness to even discuss the pros and cons of the ship in a list.
    This is a Tabletop Miniature Game. It is a new Tabletop Miniature for the game. Yet instantly that is ignored in the scramble to whine about prequel ships. Any who dare to hope for N1 or Jedi Starfighter are treated like retards for even mentioning it. Some do discuss what it might bring to the game , and I have no beef with those who think it wouldn't add anything new. But to go on a I hate the prequels, I hate Jar Jar Binks, I hate George Lucas, Disney suck rampage when discussing a potential future miniature and it's merits, or lack thereof, is frankly juvenile.
    I'm not going to name names, but I have even witnessed somebody contradicting themselves. If I were to collect a number of their posts together, you'd actually think they were having a schizophrenic argument with themselves. Perhaps I've encountered my first troll who gets their kicks out of arguing and hating just for the thrill of annoying other people. But not all the negativity here can be blamed on schizophrenic trolls.
    Unfortunately, the constant barrage of negativity means I've not read topics which I was initially interested in. Rather than even glance past the hate posts, I just move on to another topic. Sadly this has resulted in more time spent off-topic since I can at least enjoy the Three Word Story and the vitally important issue of is bacon overpowered . Wanting to unwind during and after a stressful day, I've found this community has the opposite effect. I often leave more stressed than when I arrive.
    But this isn't limited to here though. Everywhere I look Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. Moan and whine about Star Wars. Treat those who don't hate Star Wars as if they're moronic turds.
    STAR WARS FAN will one day, and I fear that day will come soon, if not already, be used by the dictionary to describe the meaning of the word: oxymoron
    So it is with a heavy heart that I retreat from the forum and take a temporary respite from X-Wing and Armada. The hatred of many "Star Wars fans" is the reason for this. Not just here but wherever I go for gaming. It's just all anger, moaning and belittling of the few who are happy.
    Like I said in the title:
    Star Wars fans ruin X-Wing not FFG!
    To all the negativoes and haters out there: YOU are ruining X-Wing!
    Fantasy Flight Games have created awesome games with equally awesome models and I have no complaints. I still intend playing games on the side, and will visit the site for news about releases. Unfortunately, the days of me participating in the forum or gaming with other "fans" are over.
    Thank you:
    Joe Boss Red Seven
    FTS Gecko
    and those few. Those happy few. Those band of brothers. Whose intelligence and humour made my time here enjoyable. If we ever encounter each other in the real world, first round of drinks is on me and I'll break out the X-Wing models for a game or two. Or more
    Keep up the great work FFG!
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    Green Doo reacted to ficklegreendice in Best meta in X-wing history?   
    Baffled rage
    Confused and angry
    Truly, the American way
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