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  1. Do people really think Gunboats are too expensive? I feel GUNs are fine pointwise but I'm usually wrong with these things. Anyways, two fully kitted rhos with Whisper ( Juke, Afterburners & 7th Sister) is my new favourite list. I feel happy cause I think I finally have figured out how to use slam properly and it is fun!
  2. My experience is that opponent usually goes after Inquisitor, but with all the tricks in his sleeve, he can be effective bait. In knife fighting scenarios he is superb and setting up prockets isn't really hard. Gunboat are just simply amazing.
  3. If you want stubbornly play it and dont mind if you have tough games ahed, I would recommend try this (58) Grand Inquisitor (12) Supernatural Reflexes (5) Collision Detector (7) Proton Rockets Points 82 (37) Rho Squadron Pilot (0) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (5) Ion Cannon (1) Trick Shot (3) Advanced SLAM (3) Fire-Control System (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 58 (37) Rho Squadron Pilot (0) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (5) Ion Cannon (1) Trick Shot (3) Advanced SLAM (3) Fire-Control System (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 58 Total points: 198
  4. I've tried to use regular proton torps instead of advanced ones. That r2-3 killing zone is big and ionising enemy ship at r3 is hard with cannon. Better just punch straight away big time if you got a chance.
  5. Fellow gunboaters, what is your current gunboat build you have found fun to fly/good?
  6. I think if you don't meet the condition (roll two dice) you can't use Saturation Salvo.
  7. I would need different configuration and lose ion cannon.
  8. Have you tried Saturation Salvo on Gunboat? I'm planning to try this one next: (37) Rho Squadron Pilot (0) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (5) Ion Cannon (6) Saturation Salvo (3) Advanced SLAM (3) Fire-Control System (5) Cluster Missiles Points 59 Total points: 59 Pricy but who cares.
  9. I'm sad there were no shield tokens
  10. I have high hopes those bombs hurt rebel scum.
  11. I'm decent in X-Wing. I do fly lots of fun or cool lists but that doesn't make me play worse. It propably affects my win-ratio if I start a match in disadvantegous position against stronger list but I can still play my list well. Areas where I should develope myself is: a) always have a game plan. When ever I play play just with my gut feel, I tend to have harder matches b) be more careful with maneuvering. I tend to fly too fast and then in the turn when it matters, I need to reposition instead of focusing etc. c) patience you must have! d) know when to disengage. Its getting better but for a long time I tried to have a shot, no matter how risky or how bad position it put me. I never played turrets though. I hope I can remember some of these points this evening when we have our weekly pub-wing evening!
  12. Before Alex Davy visited battlestation, it was simply called "Star"
  13. I like your GUNBOAT flavoured bromance!
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