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  1. Hello, this may have been asked but I can't seem to find anything in the book, my group is trying to decide on it's ship, we have it narrowed down to three options, but I have a question, two of the options show that the crew is only 2 people a pilot and co-pilot, does this mean as a party of 4 that only 2 people would really be able to do much in the ship during combat and the like?
  2. Oh I love this especially the round tracker we keep lossing track of those things
  3. I think it would work on similar priciples to hypnosis in real life, the average person when the effect wears off would likely not even think about it without something bringing it up like someone saying "hey what was that" or "What were those droids walking by" he may not think they were the right droids cause his memory of that moment is a bit fuzzy unless he focuses on it for a bit
  4. To the "Sacred Skywalker Blood" thing, ya it's weird to refer to it as that I could see Kylo's blood being able to open something of Vader's (in this guys horrible fanfic) simply because of DNA Markers. Also Snooke does refer to Kylo's Blood heritage in the beginning of TLJ (just rewatched last night) but I think that's more of an ancestry thing then anything Sacred, that being said in the cannon universe the Skywalker's are the only demonstration we have of force users having kids. The Jedi did not allow such attachments and the kids were stronger in the force then their father, Luke was able to hold his own against Vader with comparably little training, and then goes on to restart the order (which lets face it Luke is so unqualified for, he is basically a padawan himself) so I can see where someone (with little sense) could refer to it as Sacred Skywalker Blood, especially with Anakin basically being Jesus in the prequels (It's even hinted at that Anakin had no father in the sense that one never existed so... ya)
  5. With the new mystic book and heartwood I'm wondering if any other books refer to any particular martierials I know Cortosis is another special material but are there others mentioned in any books that people know of? Also is there any good pictures of Cortosis armor or gear trying to get a feel for it's astetic
  6. But until this book it was just going to be a fluff Heartwood saber
  7. I know that in Clone Wars Cartoon the Wookie padawan made his lightsaber out of Heartwood and I have wanted my character to make his out of the same material because while not Tholothian he is from a world untouched by tech and I feel that a Heartwood hilt fits him better then any other material.
  8. I don't have the Mystic handbook yet (but will be getting it) what is heartwood? What is special about it?
  9. Ah yes thank you, finnaly found in the book where that is said lol that's what I thought but couldn't find it stating that so I was a bit confused thank you
  10. That's what I thought but if you look at the Basic lightsaber it has 5 hardpoints and a crystal, but then the basic lightsaber hilt which has no crystal still has 5 hp
  11. I have a question about lightsabers and Hardpoints, I noticed that lightsaber hilts and the lightsaber with installed crystal have the same Hardpoints yet lightsaber crystals have HP requirements so... I'm curious how this works, is it just the base crystal that uses no hard points? or am I just super confused.
  12. if a weapon has linked 4 do you hit 4 extra times when you spend the two advantage or must you spend 2 advantage for each extra hit?
  13. So I'm working on some stuff for an age of rebellion game, and I am looking for ideas, I'm writting out a traveling circus, that goes to various planets and preforms, now I'm trying to figure out names for said circus, as well as names and races of members of said circus troupe. any suggestions would be appreciated
  14. That is what I assumed it did seem too good to be true lol
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