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  1. I will mainly be playing solo if I ever buy these figures, but that may be some time since I found a local store that has old WOTC miniatures for insanely low prices (like $0.50 each for a fair amount of models). Now if Clone Wars were to come along.....
  2. Just like the title says. I am curious to see what people are doing, and if you are just buying the miniatures to use for other games, what rules are you using?
  3. I have heard there will be lots of cool Mantis stuff. But yeah, the wording leads me to believe Shadowlands in some form.
  4. Honestly I am actually most excited for the Resistance faction since I always loved X-Wings and they sound like old school Imperial aces (except these guys can probably take a hit).
  5. He is the best pilot in the galaxy you know But yeah, I think his ability combined with the action-chaining and 3 force is why he costs so much.
  6. I realized that I bought into Scum mainly for the upgrades. I don't even like flying big ships. I am tempted to make Empire and Rebel Alliance my primary factions because I can buy the ships cheap and then just get a conversion kit (Empire definitely since that is what I played before). But, Resistance sounds like it will be more my style (aces) so I may end up going Empire, Resistance, First Order. Of course, I want to see the Wave 2 announcement before making that decision for certain, but that is the way I am leaning.
  7. How is that rich? I am pointing out what both games are and what each entails. The two are not really comparable. And even if you are merely pointing out that WH40K started small and went big, that does not mean that X-Wing will. Also, Epic was a whole another scale compared to Rogue Trader so that is essentially starting a new game. X-Wing is the same scale throughout and Epic is an optional add-on. I am excited for 2.0 also
  8. 40K is a game based off of combat with tons of models while X-Wing is a skirmish game. You need a lot of models for 40K. You don't for X-Wing. Plus, you have to paint those while X-Wing is prepainted (thus you don't have to buy paints or spend time assembling and painting your models).
  9. I believe prices of paper and plastic in China rose as well.
  10. @madquest8 You still didn't answer the question (you just did a sad emoji). If you can point to one then I would give your side more consideration, but so far you have mainly made comments without any substance.
  11. Well, they are a business. Is there a company that has a successful miniatures line that is as widespread as X-Wing and is less of "cash grab"? Yes, the way they distributed cards in 1.0 was dumb, but they have addressed that. Also, you don't have to buy the new ships... I fully expect there to be new cards and new upgrades, but they have commented they are trying to figure out a way to get those to players who already have the ships. Yes, I have heard of MTG, but they are a ccg and that is what a ccg does. They constantly rotate cards and come out with new sets.
  12. This has only happened once so far. That is not enough to justify it being a trend.
  13. That's so true lol. I am really looking forward to that. What ships do the Resistance have besides the T-70, T-85, and A-Wing though? (I do not like the bomber at all)
  14. Resistance sounds like Imp Aces in a new skin mwahahaha. I think I may end up going Empire, Resistance, and First Order (why not--it shouldn't be that expensive right )
  15. It's possible for you to make your money back yeah. It depends on if you get all the cards with the ships or not. Honestly, it is probably a good deal. I would possibly sell off excess ships when you see what comes in the conversion kits since you don't really need the excess ones right now. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to decide if you like a particular faction more and then turn to them primarily by selling off the others. *I am not telling you to do this, this is just my opinion*
  16. They reworded some cards based on what we have seen so far so they may have changed those cards to. Plus, the ship itself has changed. No more hard 1 and different arc for one.
  17. Man o man. FFG has really got me thinking. With the announcement I am realizing that it would be wise to only play one or two factions primarily. I was going through my collection and found that a good majority of my ships are Imperial so that will definitely be one faction I go for. However, the second faction is up for debate. I have far more Scum than I do Rebel ships, but I found that I am not into flying big ships. I really like ships that pack a punch but are still super maneuverable or tanky. With that in mind, if you guys were to recommend a second faction for me based on that, what you say and why? (Also, don't say First Order ) Also, what factions are you all going to be maining?
  18. I went through and tried to recall what I had and made a comparison to what is offered in the conversion kits. Overall it is better than I thought, and despite the nostalgia of the Rebels, I am probably going Empire and Scum (although I love me some X-Wings). Empire 4 Defenders (only thing in my collection not covered by a single kit) 2 TIE Fighters 2 Interceptors 1 Phantom 1 Striker 2 Bombers 1 Inquistor's TIE 1 Punisher Rebels 1 X-Wing 1 K-Wing 1 HWK-290 1 Y-Wing 2 Z-95 Scum 1 Hound's Tooth 1 HWK-290 1 Mist Hunter 1 Protectorate Starfighter 2 Punishing One 1 Quadjumper 1 Shadow Caster 1 StarViper 2 Z-95 1 Y-Wing Resistance 2 X-Wing First Order 4 TIE Fighters 2 Special Forces TIE Fighters 1 Upsilon
  19. I was excited to see that they announced that they were making a 2.0, but then I saw the conversion packs and their cost. I thought to myself...crap, this is gonna be expensive. I have been thinking about it since the announcement and I have fluctuated between jumping in and not (and my posts reflect that). Keep in mind, I think 2.0 was the correct move. Recently, I have been thinking that the price of the conversion is a blessing in disguise. I used to buy all 3 factions and that was a considerable amount of money. With the conversion kits, it has made me rethink this and I have now begun to think of just playing one or two factions. I have come to realize that I do not need to convert EVERY ship to 2.0 since the conversion kits will cover the max amount. Plus, I can sell off the faction I will decide to not main and put that towards 2.0. In the long run, this will also keep me from having to have every ship released for each faction, and even some waves will likely be breaks. These are interesting times. Plus, its Star Wars daggonit. It's hard to stay away.
  20. Agreed and thanks for the response X-Wing 2.0 looks reallllyy good.
  21. A) Did FFG outright say this or are you assuming this? B) That does not justify the cost of the expansion packs. C) That still does not justify it. D) Have they said that? There is still likely Epic play. E) This is a good point...except the last sentence. That is not necessary to be a part of your argument. F) Drawing similarities to another game is okay, but that does not mean that is what FFG would have had to do or that the result would be so. FFG could likely have gone barebones upgrade kits. G) Good point. H) The first part is good, but the last part is pure speculation. I) I would more so make the argument that you can still use them, just not in the way that you had originally intentioned. J) They did really think the design changes and the implementation through. "Be salty for the sake of being salty"--> You are just trying to get rises from people imo. They have valid complaints (not necessarily right, but they are valid). Keep in mind, I think 2.0 was the right call.
  22. Yes (you can say that about anything really), but now it has gotten to the point where the cost (both financial and opportunity [this is a key one]) of continuing to play is worse than not continuing to play. Some people's X-Wing cost> alternative Some people's X-Wing cost<alternative
  23. Simple. The cost (both financial and opportunity) of staying in is greater than the cost of getting out. For me personally, I took up L5R and jumped into other hobbies since I last played X-Wing competitively (summer 2017). I was thinking about getting back into X-Wing over the summer, but with this announcement, I realized I would have to shell out a great deal of cash if I wanted to play competitively. I realized with the amount I would put in, I could use those funds elsewhere (such as L5R and my other hobbies) and get a greater value than I could by staying in. Plus, the increase of small ships to $20 likely means an overall increase in the cost of X-Wing products in the future, and I was already spending a great deal on X-Wing before 2.0. Furthermore, when people get out they will likely sell their ships so that gives them more income to put into other hobbies. *Again, this is my opinion.*
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