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  1. What I really want to know is what is every body looking for here in this up coming Anthology movie? What needs to happen or not happen for you personally to have a better gut feeling then when you walked out the of "The Last Jedi" Because I know for me I was in denial for about 30 minutes wanting to have liked what I had just seen and couldn't convince myself of it, the wife loved it, which is what they were going for I suspect... "The Last Jedi" for me failed as a Star Wars movie, for two main reasons I need to not happen again in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" 1) Humor that wasn't funny, and/or out of place? Star Wars has humor, it lightens the mood and keeps things from a constant fever pitch, so when the audience needs to care about the movie, the story can ramp up the tension. Think R2-D2/C3PO banter, Han Solo's constant skepticism, Prince Leia's "Feisty Pants" attitude, cool headed Obi-Wan Kenobi jumping in on General Grievous... vs Poe Dameron jerking Hux's around on the Comm while the whole of the resistance is evacuating, Would it feel more or less Star Wars if Wedge Antilles had done this with Admiral Piett during Endor? Luke with General Veers during the evacuation of Hoth... And even if that's part of the kind of guy Poe Dameron is fine, but it went too long and reached that overstayed its welcome uncomfortable moment and was just foreshadowing of what was to come. Instead of Crait being another interesting corner of the Star Wars Galaxy it gets toss away as the butt end of a joke, as did literally everything else in that film: Anakins Light saber, Snoke, Ackbar, the Resistance, Lukes dignity, etc... 2) The lack of immersive world building that expands the universe we know while also adding something that also still feels new AND still feels like the Star Wars Galaxy I'm ok with everyone of these movies adding new ships, places, characters, weapons to sell children's toys; lets be honest with what is going on here. But atleast make them fit the Star Wars Galaxy and add to the universe. The Millennium Falcon is not enough to carry"Solo: A Star Wars Story" so I hope that is not the plan here. 3) Expectations My expectation for this film from what I've seen in trailers and articles are low though I have have some hope in the: cast, the new director Ron Howard, and a screen play written by Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Arc) I still need to still an interesting reason for Han to briefly join the Empire, don't really care the direction they go; just make it interesting and fit Han Solos persona and don't make it a throw away. Don't have to see how Han meet Chewie, atleast allude to it and do it in a satisfying way. Also i'm fine with new places, however if none of them end up being Corellia the home of world of one our three principle characters, that hasn't had any screen time yet; even in "Clone Wars" or "Rebels", in his origin story movie that's the second longest Star Wars movie to date at 2H 23m; there will be "**** to Pay!"
  2. SilentSteve

    Vassal Summer Tourney 2017 - Round 3

    @Hystarrare you available this week for a game?
  3. SilentSteve

    Vassal Summer Tourney 2017 - Round 3

    @Hystarr whenwould like to do areroumdthree match? Your box is full.
  4. SilentSteve

    Vassal Summer Tourney 2017 - Round 2

    @MattShadowlord When would you like to play, It hasn't allowed me to send you a message
  5. SilentSteve

    Vassal Summer Tourney 2017 - Round 1

    @Matt Antilles Can you play Tonight (Sunday), Monday, or Tuesday Night, I'm flexible.
  6. SilentSteve

    Vassal Summer 2017 Tournament

    How do you want the lists submitted?
  7. SilentSteve

    Armada OP in Cleveland, OH

    Immortals in Rocky River or Recess in North Olmsted for west side of Cleveland
  8. SilentSteve

    When a gaming group falls apart

    Where in NE Ohio where you playing may I ask? I know on the western side of Cleveland there is a group of 4-7 that rotate between two different shops; Immortals and Recess. Though I have been told by a very unregelar member of our group that there was another group on the eastern side of town. We use to play weekly buts it's pretty much biweekly right now.
  9. SilentSteve

    Vassal Summer 2017 Tournament

    I'm in sign me up
  10. SilentSteve

    Vassal Summer 2017 Tournament

    I'm in