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  1. You don't have to travel to them, the condition is that one of those locations needs to be in the victory display. So if you accomplished that in Act 1 then you are actually ahead of the curve, not locked out
  2. I was able to demo once at the con. This is something our demo guy said. "AH 3e takes good stuff from AH 2e and combines it with good stuff from the LCG to make a completely new experience. AH 3e doesn't invalidate or replace 2e and it is a whole new way to experience Arkham." Admittedly I only have about 20 minutes exposure, but the game play mechanics and structure was familiar, fresh and fun. At first glance I didn't like the hub style board pieces, but after playing with them and seeing how they work I reversed my opinion. Having the neighborhood hub tile design allows for expansions to 'connect' with the base game instead of being abstract side boards. There is also a campaign/story as part of the experience, but the demo didn't really have time to get into it. Based on what little I have played and what I have seen/read, this appears to be a pretty amazing game.
  3. Not sure if this is the case, but pay attention to group limits as well. Many times you only place one figure from 'the group' when a monster appears, especially for a two player game.
  4. Glad you decided to pick it up - there is a ton of value in here and many good times to be had. As others have mentioned we just don't know when/how it will go away when the time comes. There are likely two possible LONG term outcomes. 1. The game goes away completely and is unable to be played via any app or software in anyway. I believe this the less likely option. 2. The game is no longer officially supported but current content can still be accessed in some fashion. The software is hosted via Steam and App stores - if FFG servers 'go down' it really doesn't matter as the game is entirely run locally. It is fairly likely that this game can be played for a very, very long time after official support ends. Think like older Nintendo games that have been emulated - the Internet will find a way Either outcome is likely multiple years away if not decades away. If you play only 5 times a year over 10 years then is each game worth more than $2 in entertainment value? If yes then I think you are safe. If thinking/worrying about it would bug you (I completely get this in some ways - just the way people are wired or have preferences) then maybe it is a pass. Just know you are passing on a very great game that casual and seasoned groups alike really enjoy.
  5. Hey there - just hoping to see if we can setup a swap. I have a 1A ticket (Thursday) and would like to trade for your 1C ticket (Saturday) - shoot me a private message or reply here if you are interested in swapping. Thanks!
  6. If the Act card had the action symbol to spend the clues (most do not) then doing so would have triggered an attack of opportunity from each engaged enemies. This Act card doesn't require spending clues to advance so you didn't have to worry about it at this point, just something to mention since attacks of opportunity are often things people get tripped up on the first few times.
  7. A few stores reported that date after communication with the distributor. With the article stating Q1 and other reports from FLGS/distributor conversations it appears late Jan or early Feb is the most likely.
  8. December is out - sometime in January is most likely based on the article that just came out.
  9. I am reading the story now and it actually is well written and thought out. As someone else mentioned above, the RPG angle of this game is something I am glad that they are exploring/expanding. For international (non USA) gamers the shipping is stupidly expensive. There is no getting around that.
  10. A few of us are organizing an 'Iron-man Dunwich' run on Saturday. The plan is to have groups of 4 investigators complete the entire campaign in one sitting with bathroom/stretch/food breaks allowed. So far we have three full groups and a 4th group forming. Would love to have more people join in the fun. We are discussing details and organizing primarily through the Mythos Busters discord server in the #iconman-dunwich channel. Let me know if interested and I can send you the details.
  11. Also worth noting as it relates to 'turn' - you can't turn a die to the side it currently is showing. If a die had 1 range side and 5 blanks and it was already showing the 1 range side you couldn't play a card that required a die to turn. If the die had 1 range, 1 range and 4 blanks and it was already showing 1 range side you COULD play a card that required a die to turn because you would be able to 'turn' the die to the other 1 range side.
  12. Event planning guy let us know the date yesterday in order to plan - they are working on the official announcement soon.
  13. Oct 13 & 14 - article coming soon
  14. Please please please be the 20th and 21st
  15. Investigators are solid. New scenarios are amazing! Very happy with the campaign so far.
  16. I was the Daisy in your group. It was a total blast - appreciate you taking a lot of the hits for us so we could make it out. Very thematic for Mark!
  17. I messaged TC on this and they told me they were just 'pre-staging' the Empire saga set item in the store. None have actually been ordered/sold yet.
  18. Hard to say with what little information we know. I assume that the level of effort ($$$) to create these proved higher than anticipated, like many software projects do. Combine that with possibly meager sales would be a strong reason to slow these down. Doesn't make sense to lose money on them from FFG's perspective. Or it could just be that they had to divert efforts to other projects - a lot of people at FFG are essentially floaters working on many different projects. They do the same type of work but for multiple games/areas so they may not have had many (any?) people working on it over the past few months. Just some random speculation/thoughts on my part. Would LOVE to get another announcement soon about something coming down the line for this amazing game though...
  19. saga set this time around - will see how it goes. I do love opening packs though
  20. I like SW LCG and came into the game about 18 months ago. Have a lot of fun playing but over the past year the local player base has gone down for sure. Since Destiny released it has shrunk significantly near me. I agree that the two games scratch different itches. I also enjoy Destiny quite a bit but with the player base for the LCG essentially gone in my area I have mostly switched to Destiny play. There are pro/con for each of these games and depending on your play style, local play group, free time and budget each game has some advantages over the other. For me it looks like Destiny is my path forward but with a yet to be announced rotation it is anyone's guess what the future holds for it.
  21. The short answer is we don't know for sure. Probably won't be fully sorted out until mid to late June but no one really knows for sure.
  22. I remember hearing/seeing that the 'Before' stuff goes into a queue but 'After' stuff doesn't really. There is no such thing as nesting in After events so not sure how to rule this...
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