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  1. Look guys it's my opinion, hopefully I'm wrong but it really wouldn't surprise me if secura,Yoda and Kanan all get a pt increase quickly after legacies To say I don't know the game mechanics made me laugh
  2. Think we know more about secura and Yoda than just 2 dice sides Never said anyone is unplayable Think most people can see how these 2 will be abused, especially secura with force focus Clearly didn't read correctly FFG go and hit the 17/13 elite villian pairings with a nerf bat (which 80% i agree needed) to stop these overpowered combos, but then go and make 2 more characters that fit in that mould
  3. I have to disagree, a couple of melee weapons on Yoda and he's a powerhouse and with his cost and health he will be paired with a good character and can stick around, 8 or 9 health on yoda would of been so much better imo, I hadn't looked at talzin that way so thank you for that, while maybe not as far apart as I thought secura will see so much more play than talzin, also if they had give secura 9 health it again looks so much more balanced again imo
  4. The main issue with Yoda is who he can pair With, qui gon, ashoka even 1 die with elite luke, put heirloom lightsaber or a couple other melee weapons on him when he's paired With ashoka and they become a powerhouse, they increased phasma cost because she was 2 low for the damage which was correct then they go release secura, they increased unkar cost because hes undercosted for a support character then release Yoda, I was just hoping they had learnt there lesson from awakenings with balancing but it doesn't look that way at the moment, hopefully I'm wrong
  5. While i agree with that, the cards that have been spoiled have shown a major balance issue
  6. Alot of if's in there Can you make the same point for all the other cards , Yoda over maul????secura over the witch??? Will give ffg credit that obi wan and palp are quite evenly matched
  7. Where did you get that I was complaining it's not pay to win The complaint is how unbalanced it is They messed it up with villains and now doing the same with hero's You would think they would be able to balance a set by now, it' almost like they have said well villains dominated for a year so now hero's can have a year
  8. Another constructive, answer I like it
  9. And the hero yellow legendary who should be balanced, Oh wait no it isnt
  10. 7 health can be one shotted turn 1 easily, not so great losing 11pts in 1 turn
  11. Constructive answer, I like it
  12. So blue hero legendary get yoda and the rare is secura, 2 characters that are gonna see lots of play, villains got maul and palp that are good but not there hero counterpart level and then they get greedo, 7 health on a legendary, so much for balancing the game
  13. Blue hero is gonna be broken and if people say it isn't they are delusional Aayla special is bananas, I would rather have that than new phasma ablilty Plus she costs elite the same as jango 1 die, how does that work really Yoda is broken already and he is well undercosted, him elite with elite ashoka or qui gon, should of been 14 to stop that So now hero have aayla, Yoda, old Rey and Kanan who all are brilliant at 13 elite or under and good villain characters on the same cost as these are........ Oh wait they all got nerfed to "balance" the game Balancing doesn't mean shafting one side because it dominated with poor design, it means create equal sides Unless villain get some cheap good elite red and yellow this set, the new guys in control have as much sense in balance as lucus did People will disagree with me and that's fine, plus lets not even start on sabine
  14. Doesnt it say in the article that the 5 announced products are the legacy cycle
  15. That' not what the above image shows tho, it shows once the cycle after legacies hits, awakenings cycle drops off, that would be may unless we all think there will be more in legacies cycle