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  1. Card says spot a character, can I spot an opponents character with 6 damage on them and resolve one of there dice on to that character, example mace has 8 damage and has a dice showing 2 melee, could I resolve that dice on him and kill him as the card reads increase the value by 2
  2. Providing the sabine player gets all the required component's out while the opponent hasn't put 1 card in play with action on it like backup muscle or air superiority, plus in all the turns to get everything out there is something called damage which might also halt this, give me a break, this loop can be infinite and dirty but it's no where near gonna cause the problems people think it is, especially with rend aswell now
  3. Backup muscle and air superiority break the loop aswell
  4. I ran anakin/phasma last night and went 5-0, never had more than 3 upgrades out, only drawback is anakin 3 damage 1 pay side but when electrostaff is out that will negate that, I think this is def the build
  5. Would you mind posting your results here?????
  6. Thanks for the reply, I know opponents will target anakin so my thoughts are all upgrades on phasma so they switch or she's a tank when she's on her own
  7. So I have purchased 2 of the new starters and I'm torn between 3 decks to build Elite vader (awk)/phasma Elite vader (sor)/ elite phasma Elite be kylo/ elite fn The potential for all 3 is huge I feel, I've seen a few deckiss around but wonderes what the greater community thoughts are. Also do you think young vader and phasma could work as pure melee, I really struggle to roll specials on holocron even if I get it out, toughrs please
  8. Kanan ablity only let's you resolve one of his character dice not force speed dice
  9. Yellow hero is sabine
  10. Cheers, going to my first one on Saturday so just checking
  11. Can you change your battlefield after a win/loss round in tournaments, so if I win the 1st of a best of 3 can I or my opponent change are battlefield
  12. I will be disappointed if that's the artwork for boba fett, I think it may be his blaster or his armour
  13. I have 2 vader but seem to find they kill my guard before I can kill 1 of there characters
  14. Question is in the title, can it work better than elite vader/guard or raider
  15. I don't think we will get maul, my money is on maul/yoda starter's on the new starter release, bossk will be amazing but as it seems to be rebels era heavy I don't think he will appear yet