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  1. Will allow you to play characters elite which adds to gameplay, plus build 30 card decks and following inline with previous suggestions access to more upgrades
  2. See I was looking at him 1 die elite 7th, drop most upgrades on him as they will target 7th first
  3. Is anyone planning on running him and if so who with, I'm struggling to find him a good partner
  4. Force focus isn't blue character only either just spot a blue character, more special chaining for r2p2
  5. I noticed that aswell and it's been spoilers galore
  6. I think the faq has showed that the 4 characters from the 2 player starter are so much better than anything released before, just kylo2 took the spotlight and now he has no favourable partners r2p2 is showing how good it is even for a mixed damge deck
  7. Did you not see any of the regional results since the faq where villains got hit hard ( which was needed), plus some awesome mono blue combinations coming with Yoda and secura, hero's are no longer that far behind imo
  8. I like it, think it's a good counter to all the hero blue decks that will be out
  9. I think she will be hit with the nerf bat quicker than phasma lol
  10. Aayla elite, ahsoka elite, 2 x force focus 2 x force throw laughing lol
  11. If your playing poe2 with rey2 or any other blue character force focus in the new luke starter is gonna be 1 of his new best friends for chaining specials
  12. I use ultra pro ring binder with the ultra pro 9 card pocket pages £24.99 on eBay for the binder and 100 pages which gives you space for 900 cards I've added a few more pages for the 2 player starter but my folder has all 3 sets plus the 2 player starter in it with enough space for 2 of each card I'm gonna purchase another one for the legacies cycle It is tedious putting all the cards in but if your gonna use destiny deckbuilder, with them in numerical order, finding cards will be easy
  13. Look guys it's my opinion, hopefully I'm wrong but it really wouldn't surprise me if secura,Yoda and Kanan all get a pt increase quickly after legacies To say I don't know the game mechanics made me laugh
  14. Think we know more about secura and Yoda than just 2 dice sides Never said anyone is unplayable Think most people can see how these 2 will be abused, especially secura with force focus Clearly didn't read correctly FFG go and hit the 17/13 elite villian pairings with a nerf bat (which 80% i agree needed) to stop these overpowered combos, but then go and make 2 more characters that fit in that mould
  15. I have to disagree, a couple of melee weapons on Yoda and he's a powerhouse and with his cost and health he will be paired with a good character and can stick around, 8 or 9 health on yoda would of been so much better imo, I hadn't looked at talzin that way so thank you for that, while maybe not as far apart as I thought secura will see so much more play than talzin, also if they had give secura 9 health it again looks so much more balanced again imo
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