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  1. After a bit of a convoluted path, I discovered an ambient sound video on youtube that is relevant to this thread: Star Wars: Y Wing Ambient Engine Noise for 12 Hours
  2. So Chewbacca (Crew/Rebel) is kinda interesting, because you use him "at the start of the engagement phase", so after normal moving and actions, but before shooting. This crew is probably best used to fix face up damage cards that you couldn't normally fix (Stunned Pilot, Damaged Engine and Structural Damage). However, repairing a face up damage card with Chewbacca is not an action, so this means that you can use him even while you are stressed or if you used your normal action to do something else but still want to fix a face up damage card that you would otherwise need to spend an action on. This also means that you could potentially repair two face up damage cards in one turn, spending your action on repairing a card like Console Fire, then using Chewbacca to fix something else.
  3. I love Denis Villeneuve's work and I like Frank Herbert’s novel well enough. I liked David Lynch's film as well, but the miniseries back in 2000 was the superior adaptation. I'm interested to see how breaking it up into two parts will work, as I'm not sure even 6 hours will be enough time to really get it right. My only minor worry is Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides. Something about his look in the stills doesn't quite fit for me, I'm not sure what. I want to see him in a trailer though.
  4. There is now an official news article about it on the xwing product page: Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack Update You will need to fill out a google docs form, which apparently requires that you be signed up with a google account, not just a FFG/‎Asmodée account. Oh and you only have until Sunday April 12th, at 11:59PM Central to fill it out. (The news article says Monday April 13th, the form itself says Sunday April 12th. Kind of an important error there).
  5. This is part of the bigger failure of communication by FFG. There does not seem to be any unified communication strategy in the company, or even within individual product families. I mean, why is the FFG Organized Play facebook page posting a message about the webstore issues and not the main FFG facebook...or twitter... or posting an announcement here on the forum... or in the fan run discord... or on twitch... or on the youtube channel... or as a news item on the product homepage... or any of the other media platforms at their disposal. And why in the name of the Jedi do I have to know about and follow ALL of those to try and ferret out some small nugget of information. It just comes across as a poorly thought out and poorly implemented way to try (and often fail) to engage with their customers.
  6. "Yub, Yub, Commander." Still makes me giggle. 😀 I'd like to add that the Starfighter's of Adumar book had some of my favorite parts of the whole series.
  7. Per Matt Holland in those comments "Cap is 2 per" cart.
  8. Reading through the Epic Rules FAQ (v1.1.0, page 8), I found the following Jam Q and A: The language here is a bit more explicit in describing how jam works, at least for huge ships. My thought is that it informs how the small ships jamming should be read, but also adding it here for completeness.
  9. Just for the sake of completeness: There are actually 4 types of charges: Standard, Force, Shields and Energy. (I liked the use of color and am now stealing it for future use )
  10. Exposing a damage card is not the same things as suffering damage, so having something like Explosion with Wings or R2-D2 (Crew) expose a damage card does not trigger Fuel Leak (which only triggers on suffering a crit).
  11. For speed alone it would be: T-70 + Black One + Advanced SLAM (or Afterburner) Speed 4 forward, Black One Slam speed 4 forward, Advanced SLAM / Afterburner into a Boost. The Fireball could do it too if it had some way of ignoring or losing the stress from it's red 4 forward. @Flurpy You can't Afterburner twice in the same move. Afterburners is a boost action, which you can only do once a turn.
  12. My first suggestion would be to get the 2nd Edition core set, which will give you the 2nd edition damage deck and a few cards that are only available from there (including Luke and R2-D2), as well as a second x-wing and two more TIE fighters. I'd play a few games with just that before spending a ton of money, but assuming that you already know you like playing the game.... Next, I would suggest playing around with an online Squad Builder to get a feel for what a Rebel or Imperial Hyperspace list would look like and maybe pick a faction to concentrate on for the 23rd. I'm partial to Rebels, so if I went with that faction, I'd pick up expansions in this order (skipping things that don't interest you and depending on how much money you want to spend): Y-Wing Expansion B-Wing Expansion X-Wing Expansion (has pilots not found in the Core set, such as Thane Kyrell and Wedge) A-Wing Expansion Millennium Falcon Expansion With any duplicates of the ships added in there to fill out any specific lists that I like. For Imperials, I'd pick up expansions in this order (skipping things that don't interest you and depending on how much money you want to spend): TIE Advanced x1 Expansion TIE/ln Fighter Expansion (has pilots not found in the Core set, such as "Mauler" Mithel and Gideon Hask) TIE/sk Striker Expansion VT-49 Decimator Expansion TIE Reaper With any duplicates of the ships added in there to fill out any specific lists that I like. Also note that the TIE Reaper might be hard to find, as it was released at the end of 1st edition but also included 2nd edition cards. Once you expand outside of hyperspace, there's a lot more stuff (and more factions) you could add.
  13. Passive Sensors makes generics with ordinance a viable threat to high IN ships on the first turn in range. Zeta Squadron Survivor (IN 2) for FO and Baron of the Empire (IN 3) for Imps both come in at 41 points, so only 4 ships instead of 7, but they are much more likely to survive that first round of fire (and the BOE would shoot first anyway against IN 2). Still, 3 or 4 Mag Pulse shots....
  14. Honestly, I think go and build some lists and play some games of second edition. With what you have there, you can put together some fun lists. Once you have played a little in 2.0, you should have a better feel for what you like to fly and can start picking up more ships that fit your style. But if you want to get something new... For Empire, maybe a Inquisitors' TIE Expansion Pack, a TIE Reaper or a TIE/sk Striker Expansion Pack. For Scum, maybe a Lando's Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack, a Fang Fighter or a Mining Guild TIE Expansion Pack.
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