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  1. "Jek-14's stealth starfighter was a customized E-wing escort starfighter...." ☺️
  2. I can actually see a few others: 1) Only one Bonus attack is allowed per round (RR, pg 6, Bonus Attack). VTG is explicitly a bonus attack and so you could only use that once, no matter how many times you rotate your arc. 2) If a ship rotates a double turret arc indicator, it must select the other two standard arcs it was not already selecting (RR, pg 16, Rotate). If the double turret starts off pointing to the sides and then gets rotated to front and back, the judge might have used this rule to prevent rotating the turret back to the sides. 3) VTG also says it's a turret attack and doesn't explicitly say a primary attack, so I could see that as justification for not allowing Paige to trigger off of VTG.
  3. Ah, I had missed that. Buzz Droids are classified as both type Remote and type Device. That makes me wonder why that line is in the DRK-1 rules then.
  4. It's funny, I had the same response typed out as you do @Maui. . But I think @StephenEsven has pointed out a oversight in the rules, namely there are no rules for what happens when Buzz Droids overlap a ship when they are launched. Unlike the DRK-1 Probe Droid, which explicitly says: ...there is no such rule for Buzz Droids and there is no general rule for remotes that says the ship is placed on top of the Buzz Droids. As a matter of fact the only rules that mention overlap for Buzz Droids are: So there is no RAW for what happens when a Buzz Droid overlaps a ship when launched. In my opinion, RAI is for them to behave as the DRK-1 does, but you could make an argument that Buzz Droids cannot be initially deployed overlapping an object (like a ship) and so if you fired the discord missile and one of the positions overlapped an object, you would have to deploy it to one of the other positions (kind of like a 1e boost). And as an aside, there are also no rules about what, if anything, happens if the Discord Missiles' 3 speed template is placed on top of 1 or more ships, but that's a whole other discussion.
  5. Just as a heads up on this: A few second edition resculpts are different sizes from the first edition models. For example, the Y-wing is slightly longer (2.5"; up from 2.25") and the new Tie Silencer is supposed to be a little smaller. But for the most part, the ships are the same size or, if different, are still within the same .25 inch rounding measurement.
  6. The new rules have also been added to the 2nd edition wiki (copied straight from the rules inserts): Strain Gas Clouds Purple Actions Solitary Remotes (both Buzz Droid Swarms and the DRK-1 Probe Droid) Spare Parts (spoiler: it's a debris cloud. it is deployed via Spare Parts Canisters. That's the extent of it)
  7. As a reminder, the ship is only cloaked while it has a cloak token, which means that when the token is discarded, the ship is no longer disarmed and no longer has its agility value increased by 2.
  8. The Lando Falcon Expansion Pack has lots of cards not included in the Scum Conversion kit, while the Mining Guild TIE includes a model not seen in 1.0 and new pilots. Both are good ships to have for variety. The Fang Fighter Expansion Pack includes another copy of Afterburners, which might be nice, but everything else comes in the Conversion Kit.
  9. And the other ships not released in 1.0 that are already out: Lando's Millennium Falcon Mining Guild TIE When Wave 4 is released, it will include the following ship not from 1.0: Hyena-class Droid Bomber Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Resistance Transport
  10. A Rule specific to the Nashtah Pup deploying:
  11. This might be one of the more "off-label" reasons for buying a conversion kit. Each conversion kit comes with 2 of almost every common upgrade card as well as a ton of faction specific cards (depending on the conversion kit). Buying a single conversion kit of your favorite faction will get most of the upgrades for most lists for that faction, though there will always be outliers. Of course, the actual cards are only "needed" for tournaments usually. Just playing with your friends, and even most casual play in a FLGS, proxying the cards work just fine.
  12. First Order and Resistance are unchanged from the Jan Update.
  13. In this case, you are just plain wrong. The Empire began building the Death Star before the Rebellion was formed, before Lothal, and according to canon sources, even before the end of the Clone Wars. The Empire intended to use a weapon of mass destruction from the very beginning. By the end of the Clone Wars, there was no external force big enough or powerful enough to challenge the Galactic Empire and no reason to continue to pour credits and resources into a Superweapon... unless it was to be used on it's own citizens.
  14. If only... R5 would be on everything. There's not anything specifically written about running out of damage cards in any of the official documents. However, taking your discarded damage cards, shuffling them and using them as a "new" damage deck is the generally agreed upon solution to the issue. The more interesting discussion is what to do if you have more than 33 hulls on the board. You can get 34 hull points with 4 Freighter Captains and an Autopilot Drone for Scum. You can almost do it with 3 Resistance Bombers or 3 YV-666's already or, with a point drop, the VCX-100 or Decimator. And eventually, hopefully, Epic will be a thing in 2.0 and having 33 hull on the board could happen easily.
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