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  1. havnt played in a year but im in Camberwell, South London.
  2. Here is a list im working on and im after some advice on what people think 1) Echo ( Tie Phantom ) 30pts / Expert handling 2pts / Recon Specialist 3pts / Advanced Sensors 3pts / Stygium Particle 2pts = 40pts 2) Lt Lorrir ( Tie Interceptor ) 23pts / Twin Ion Engine 1pts / Shield Uprgade 4pts / Royal Guard Tie 0pts = 28pts 3) Tetran Cowall ( Tie Interceptor ) 24pts / marksmanship 3pts / Twin Ion Engine 1pts / Shield Upgrade 4pts / Royal Guard Tie 0pts = 32pts Please feel free to pick it apart as any insights is will always be gratefully received. Scaly
  3. Im thinking along the lines of this Galactic Marine Clone Trooper style
  4. I had given up on gaming till this wonderful game hit the shelves, so on that I have starting a little blog ( I will be uploading on here as well ) if anyone is interested please follow the link http://j-p-blog.simplesite.com Regards Scaly
  5. As the title says anyone in the South East london area fancy meeting up and getting a few games in???
  6. Im going to do mine in camo and call them Mudtroopers as all my figures are on a Endor base scheme
  7. Hi all, Im new to the game but I'm one of those people that has to paint before play so I thought I would start a little blog here so please feel free to comment and suggestions. Heres what I have painted so for Elite Stormtroopers Stormtroopers Kay Somos Agent Blaise Greedo Dengar Bossk Time to start on Vader next followed by some Rebels. All comments welcome Scaly
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