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  1. Usshkr looks down at Shura as she mentions the apartment, confused because she should know how small it is "Sshura the apartment doesssn't have much sspace for the three of usss, where are they going to sssleep? The floor?"
  2. Hey he's not necessarily dead, it's up to him when the Truck comes by to crush him whose to say he doesn't crawl out.
  3. Usshkr intends for him to be compacted, he worked security for a crime organization how do you think he ties up loose ends, you could confront him so that he takes the Duros out but he's looking out for his friends in the way he knows how. @AdvocatXD
  4. Slugger spins up Martha, takes aim and fires a volley of Blaster fire at the remaining Clanker, its shredded to bits as every shot lands. "Get ready boys there is bound to be more of them."
  5. Ranged Heavy: 2eP+2eA+1eB+3eD 1 success, 2 advantage Well that one droid is super dead. He takes 26 - soak twice so still Uber dead. I'll write a response in the morning.
  6. Shlambate

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Responding in Cheunh , "The Jedi are unwilling to jump to the Republic's aid, I predict that together they can overcome the Sith. If they continue down this path we may have to give up on the republic and Jedi as allies, and instead use them to distract the Sith for long enough while the Ascendancy prepares for the eventual war." He pauses, thinking on his next statement, "However my progress in the ways of the force is rather impressive. Last month I surpassed the age of the Chiss with the longest time in ability with the force, in fact my power has not waned since I was fourteen, if I am able to not just slow down but learn to reverse our children's deterioration of the force... It would be a great boon to our people if I was able to teach use of the force for our self defense." He would scratch his beard as he waited for a response.
  7. Ok cool I'll be home soon enough to do Slugger and Zoroku.
  8. Shlambate

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Alright once I get to my computer I'll put Down Zoroku's response, just put down stuff for Usshkr, since Zoroku is talking I need the blue ink which my phone is missing. @Rabobankrider
  9. @player3333902 are you going to act? Slugger can anihilate the last droid if you can't?
  10. Usshkr didn't question the move, he would have broken the Duro's arms but thus would do. He passes Hetaera and Jace picks up the unconscious Duros and finds the closest dumpster. Opening the dumpster he took some of the bags out dumped the Duros and then buries him under the bags he removed. He gave the blaster on the Duros to Shura, and pocketed the knife for himself.
  11. Shlambate

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    @Rabobankrider I'll be able to respond this weekend sorry for the inconvenience. I'm busy this week.
  12. Hearing the gun shot he would look to Hetaera who had just shot the final Duros, standing to look at what happened he saw that the boy was alive, "Good ssshot, kid." He growled approvingly as he patted her shoulder. Walking over to Giz whom had started to interrogate the sod Usshkr collected himself and put on his best scowl, stood behind Giz and made sure the Duros could stare up at the Trandoshan who had just taken out five of his friends. Usshkr cracked his neck just as he had done with his claws earlier the sound seemed to be effective at scaring his opponents.
  13. You better not forget it Usshkr's Llamas are intimidating
  14. LOL I'm so tired I didn't spell check