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  1. Krydil will keep punching until they are all down so it might be awhile.
  2. Is this one check per group @Rabobankrider or every person in each group?
  3. Slugger will maneuver down to to cover he will maneuver to spin up Martha and he will fire what is the range for Slugger from the squad 2?
  4. After giving the Assassin chase Drogos finally catches up with the Doctor and his target who had been running. He watches the Doctor slide into the Assassin and both fall into the lift together. As the doors close shut, Drogos rushes to the door and pulls out his lightsaber. Igniting it he sticks it into the control panel, "There is No Escape." The Inquisitor says with menace loud enough to be heard through the doors of the closed lift. Thankfully his strike at the lift was precise enough to destroy its capability to move, the Assassin was now cornered.
  5. No just checking if you wanted to switch it away from Br or Will I will spend a Destiny Point Lightsaber Check: 1eP+3eA+1eC+2eD 1 success, 1 advantage Nice
  6. Would that require a stat besides my Lightsaber one for this check?
  7. What can I do with the sniper running away that Evon and I are chasing? Am I in range for a force power check?
  8. Zoroku nods as he receives the Datapad and takes a good look at the map and then turns to his squad. "Let us find more appropriate disguises." He said looking at Zalen and Silun, "Then we start to look for any clues on where Karath went."
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