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  1. @Von3679 Zoroku is techincaly behind another wall interrogating the woman, wouldn't his questions be slightly muffled to you? Cause I am of the impression that @Rabobankrider put the three captives in three rooms.
  2. Zoroku nods as she reveals that indeed it was Karath who planned all this or at least was one of the conspirators who knew much more of the plan. "What do you know of the attack on thee Foerost station? Can you tell us if that attack was planned by Karath?" Zoroku continues his questioning.
  3. Slugger takes the extra rifle that Gunslinger had brought with him and drops down from the roof as quickly as he can keeping Martha strapped to his back as he descends, as he nears the gate he lines up his shot at the oncoming enemies, he takes down one using Stun rounds as Kandosil recommended.
  4. Ignoring the screaming of the Mandalorian in the next room over Zoroku starts to address the now open to talk woman. "Let us begin with confirming who put you up to the assassination of an Admiral, Varn tells us it was Karath, can you confirm this?"
  5. Ranged heavy: 2eP+2eA+2eB+2eD+1eS 2 successes, 3 advantage What's the damage this isnt my usual gun
  6. So what is my pool with he DC-15? I have my range heavy and two boosts whats the difficulty? @Rabobankrider
  7. @Edgehawk @Tramp Graphics @Jonas Shaaf Pick a race like I said I repair and boost the bikes but your characters race em.
  8. Well if anyone wants to assist in the deception I would greatly appreciate it. I will post a roll toward the end of the week since you will be gone @Rabobankrider
  9. I'll fire into the closest group then with the rifle that Gunsliger provides whlle slinging Martha on his back. So I am guessing the enemies are in short range of the gate?
  10. "Never, no one in my shop comes out with a malfunctioning swoop." Krydil says answering Sonnray He then looks to Zara and Cormil and gives the two of them a wink. "Cormil and Zara were doing some trick jumps yesterday by the beach and well Cormil and his bike got separated after one of the Jumps. Naturally Zara went out with Cormil this morning to search for the lost swoop. That's why they weren't here when you dropped off your Speeder for repairs. I'm sure they will find it sooner or later so I can get it into tip top shape in no time." He smiles looking back to Sonnray.
  11. Ok I’ll let someone try and respond then, see if I can get a boost or two.
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