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  1. Up to a point, yes. But when the Chars become too good at there skills/profession it tends to get ridiculus.
  2. I will tell you once my set has arrived. 😎
  3. Perhaps a bit expensive but defenitely a not so common set of Star Wars ffg dice: https://www.etsy.com/de/listing/702062099/kyber-kristallwurfel-swrpg
  4. Why would you outlaw Aim for Melee Attacks? I cant imagine a reason.
  5. That would be great. But seeing that Disney is putting tons of money into the game to outscore netflix on the market makes it highly unlikely to get the mandalorian to watch on netflix anytime at all.
  6. Well, to be honest, I would be sitting in the theatre and do a facepalm to both of your versions. Both scenes are far too off to me.
  7. And this very same Argument can be used for the agility for brawn thing with Melee/Brawl. You can be a very skilled Fighter without much brawn. Just buy enough skill ranks and chose the referring talents. No need to switch Stats at all. Besides, the Athletics example was just that, an example. I am pretty sure that you can make a case for quite a number of skills where it could make sense to switch to another attribute use. And not forgetting. If you allow a player to use Agility for Melee/Brawl, the character gets an overall huge advantage to other players using his best attribute to more important skills than other chars. So you should restrict some other skill access or skill development to balance this out.
  8. I generally don´t see the reason to change or houserule things which are obviously not broken. If you allow a single player to use Agility instead of Brawn for let´s say, knife fighting, you need to allow the next player to use Brawn instead of Agility for thrown weapons and grenades (Ranged Light). So the third player got only Brawn 1 but wants to be a good athlete, so he wants to use Agility instead and I am pretty sure he can find tons of arguments to do so. It´s a neverending story which will most probably leads to a broken/unbalanced skill system. And only because of some kind of powerplay at the beginning of it all.
  9. "Once per session when an ally would suffer a Critical Injury, may take an It’s Not That Bad action; make a ddd Medicine check to stop the ally from gaining the Critical Injury. " AoR CRB page 92 I still go with my definition/interpretation. The medicine check does avoid the crit. Your example´s dialogue is still valid though
  10. Every group or GM should play as it/he likes and homerule as it´s best to their likes. As stated before, to me, this talent is not a force power or a magical spell. For me, the medic soldier has to attend to the victim personally and due to his high skill/talent (actually performing a medicine check) prevents the critical hit and all what remains is the actual hit, loss of wt. To do so in some cases he needs to cross the battlefield and perhaps might not be able to do so and help the other guy. This opens up for a lot of drama and good roleplay. Just standing somewhere and saying that it´s not so bad to get the effect just feels ridiculus to me. Ultimately it´s your play and you have the final word.
  11. Yes, you are. Nope But you should be aware that the bombs were dropped at a time the war was practically over. It was just done for pure test and showing off reasons. Without communicating with your allies, nor implying to your enemy that you are going to annihilate two major cities with your A-bombs.
  12. I have another question regarding teaching in game. So we have a Marauder in our group who is a very capable Melee Fighter. Then there is the young force sensitive char with no knowledge in fighting, neither lightsaber nor Melee. Currently, during a very long hyperspace travel these two are practicing daily, the Marauder teaching the basics of sword fighting. Would you allow any advantages for the force User when learning/improving fighting skills? If yes, in which way?
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