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  1. sted 22 hours ago So with the Strong Arm Talent you can throw the grenade to long Range, then?
  2. I cannot find a thread to fit my question so I ask here. Is there another Talent Tree with Parry exept Bounty Hunter - Martial Artist for non force users?
  3. I have joined groups where the GM had a pretty complete concept what would be possible and what not. If I am not able to build my char within this regulations than it is perhaps not my gaming round. Sure, the GM will/ can bend a bit, but it makes not much sense when the GM is planning a battle of Hoth campaign and I insist on playing a politician on Tatooine in the middle of his mayor election campaign. And I don´ t see why you cannot make a char especially for a campaingn. In more than 30 years of P&P under my Top 5 campaign list as a player is a group where the GM created all the basic char concepts for us players and he made a frightening good job forseeing what either of us might have fun to play. That was the only time such an approach was made (except one-shots, of course), and it worked. It was like taking an acting role for a movie. The other way round I often had GM´ s saying guys, make whatever a char you want and I build around it. Well, it almost never works. this often results in very unrealistic events to just hold the group together. Either you need a very firm campaign concept and clarify the restrictions to the players from the very beginning or you allow much which then needs lots of work together so that every char fits in your idea. And it never worked well in my groups with a combination of a headstrong GM and a headstrong Player who start discussions every 10 minutes or so. Reading all the picky discussions it amazes me that Tramp Graphics and you ever played a second time together.
  4. Character concept mostly has to be discussed among GM and Player. The Player should be allowed to play the char he wants within the setup provided by the GM. The Char needs to fit in the campaign, otherwise neither GM nor Player will get a lot of fun. If neither Player nor GM are willing to give any ground, they should not play in the same group.
  5. Anybody with only the slightest experience in Martial Arts or Knife Fighting / fencing would never ask such a question.
  6. As the Characters of your players progress, so will the players and so will you. You should not be afraid of possible challanges but embrace them. And being held down with character building by the GM due to lack of XP over a considerable long time frame can be very discouraging.
  7. To me it just sounds awful. The characters already spent amounts of XP to get good at the mechanics business and are now additionally punished with more XP to be spend? Naa, not for me. It might be that your players get tons of XP so they will not mind. In my current group we are playing once per month earning 5 to 10 (sometimes even 15!) XP per session. If we would use your variation there would be either no character progression at all or no modding - probably the latter.
  8. So in the end it always comes down to the same conclusion. If you are a GM with a certain mindset to a setting you need a bunch of players who think the same as you or do not care. And that´ is the overalll rule for all the (heated) discussions here, right? If everybody has fun on the table you are doing it right. If not you find a common ground.
  9. It would be an option to just stop answering. You draw answers again and again on purpose.
  10. It is not meant offensive, my impression of your postings is a very adamant, absolute one. There is not much giving in your writing so I am wondering how you are accusing others of devotion to a mechanic or rule. Maybe I am just missing a point here or there because english is not my origin language.
  11. This is only "evidence" that Yoda and Kenobi think that only Luke or Leia will be strong enough to face and destroy Vader and the Emperor (Being children of the one man with the strongest force basis thats good reasoning for sure.). Nothing more nothing less. That does not say that there are other force users or Jedi with less power somewhere out there. RETURN only means exactly that. Return and face the enemy.
  12. As a long time Star Was Fan who saw the OT in the movie Theatres and loves it, I have to say that the premise that there is only one force sensitive/Padawan/Jedi left in the whole galaxy always seemed to be rather ridiculus to me. Therefore the Force Users in Rebels did not bother me that much. And to nor mess the Skywalker thing up the showrunners found a suitable solution, so no worries with me. What I hated though, were the Inquisitor Lightsabers.
  13. But wether it is hit points, wound threshold, or other mechanics to determ hits on chars you always have to keep track of it, right? Apart from this, I never got the feel that keeping track of this damaged the game flow in any way.
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