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  1. Sorry, but I have to disagree. I AM a new player, and while I am OK with the majority of the changes, I do worry about how the new player base feels about this. Specifically, FFG just released the new 2 Player Game around 7 weeks ago. The goal of launching that game set when they they did (Force Friday), and where they did it (mass retailers), was it introduce the game to a new/large audience. Further, they promoted that Kylo and Phasma paired with one another which made this a great way to get into the game (that pairing promotion is still up on the FFG product page, btw). A lot of new players I know ended up picking up two copies of the 2 Player Game, just like the veteran players did. Heck, I was one of the players encouraging my friends to grab two copies of that set. Now, only a few weeks after hitting the shelves, eKylo and ePhasma are no more and I don't think that reflects positively on FFG and their game designers. For what it's worth I do think errata is fine as the game evolves and grows. But in my opinion what they just did was very publicly correct their mistakes. And good for game play or not, it comes across as if they are rushing product to market before conclusive play testing. The question I have is this: Is that perception good for the state of the game in general, and specifically is it good for those new players that we all want around? Let's hope Jeremy can do better... Something tells me he will! Again, that's a new player's perspective. Take it for what it is.
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