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  1. This is what I was going to add as well. The Empire in Star Wars seems to be based off of a mix between the concepts of the German military until they’re involved in space combat and they’re using Japanese equipment. TIE Fighters and the planes utilized by the Japanese are easily synonymous in concept with their maneuverability and how easy they are to destroy (the Japanese “Zero” didn’t have self sealing fuel tanks/the TIE Fighter doesn’t have shields, both could out maneuver their adversaries). That being said the Zero did have good range due to its increase in fuel without the added weight of the self sealing fuel tank, so the whole thing just comes off as a grab-bag by Lucas doing whatever he thought was best for the films he was making. I’ll also echo that the space battles seem to be modeled after the Pacific Theatre of War more than say the Battle of the Atlantic. Star Destroyers to me seem like a carrier battle group rolled into one ship more than just a battleship, but that’s a “tomato/to-mah-to” kind of nitpickiness, you still end up with the same results. Good insight on your part, Black Rabbit.
  2. Oh I get the complaints, especially the lack of communication one, which has been an ongoing theme for FFG. The only solution to get them to correct it is not to buy the book and/or cancel your preorder, and people are going to have to be willing to do that en masse to get FFG to make a change. I’ve seen it happen before in another game I used to play. In fact, it was a similar issue with convention goers getting better access to stuff (although in this case those who didn’t go to conventions had zero access to this stuff outside of the secondary market). So people complained, online and in person, for YEARS. Nothing changed. Then they started walking away from the game (essentially voicing their disdain with their wallets), and the company had to listen. Now this said game is arguably the best it’s ever been and the company’s policies make sense (which is helped by their newfound communications). Sad thing is, it’s too late and the numbers of players are way down. So I’m completely in a place of understanding with this and what it’ll take to stop it from happening in the future. I just don’t think anyone else is.
  3. I’d like to know how many of the naysayers/complainers/callers-for-license-cutters are still going to buy this book. That’s really all that will matter and the only true way to get your opinions about the way FFG does business heard by them. But do you actually have the self control to do it, or is this just the usual hot online air being vented into the ether?
  4. I just don’t think there’s really a way to stretch these kinds of themes into a longterm campaign, but short term is entirely possible (and more “realistic”). I’d say start with a session zero where you discuss theme and character creation which should be reigned in (I agree that some races in this game can lead to silliness and shouldn’t be an option). Every player character should have an extreme reason for joining the Rebellion that’s established up front and while they play they should always have this in mind. You may want to even verbally run through each of these during this session as kind of “mini-sessions” without dice where the story of why each character joined the rebellion unfolds at the table (I’ve always felt that players care more about what they’ve done at the table than what they’ve created outside of it, this is a way of keeping their backgrounds meaningful). There’s also several reasons why I say keep the campaign short term. In my experience campaigns can start really serious but always seem to devolve into a comedic farce given enough time. It’s just what happens when a group of friends gets comfortable doing a routine activity. I also say keep the campaign short and tight because the interesting situations these kinds of things should be based on were. If you want real world “World War” examples then you need to look at the units most similar to the rebellion. These are smaller functioning groups designed to cause havok behind the enemy lines. Groups such as the SAS (there’s a great book called Rogue Heroes about them that can give inspiration) and missions such as Pegasus Bridge and the German Gran Sasso raid can be a great inspiration for the goals of these campaigns. Also there’s a ton of material on Britain’s SOE (Special Operations Executive) that you could use. There’s some heart wrenching stories there. My point for these examples also includes how short the expectations were to live through these kinds of operations. As an example: the two founders of the SAS were either dead or captured just months into their operations in North Africa. Rare were the individuals who made it through entire campaigns spent behind enemy lines, rarer still those who made it through the whole war. Essentially as a GM you should do your best to keep their backs against the wall and remind them of theme. They should ALWAYS feel like they’re deep in enemy territory and never be comfortable. I can’t emphasize enough the attachment they should have to NPCs that will die or be captured if the players get too out of line which they should either feel emotionally through their loss and/or the loss of the mission. So yeah, if you want that World War feel then go to the ACTUAL sources of it, not the Hollywood production version. There’s countless examples of real feats of incredible heroism in enemy territory to pull from as well as mission types/goals to use, you’re just most likely going to have to read about them rather than watch them.
  5. I did this as per someone else’s suggestion on here. I got a standard line of “we’re not allowed to release that information, thanks for your interest!” I do think that showing there’s a new sourcebook for a continuation of material they haven’t released yet without giving us at least an update is in very poor taste. But hey, what are we really going to do? NOT buy the stuff when it finally releases? Pfffft, ha!
  6. If it means FFG is paying attention to Armada again I’ll take it.
  7. I originally stated I’d put the emphasis on the AVERAGE passerby being drawn to X-wing over Armada due to the amount of models of iconic ships. Upon reflection of that, I realize it’s a broken concept. Who is an average passerby for local game and comic stores? I don’t think there is such a thing. I think I’ve broadbrushed a very diverse group when it comes to mentalities. They all like what they like and will be drawn to what reflects that. Maybe I’m admittedly kind of bitter, and perhaps that’s the crux of most of the negativity. I played X-wing first and enjoyed it, but eventually it just got to be too much. Then Armada came along and it’s an amazing game, even years later when X-wing started to stumble. I’d like to see the game continue, I’d also like to see it grow in popularity, but how best for FFG to do that? I think that’s what the real question is. I don’t think I’d like to see it follow the X-wing model of a new loose faction just for the sake of continuation for product. I believe campaigns can keep it going, but I’m not sure for how long. Maybe they should just cut off this era and move to another like the Clone Wars, then when that’s over move to another era. Maybe the factions in those eras could be considered different factions for tournament play, leading to a total of six. I’m really spitballing here, man. Basically, I, like others, just want to see this game continue to be awesome and succeed.
  8. Yeah, and by those more recognizable ships being choking hazards I meant fighters and ships modified enough to fight like them, such as the Falcon, in Armada. They’re not at the forefront of visibility in the game. And I’m posting on the FFG forums, that just happen to have an Armada subsection, So you can choose to see it one way, but unfortunately a lot of people often compare Armada to X-wing which is understandable why they do so.
  9. Do you have gaming stores nearby that don’t support Armada? If so, did they at any point? Also, do people there play X-wing?
  10. I’m just talking about ships from Star Wars. If Armada were the only game in the genre then we’d be talking capital ships. Unfortunately it’s not the only game, and its direct competitor has the same license, is made by the same company, and has the benefit of more recognizable ships at a scale in which they visually shine. The issue of accessibility comes in to play though, and by that I mean places to play Armada. I’m not exactly taking sides here, but I get why people who can’t find a place to play this game feel as if it’s dying. I myself live in a city with two gaming stores twenty minutes south of another city with three gaming stores; none of which carry or play Armada anymore (and yes, I’ve tried to get it going again). If I want to play in a tournament it’s a two and a half hour drive. This compared to when wave 2 released and there were three places to play locally. So I can get why people believe the game is dying. Something has caused it to change in popularity, which is unfortunate because the game has only gotten better. The state of Armada is clearly through whatever lenses you choose to see it through.
  11. Dude, the Falcon, followed by TIE fighters and X-wings, all of which are well represented focal points in X-wing. Having A ship (the Star Destroyer) vs 3+ types of ships as eye catchers makes X-wing the “prettier” game to most average folks. I’m all good with that response, because it lacks vitriol (and I agree with a lot of your points). But if this game is to continue, it’s going to most likely need a new faction, or the plural form of that. Let’s also keep in mind that it would be doing so from a less favorable starting point compared to X-wing due to the size of its fan base. However, I’ll easily accept the idea that it could also continue with an offering of building on the concept of campaigns since that’s an itch X-wing doesn’t seem to be interested in scratching for a lot of players. I’m actually really surprised the SSD doesn’t come with a campaign. Maybe that should be the focal point of all of these conversations: what Armada offers that X-wing doesn’t, and FFG should build on that. An example is with the SSD release FFG doing a massive campaign that all the stores participating in report their results that get compiled into a larger narrative, similar to what Games Workshop did with their Lord of the Rings game. That could result in some time in the spotlight as well as article space
  12. It’s easy to get a negative mindset when it comes to Armada. It’s far superior to X-wing, but because it’s “second fiddle,” plays slower (overall complaint I’ve heard several times), and takes far more effort before and during play to figure out a winning build it doesn’t get the spotlight. There’s also the recognition of the ships. Yes, Star Destroyers are iconic, but the more iconic and easily recognized models in Armada are baby choking hazards for infants and are not immediate eye catchers to the common passerby. Then there’s the community. Try posting something about a third faction option for this game and prepare to be “boarded from the stern” by the community crossing their collective arms and barking negativity at you. Yet look at what it did for X-wing when they were running low on options. Also, what other iconic ships can they put out there that will make the average (emphasis on that word) passerby say “cool, that’s the (ship name here). I’ve always wanted a miniature of that. What’s this game?” So what is Fantasy Flight supposed to do with all of that? Invest time and effort into it? Engage the fiery community who will hurl insults even when given what they asked for? Face it, this is a tough game to design for and the timing of its overall release second to X-wing compounds that difficulty. Look at what you’ve got in your collection, be real about this game in relation to others FFG is responsible for, and play (re: ENJOY) it whenever you can. It’s not and will never be in league with pretties like X-wing and now Legion. Quit trying to act like the issues with FFG and the community regarding Armada are an easy fix.
  13. But I was planning on taking it to use at my local store that doesn’t sell or play Armada anymore. Wait...
  14. My experience has shown me that we live in times where taking someone aside and trying to talk them into better behavior and them responding positively to it and acting on the advice given is an extreme rarity, and that’s understating it. I give you credit for trying, but overall the only thing you’ll ever have control over is your own behavior. By being what you believe to be an example of a modern player interested in the growth of your gaming community the others who want to be better will see you and be better. The rest are not worth your time. Sorry your Armada community is non-existent as well. I’m in the same boat, and it’s getting really crowded...
  15. My game night group actually enjoyed the “set your own pace” nature of the Firefly core game and every game was close. Honestly, if someone at your table is jumping off to a big lead you must be distracted by all the shinies... The direct interference concepts introduced in the expansions pretty much wrapped the game up for us since it allowed some players to drink to their content and “troll the board” rather than deliver on any real strategy.
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