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  1. You spelled Anakin wrong
  2. Just downloaded the app on IOS and so far it looks good. One suggestion, and please keep in mind that I know nothing about app development, would be to add support for the XWS format and also for the QR codes from FFG/LBN. This would make the book keeping function much easier than having to enter each ship for each player. Other than that, it looks like you are off to a good start. Thanks for developing this!
  3. Only if you curse unnecessarily while flipping the dials..
  4. I hope that you're right... I also hope that when I walk up to the table and do the Foss power stance while declaring that I will allow my opponent to concede or be crushed mercilessly, that they understand just how bad I am at this game...
  5. What I'm most sad about is now Uncle Mark can't use his heart attack clause card, because that would be collusion... I'm glad that I was able to concede to him (when he asked) prior to floor rules, because he's definitely not a cheater We also now have to be cautious about making jokes about concessions, and this saddens me as well...
  6. I was just pointing out the irony of the whole thing, but yes there are certainly times when not playing is the better option (which is sad really, because we are all here talking about this because we like to play the game).
  7. I love the fact that we are trying to find ways to not play the game while staying within the rules of the game...
  8. TLFJ, we don't deserve you... we're not worthy :praise
  9. Tomorrow night at 9pm CST Mission debriefing will be live on Twitch @ twitch.tv/echobase_xwingStarting off this week we will be reviewing another Aces League game, showcasing Chris Allen vs Travis JohnsonTune in to watch the Krayt-off, a game that is sure to be an instant Krayt-Classic!!
  10. Last night we did a live show on twitch where we went over the points changes and talked about some of the more interesting ones. Since you probably didn't make it to the live show, here is the relevant youtube link Echo Base X Wing-Points Update Jan 2019
  11. Mission Debriefing is a new video series in which we commentate on games and provide discussion and analysis of the positional side of the game. Currently we broadcast live shows on our Twitch Channel and also upload the recordings to our YouTube channel . I will continue to update this post with the newest YouTube links as they are posted. Thanks for checking out our video series and we hope you enjoy!
  12. Point noted, and maybe this is one main reason that we never see this as a change to the core game. Though with the abundance of low cost (1point) talents and who knows what else in the future, maybe this wouldn't be as big of an issue. Or a small tweak to the general idea, something like bids less than 5 points do not count as points destroyed? Another option that I just thought of is removing the bid rule all together. Player order could always be determined randomly thus eliminating the need to bid for the player 1 option .
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