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  1. So that's all 5 out in the open now: Tommy, Mandy, Tony, Luke and Patrice So now the discussion on the next "big" box investigators can begin!
  2. Doesn’t change the fact that Bucky made the better Cap Also in the TV show there is the possibility for a John Walker Captain
  3. I was actually hoping for a Bucky Captain America, like in the comics after Steve Rogers is assassinated following the Civil War He made a much better Cap than Falcon ever did
  4. A Battlestar Galactica style game covering the Skrull Secret Invasion Who do you trust?
  5. You obviously haven't seen the discussions on the Arkham Horror LCG forum concerning buying a second core set or not... haha
  6. They would be easy enough to bring to the small screen, as they are essentially just 4 big, strong guys If I remember correctly they started out in the Defenders comics and they have been part of the Masters of Evil
  7. I would actually not be dissapointed with that Being able the play a hero straight out of the pack is worth a lot
  8. It seems to me Disney decides which characters are used If She-Hulk seemed the odd one out of the core set, now we know why she was included Same goes for Ms Marvel At least this means Moon Knight will show up sooner or later
  9. Ravenous and the Seekers as the first, Thanos as the second and ending with Annihilus Heroes included would be Nova, Drax, Silver Surfer, Phyla-Vell (also an alternative Captain Marvel) and Peter Quill
  10. Can we please get a Nextwave pack?! 🙏🏻 And a Dirk Anger villain pack
  11. I like the art on all three, but they seem a bit off together I might be a better idea to have the investigator, the weakness and the signature card art to be done by the same artist, in order to make a better set
  12. Well not the only notable difference 😉 On a different note, my wife is thrilled as Mandy was always her favorite when playing Elder Sign
  13. Having Bilbo or Frodo join your Hobbit deck is a great boon and increases its flexibility The only downside would be that you loose the use of (Spirit) Frodo and (Tactics) Bilbo, who are two of my favorite heroes for a Hobbit deck
  14. Fog on the Barrow Downs and The Old Forest are excellent additions to the Saga expansions and I always use them in a campaign Murder at the Prancing Pony is like Clue on steroids, love the setting and characters Battle of Laketown is a favorite, but so hard 😅
  15. If outside the Mythos, the Thing would make a perfect one-off scenario, I mean shapeshifters in an isolated station, with the survivors trying to find out who is who, thats fun Also, the Zombieland clown-zombie 🤡 And I agree The Silence and Weeping Angels would be wicked in Arkham Horror
  16. It’s been a while since I read the novella, but wasn’t Josephine Ruggles the “Dreamer”?
  17. I think it is, as has been mentioned, because an enemy attack is not considered a encounter card effect
  18. The forced effects from Spawn of Hali and Rift Seeker can be “denied” using Deny Exisistence As for the Parley on Rift Seeker, I think you cannot use Deny Existence as the cost would not be paid if the horror was ignored Also, it is Spawn of Hali 😉 I don’t think they spawn anything like this in Mali
  19. If Marvel Champions does ever go cosmic/extra-dimensional, I would love to see Blastaar and Annihilus as villains, perhaps as a Negative Zone campaign
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