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  1. That is rich people problems right there.
  2. It was refreshing to find a friendly and honest reply to a question on this forum.
  3. I would feel like I was cheating myself. I know it might sound weird to some people, but I wouldn’t feel as pleased with myself at the conclusion of the campaign when I bent one or more of the rules to get there, even though it’s no harm to anyone. I’m very much of the opinion that once you buy a game you can play however you please (as long as any other players agree), even though I wouldn’t myself. I didn’t mean to judge (or offend), just stated my own feeling on the issue.
  4. I would call this cheating for some reason.
  5. This is a best guess on my part as Conviction and Doubt seem to be an important part of this campaign.
  6. One Agenda Deck increases your Conviction, the other increases your Doubt.
  7. It says The Card Game on all the products.
  8. So happy FFG normally doesn’t translate their products to Dutch. None of these problem here fortunately.
  9. Is that based on the Netflix show?
  10. This wouldn’t be so difficult to make yourself, but this looks like good quality material.
  11. Where in Europe do you live? I can buy it in The Netherlands for under €14, just have to wait a week or so
  12. Signs of Carcosa has Hastur, who is one of the most fun Ancient Ones to play against and one of the most brutal once awoken. Also Signs of Carcosa comes with three of the finest investigators: Dexter Drake, Jenny Barnes & Michael McGlen.
  13. A lot of board gamers are elitist, card gamers usually more so.
  14. Certain Artifacts and Assets provide clues as well.
  15. Confronting Gnoph-keh is mandatory in this case. The text on the card ('must') is leading.