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  1. Judging by what is posted here, there is a big mix of opinions on what is apparently “needed” in a multi-million dollar industry 😅 One says new characters are needed urgently, while another says change is bad Guess I’m in the middle (I loved **** Grayson Batman and Bucky Barnes Captain America, but prefer old-school Nick Fury over Sam Jackson Fury), but for certain comics top movies any day
  2. This ^^^^ is incorrect New characters are introduced all the time, there just needs to be a good balance between the old and the new If I buy a Justice League comic it is fun to see new characters, but I also want to see Batman, Wonder Woman and/or Superman You are correct about one thing, if writers are given a percentage of every new character they create, every issue would have a new Justice League line-up and who wants that?
  3. New characters are created all the time I don’t know why anyone would claim otherwise
  4. I’m not trying to be hostile, I apologize if came over as such, but I’m trying to get across a sense of bewilderment that anyone would prefer the movies over the comics And I’m a geek, not a nerd 😉
  5. No, I mean in which way could you alter a hero’s deckbulding rules to prevent the loss of customization when having more signature cards filling your deck?
  6. Which was my point, I agree 100%, but when I read certain topics here, I’m afraid certain people are going to be let down
  7. Would the intended audience for the LCG consist more of comic book readers or solely movie watchers? Just wondering Personally, when I think of Magneto I think of him as the X-Man he has been for a long time instead of the Gandalf movie version
  8. But unlike the investigators in AH, if a hero comes with more signature cards it will decrease the deck-building options in the form of card slots
  9. Ever since the movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy comics have been crap. Marvel is too busy changing the comics to be like the movies just to get a few extra readers. Still the best Guardians line-up started in Annihilation Conquest Starlord, with Starlord, Mantis, Rocket, Bug and talking Groot.
  10. I would expect FFG has the rights to the comics and not the movies. And while it would not surprise me if Disney/Marvel have stated a preference for which heroes to include, FFG are ofcourse not unaware of how popular Black Panther, Captain Marvel and some others are and would auto-include them.
  11. I’m just afraid that due to the IP it will not be the intricate game everyone wants it to be. Marvel games haven’t been the best (Wakanda Forever anyone?)
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