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  1. It could be worse though, considering the last rulesheet update for LOTR LCG is from February 2019, midway through the previous cycle
  2. We have been playing Dr. Strange and Black Widow since we received them a few weeks back and they have blasted through every scenario, except Ultron at expert They just work so good together, stunning, confusing and Dr. Strange handing our tough left and right 1. Dr. Strange 2. Black Widow 3. Miss Marvel All aggression
  3. But seriously... tell us how you really feel 😅 Lighten up, it’s just a fun idea, no need to be harsh
  4. The full quote being: Players are permitted and encouraged to talk to one another during play, and to work as a team to plan and execute the best course of action. Players can discuss anything they would like, including cards in play and cards in their hand. Players are not obligated to disclose the cards in their hand if they do not wish to do so. In my experience keeping the content of your hand to yourself is more enjoyable, in any game ”Don’t worry about those drones, if you give me that Avengers Mansion card draw, I got just the thing in my hand to take them out for you.”
  5. There is no "true solo", there is "solo" and "not solo" You are right though, playing two heroes will always give you an advantage over two players playing a hero each The fact you can plan out your entire turn based on the knowledge of knowing all the cards in hand I don't agree on this however, where are you encouraged to share? We like to play where we just hint we can take care of certain situations and such (similar to the FFG guys themselves), makes it much more fun
  6. Bottom two have to be Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Just wondering if they will have the Mutant trait or not If they will do Ant-Man, please let it be Henry Pym I like Scott Lang (even though they changed the comic version into the Paul Rudd version), but Pym is the original The villain is most likely Kang, iconic Avengers villain and rumored next big bad in the movies, but might be a too big a name for a "mere" scenario pack High Evolutionary maybe...
  7. I never saw that man as Father Mateo or any priest actually, mostly because the collar is not a correct clerical collar
  8. Silas Marsh on the cover! (a cover which reminds me of Aquaman btw) But who is Stella Clark? 🤔
  9. Not limited, but creative He could have Betty Ross, who could sooth him into becoming Banner when he needs to be There could be an "I'm always angry" event that lets you change to Hulk A "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" upgrade, which triggers his transformation into Hulk when certain criteria are met I really want Hulk to play like you need to use your cards to control him Different than any other hero so far
  10. Hulk disregards minion text Hulk is strongest there is!
  11. Any GenCon scenario for Marvels Champions should be a What if...?
  12. My experience with FFG difficulty ratings is that they can be off, sometimes by a lot If you take the ratings from FFG for the various LOTR LCG quests and compare them to player ratings, they can be miles apart (e.g. The Long Dark, Into Ithilien, etc.)
  13. Hoping to finally get my Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Green Goblin and Wrecking Crew packs today! It's been like waiting on a CMON Kickstarter to arrive... 😂
  14. With FFG's connection to Marvel and Star Wars I think a Disney version of one of their games is more realistic than a DC version Would I prefer a DC version of Champions: Yes! Would I buy a Disney version of Champions: Probably yes as well (as I'm too much of a FFG LCG co-op fanboy)
  15. The player should not be able to control the transformation between Banner and Hulk His form should be dictated by the board state, meaning if he has no minions engaged he should be Banner and as soon as minions engage him he should turn to the Hulk And he should have a Rick Jones ally, which can be upgraded to A-Bomb!
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