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  1. Still think those squid-like statues look very Cthulhu.
  2. cheapmate

    Circuitous Trail questions/ideas

    Just like in D&D, always take the rope.
  3. cheapmate

    Circuitous Trail questions/ideas

    Their might be scenario specific slot (like a backpack) in which you keep supplies (scenario specific assets), like a compass.
  4. cheapmate

    Elemental Cycle begins

    At least Yoritomo has been confirmed.
  5. cheapmate

    Mantis Clan

    Too many clans will mean fewer cards per clan per pack. Just keep the “main” clans as they are now and add the minor clans as neutrals or to specific clans.
  6. cheapmate

    The Withered Heath preview

    Also, I hope this means we’ll be getting a Merry Ally now to use this on.
  7. cheapmate

    The Withered Heath preview

    He looks like he is on his back, taking off the helmet.
  8. cheapmate

    Promo Characters

    If you really feel this way, you might be taking this too serious.
  9. cheapmate

    Promo Characters

    I wouldn’t say the LCG is the furthest behind, it’s not like it is he end goal of the game to have all investigators out as soon as possible. I think the pace at which new ones are presented is fine. There are still investigators I haven’t really tried out. Comparing the LCG to other games is also not fair. Elder Sign took 7 years from initial launch to the latest expansion, so who knows. And the way FFG “rushed” the investigators in Mansions second edition also sucked, because the difference in quality (and size) of the sculpts between the “old” and “new” edition is very obvious. In my opinion, the longer FFG needs to release all the investigators, the longer the game will be around.
  10. cheapmate

    Promo Characters

    From what I understand each ”novella investigator” will be available in a Deluxe eventually. Just a question of when, I guess. Marie is the only one I have doubts about as her “regular” version was included with the book instead of the replacement one.
  11. cheapmate

    Promo Characters

    From the initial announcement of the books: Each Arkham Horror novella comes with five cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game that are exclusive to the novella So it looks like the only way to get them is by buying the books.
  12. I normally use about 50/50 mix of both options. I decide on the role I want my investigator to take (or in case of solo play I decide on the means of investigating and dealing with enemies) and select the cards most suitable for that role and take 2 copies each (if available that is, I also only have a single core). The remaining cards are generally chosen to enhance the investigator’s abilities or just because they’re fun. I case of a healer type Carolyn, I would probably max out on Emergency Aid, First Aid and Peter Sylvestre (possibly also Inspiring Presence).
  13. cheapmate

    The Next LCG

    If coop, I would be interested in a Star Trek theme. All factions could have the same missions, just their way of completing them would change, for instance the Federation would use diplomacy, while the Klingons would use force. If competitive, it should be similiar to Call of Cthulhu in that you are able to mix any faction with any or all other factions. Netrunner is asymmetrical, while AGoT and L5R are only able to splash other factions. Better yet, They should just revise Call of Cthulhu and continue where they left off as it was the best LCG ever.
  14. cheapmate

    Elemental Cycle begins

    So I have been doing it wrong the whole time I was playing this game just for fun? As a mostly casual player, I like mixing it up, just to try things out.