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  1. cheapmate

    Luke's "Droopy" lightsaber

    As long as it not as bad as this, it should be no problem
  2. The doom track in EH could be slowed by closing the right gates and killing the right monsters, but the fact it could never be stopped was a fun and thematic feature. Similiar to the doom in the AH LCG. I hope the new AH has some kind of clock or track to give this same sense of impending doom. And to answer the question of what feature would make me buy this, anything Arkham Horror is a must-buy.
  3. cheapmate

    Modular gameboard?

    The art on the “gameboard” does look similiar to the board of Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu.
  4. Could it be a bug in the app?
  5. cheapmate

    Horrific Journeys

    Guessing the left most monster on the photo is a Dimensional Shambler. The guy with the cane could be a warlock, although he could also be a character with the bald “Innsmouth Look”. It would fit with the Deep One.
  6. cheapmate

    Horrific Journeys

    Also... Yes! Finally Silas is joining! He is one of my favorite investigators. I guess he came to Kingsport on that cruise ship. It would be cool for Silas to have different deployment instructions when playing him with the ship scenario (similiar to Lola in the first Path to Carcosa scenario in the LCG), like having him start near the crew quarters.
  7. cheapmate

    Horrific Journeys

    No idea what the big one is, but it would make a better Formless Spawn than the old miniature (which had a lot of form actually)
  8. Just played my first game of Altered Fates and I liked it. We had to use most of the tiles from Sanctum of Twilight (which I just received for my birthday) and we got a whole lot of different monsters to fight, so that was fun. Also, had to do a lot of puzzles, more than usual felt like. My wife played Lily Chen and she was a beast in combat. Lily and Father Mateo with the Shriveling spell did most of the damage done (though the Father became insane in the end from using the spell so many times). We managed a win just before Finn Edwards (me) and William Yorick were thrashed by a Star Spawn, good fun!
  9. I was hoping for a Kallus that could be played as both an Ally and a Villain in a campaign, depending on the Heroes actions
  10. So I would say that using Agility for the Ornate Bow is making sense for me as well. Besides, art, theme and variation is what I like about this game more than anything.
  11. Or perhaps an Asian male that is not a stereotype, like a pilot or an inspector (like Li Flint from Call of Cthulhu)
  12. Wendy Adams appears to be a favorite lately, appearing in the last three core boxes of Arkham Horror Files games.
  13. cheapmate

    Will there be new investigators?

    There should be 12 investigators total and 7 were already shown in the articles, so that would leave 5 potential new investigators. While I don’t expect that many, I hope for a couple at least. I only hope the above quote doesn’t refer to Danielle and Calvin.
  14. I liked the fact that MoM2E came with some brand new investigators and wouldn’t mind seeing it repeated for this AH. I know there are more than enough investigators at the moment, for several expansions to come, but new faces are exciting. Or perhaps FFG could promote an ally from one of the other games to investigator in AH.
  15. What’s up with that card tray they have been showing in the pictures? The symbols on the side could indicate some function besides keeping your cards organised.