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  1. Novella Speculation

    The art on Carolyn’s cards is so incredibly good, I love it.
  2. Novella Speculation

    Graeme Davis is an awesome writer, expecting a lot from this one. Also really like the alternate art Roland.
  3. Novella Speculation

    The supernatural angle was a Nazi thing, not really associated with the Great War.
  4. Ah, understood. I’ve never done it myself, I don’t like to make it easier on myself.
  5. Novella Speculation

    Roland’s cards I haven’t seen myself (and Roland wasn’t in a Deluxe box), why I didn’t count him either.
  6. Novella Speculation

    Though this is only based on one set of replacement cards so far, so by no means set in stone. Here is hoping for surprises.
  7. While I don’t believe there will be a thing like an Arkham sideboard, the above “problem” could easily be solved by adding a deck of sideboard encounters that replace the Arkham encounters in the America encounters deck.
  8. La era olvidada

    Still only a boat ride away
  9. La era olvidada

    Agreed, but it does look like Cthulhu in the picture, with the tentacles going down the base of the statue. At least for the first part of the campaign, after all from South America to an island in the South Pacific is only a boat ride away. Anyway, whatever it will be, it looks to be awesome.
  10. Upgrading to level 1+... Survivor maybe
  11. La era olvidada

    Do the ruins on the right side of the box look like Cthulhu (or Kermit)? Also Mists of R’lyeh is quite Cthulhu themed.
  12. Using rotated cards like this seems a hassle that’s not worth it.
  13. Rhovanion Heroes

    My local store still says they will have it in March, so I will look forward to that. The article must be mistaken as he would be real poweful for only so little threat. Also, Bard (II) as shown on the card seems much more fun.
  14. La era olvidada

    Wilson Richards