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  1. cheapmate

    Guardians of the Abyss

  2. cheapmate

    The sad an ironic demise of "Ashcan" Pete

    Pete has to take Duke out like Old Yeller now
  3. cheapmate

    Shipping Now

    Smallest to biggest, DD/MM/YY, easiest to remember
  4. cheapmate

    Return of the Awkward Shaped Box

    I’m using my Return to the Night of the Zealot box to keep my core box campaign in and my Return to the Dunwich Legacy box to keep my Dunwich campaign in (as intended I guess). Both have a nice place in the games cabinet, as I quite like the look of them.
  5. cheapmate

    Guardians of the Abyss

    We used Leo and Mark decks and pulled off a comfortable win on The Eternal Slumber
  6. What added rules do you require? You play the first scenario, upgrade with the victory points earned and play the second scenario. It's a fun way to play the scenarios.
  7. This should be unique It is not the first time an unique symbol is ommited on a card (for instance on the LOTR LCG hero Quickbeam) Love how they kept the name, trait, flavour text and even what the card does (more or less) for this card the same as the original Call of Cthulhu card Nice, nostalgia
  8. cheapmate

    Marie Lambeau - "Witch Blood"

    Witch Blood is (one of) her signature abilities, thematic to her back story, and the fact that she can “give” this to another investigator feels anti-thematic to me. Also, it would have been cooler if she had been unique in having the ability to perform the same action twice.
  9. cheapmate

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    Ultimatum of the Highlander has to be the best ultimatum name yet
  10. cheapmate

    5 Anomilies, Azathoth has appeared, we got 1 clue

    But did you have a good time? You can usually tell if a game is good or not by whether you had fun regardless of winning or losing
  11. cheapmate

    Problems receiving promo item?

    I ordered mine at a webshop that I knew guarantees delivery of promo items such as these, even though it was a bit more expensive than my local store Sometimes you need a sure thing
  12. cheapmate

    Question on Monster Spawns

    The Occult Ritualist has both Lurker and Elusive We had 2 of them out during a game, adding doom quickly
  13. cheapmate

    Expansion Thoughts ?

    Instead of a street there could be train tracks or a ferry crossing
  14. cheapmate

    Let's Talk Strategy

    I haven’t played enough games yet to say all investigator are balanced equally, but I love the fact that most are so different from each other it does change the way you play an investigator. A Jenny Dressed to the Nines will fulfill a different role than a Jenny with her signature .45s
  15. cheapmate

    Punctuation of the games

    I only ever used scoring for Eldritch Horror, because it was one of the questions in Tibs’ Eldritch Horror Statistics scheet And in LOTR LCG to see how succesful a deck was against a scenario Honestly, I don’t miss it in Mansions of Madness, I think you can guess fairly accurate how close you were to (just) losing or (barely) winning It is of much more value in semi-coop games, where it is a measure of how well each player has done compared to one and other, while jointly fighting the game