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  1. You could go to and check out some decks you might like and chech which packs you need to buy. Attempting to buy everything out there is madness if you’ve never played before.
  2. Like the sideboards which you can use with a specific Ancient One or a specific Prelude.
  3. Cities of Ruin is my favorite expansion thus far.
  4. Any spoilers?
  5. I can order the book in The Netherlands for €13,95 (about $16,45) with no additional shipping if collecting from the store. I’m sure the same will apply to other European countries.
  6. In the latest Netrunner article, they removed the typo on HQ Interface, so there is hope yet for the final version.
  7. I actually liked the original Zombicide better than Black Plague. Kaosball, B-Sieged and Rum & Bones were all poor games (in my opinion), that relied heavily on miniatures, especially during the Kickstarter. Arcadia Quest is nearly identical to Super Dungeon Explore in look, just lacking the better mechanics. I have never played Fireborn, just thought the setting was interesting. What made it poor in your opinion?
  8. So you would rather complain about the injustice of it all and accomplish what now?
  9. I disagree with the statement that Eldritch Horror is all luck, while Arkham Horror is all about strategy. Arkham Horror has just as much randomness as Eldritch Horror in its encounters, if not more. For example an encounter with a student in the Library from Dark Pharaoh (I think), where the check is easier depending on the sex of the investigator. Don’t get me wrong, I love that sort of thing, but no amount of strategy prepares for that. Strategy in Eldritch Horror means Hank Samson and Lily Chen fight the monster, Dexter Drake gets those spells and Charlie Kane does the shopping, but if that gate opens in Charlie’s house, he has to step up and try to close it. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I doubt I can change yours any more than you can change mine. Agree to disagree?
  10. Welcome to the game! Out of curiosity, why would you buy three of each pack?
  11. That's the way I always buy packs. First buy the packs you want, then when you have the need to complete the cycle (and finances permit), buy the other packs. As logical as a Vulcan.
  12. No, that’s not correct, as you could also distribute the resources to other investigators, not just the supplies.
  13. So don’t buy the book and carry on.
  14. That’s your opinion and I can’t argue with that, except that I don’t agree. I’m sure you can.