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    Chaoticus reacted to any2cards in Transitioning to 3rd Edition   
    The biggest issue that D2e has had in my opinion (and that of many others), is FFG's long term insistence that all you ever need to play the game is the original box.  Rarely (albeit they did some later on) have they incorporated expansions into campaigns.
    What this game really needs is a campaign that utilizes boards, characters, monsters, LTs, etc. from ALL expansions.  Yes, that means it may only be viable for the subset of people that have purchased everything.
    Never the less, I think it would be a big seller.  This is true from a physical standpoint as well as a digital standpoint.
    FFG really needs to get past the mindset of not mixing and matching expansions.
    If they truly do come out with a D3e, I will not buy it if they don't plan from the outset to develop and support the game in this manner.  Further, I want to also make it clear that while digital, cooperative play is welcome, I also want to play this game as 1 v many ... in other words, an active Overlord role.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Steel82 in Hero Mixup   
    How about a cavalry version of Ardus? Would fit greatly with the Death Knights.
    But in general, I really think that regular troops and heroes should be very distinct, so simple mix-up wouln't do it for me.
    Heroes having mounting options that are clearly related to normal troops (but still in some way special) are great though. Thinking about Hawthorne and  Aliana. This actually makes me sad that there is no bone horror cav unit that synergizes with Maro. Also, a cavalry command expansion would be great.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Parakitor in Hero Mixup   
    How about a cavalry version of Ardus? Would fit greatly with the Death Knights.
    But in general, I really think that regular troops and heroes should be very distinct, so simple mix-up wouln't do it for me.
    Heroes having mounting options that are clearly related to normal troops (but still in some way special) are great though. Thinking about Hawthorne and  Aliana. This actually makes me sad that there is no bone horror cav unit that synergizes with Maro. Also, a cavalry command expansion would be great.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Hepitude in Hero Mixup   
    How about a cavalry version of Ardus? Would fit greatly with the Death Knights.
    But in general, I really think that regular troops and heroes should be very distinct, so simple mix-up wouln't do it for me.
    Heroes having mounting options that are clearly related to normal troops (but still in some way special) are great though. Thinking about Hawthorne and  Aliana. This actually makes me sad that there is no bone horror cav unit that synergizes with Maro. Also, a cavalry command expansion would be great.
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    Chaoticus reacted to Sadgit in New expansion wanted   
    Zaltyre, Painkeeper any myself are currently putting together a community expansion. We are in the play-testing stage at the moment. The working title is Weapons of War as it includes Zaltyre's great mini campaign of the same name. Weapons of War will be an expansion to D2e very similar to the official small box expansions (Trollfens, Lair of the Wyrm, etc.). It will include high quality, thoroughly play-tested components developed by the community.
    Obviously, we will not ship physical components. However, we will provide all the digital materials needed together with detailed instructions for how to obtain physical stuff (e.g. cards via printerstudio, minis from Reaper Bones, etc.). As we will not be able to add new map tiles, Weapons of War will include a new, challenging coop variant as an alternative play mode instead. This coop mode is called Road to Peril and will allow playing the Weapons of War and the Heirs of Blood campaigns without a human OL.

    List of components: 

    2 new heroes (1 healer and  1 mage)
    2 new classes 
    2 new monsters 
    1 new condition
    1 new mini campaign (Weapons of War)
    1 new search deck
    components for Road to Peril
    1 rule book
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    Chaoticus reacted to any2cards in News just showed up in the Descent News!   
    You guys REALLY need to get some help ... ???
    This on-going non-reality fantasy across multiple threads that has many of you thinking that we will ever see new physical D2e content, and then talking about it ad nauseam, and then extrapolating every little hidden hint to back up the claim ... well ... it gave me a good laugh this morning.  Well Done.
    Now, go get some help ... LOL
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from subtrendy2 in Best Places to Pick Up Hard to Find Products?   
    If you are only interested in the mini of Ardus, check out the Runewars the Miniatures game version.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Jukey in Happy Friday! Neutral Artifacts   
    How about:
    At the start of the game, choose a colour. All modifiers (on the dial of that hero) of  that colour are considered white.
    That would for example allow Kari to dial in a precision symbol on her ranged attack. Or use her defence in any situation.
    Hawthorne could shift-march 2. Or turn-march 2
    Ardus would't profit much
    Maro could attack at ranged + move 2 or use his ability and move.
    Lord vorunthul would get a speed 4 charge.
    etc, etc.
    Too strong?
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    Chaoticus reacted to any2cards in My desire for 3rd Edition   
    I will not buy a further edition of this game unless there is an option of 1-v-many.  In other words, I want an Overlord.
    For me, this is a board game.  I have little, to no desire, to use an app while playing a board game.  Having said that, as long as the app allows me to optionally be the OL, I would live with it.
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    Chaoticus reacted to Sidious78 in My desire for 3rd Edition   
    I couldn't disagree more about removing the Overlord. It adds a loot of tension and psychology when you are with a good group. The absence of an OL is actually one of the very few issues I have with Gloomhaven.
    I've been testing out the Road to Legend-app the last week, and I'm very positively surprised about it. Great fun and a huge potential. It's good to see all of the expansion-tiles used in one campaign.
    D3ed will without a doubt be based on using an app. But I do not see why that should eliminate the OL. At least make it optional. Instead, the app could ensure randomly generated maps/events, that will add what Descent is REALLY missing: The sense of EXPLORATION!
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Maktorius in Homebrewn Dunwarr Dwarves! [Updated Aug 10th]   
    Cool Ideas.
    Your Cleavers don't have dice for their ranged attack though.
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    Chaoticus reacted to Bhelliom in Want to learn more about the factions? Read on...   
    Uthuk Y'llan
    "The weak have forgotten who we are. We were exiles, yes—but heirs, also. Heirs to Llovar, the greatest of us all. Now the Westmen, the Dhawc, and the Ylairc shall know the bite of Llovar’s locusts once more!"
       –Malaana, witch of the Blood Coven
    In the age of the First Darkness, Llovar led the locust swarm of the Uthuk Y’llan into glorious battle, consuming all that lay in their path. Only the combined strength of Humankind, Elves, and Dwarves under the combined leadership of Timmoran and Waiqar prevented the Uthuk victory as the locusts were thrown back and pushed to the edge of extinction. Over the course of centuries, the Uthuk gathered their strength. Timmoran has disappeared and Waiqar has turned against the mortals with his own force of undead warriors. Now is the time to strike.
    East beyond the careful watch of Hernfar Isle in Terrinoth’s northeast, and as far south as the edge of the Aymhelin, the sun-bleached steppes of the Ru gleam across the wide Lothan River. The inhospitable lands are home to the vicious, demon-worshipping tribes of the Uthuk Y’llan. Once thought dead, the ancient enemy has returned from exile in the distant east to ravage Terrinoth once more.
    Savage ferocity and sacrifice are the primary Uthuk themes. Everyone wants to fight on their own terms, but the Uthuk force their enemy to respond to them, giving absolutely no breathing room. Rushing across the field, you can start putting out the hurt early, striking where your enemy is weak, and ****, where they're strong too. 
    With some of the more technical elements of the Uthuk lineup not yet released, the core plan is usually to leverage your overwhelming speed and efficiency to force the enemy into a straight fight, and revel in the carnage. Notably, many Uthuk units make excellent use of terrain, not nearly as tripped-up by it as most armies. If you like setting the pace of a game, they just might be the right fit for you.
    Ravos the Everhungry

    The embodiment of ruthlessness and greed, Ravos the Everhungry manifests every aspect valued by the Uthuk Y’llan. The hulking creature is covered in bulging, sagging tissue and sharpened, bony growths. Open gashes crisscross his enormous belly and thighs and weep a foul substance with every movement. A stranger to both fear and mercy, the deadly warrior is armed with a brutal scythe of bone, inscribed with unholy bronzed scrawls. This foul blade means death for any who come too close, regardless of whether they are friend or foe. If there is any end to this demonic general's thirst for blood, no one has yet seen it.
    Ravos is incredibly dangerous. More than any other hero so far, he is an offensive wrecking ball, charging deep into enemy lines to wreck things. Beware though, for his hunger knows no bounds, and he will inflict a wound to something nearby at the end of every turn, even if it's an ally, or, worse, himself!
    With Brutal, Precise, and 3 attack dice, Ravos does plenty of damage. He attacks at either 3 or 6 with either a hit or TWO morale symbols, and has a unique surge to deal 1 wound to all enemies at range 1. So yeah, very capable combatant. 2 Defense and 7 wounds means he's very tough, but vulnerable to being chipped away at. In emergencies, he can Rally and increase defense super early at initiative 2, increasing his total toughness by about 50%. For bringing him, you put a panic token on every enemy unit after setup, which is somewhere between cool and awesome, depending on the enemy. If you opponent is planning to store up some inspiration tokens, this wastes their first rally, and otherwise it just makes for bigger morale tests earlier. Goodness gracious he's fast. He can move 4 (+1 if you have a friendly Warsprinter) at initiative 8, then another 2 at the end of the round with Insatiable Hunger. Find him an opening, and he will rocket across the board to exploit it. Kethra A'laak

    The witch Kethra A’laak stands apart from all others within the swarm. Although sworn to the Blood Coven which taught her, great and terrible ambitions burn within her, and her elevation into the coven has only strengthened her dreams of conquest and glory. Considered unpredictable by many of her peers, Kethra’s ruthlessness is not out of place amidst the sisterhood of the Blood Coven.
    Kethra A’laak is known to travel among different territories to sow the seeds of discord among witches in the Ru Darklands. She stays long enough to stir rivalries between covens, then slips away before any retribution can befall her. But should a jealous sister of the Blood Coven attempt to confront her, she is more than capable of dispatching them: Kethra was marked by the Gore Claws tribe as a witch while still very young, and cast into a series of trials alongside numerous other would-be apprentices. Kethra fed each of her rivals to the Ynfernael one by one, spilling their blood and offering up their souls, until her pledge of service to the demonic powers was answered; the dark forces gifted her with unnatural strength, her very body suffused with unnatural magic.
    Not as fast as Ravos, but quite quick and maneuverable, Kethra brings some cool stuff. Still quite dangerous with 2 white dice, brutal, and precise, you don't want to run her in wildly.
    First, her skill action - you choose a friendly unit anywhere on the board and roll a white die. That unit and any enemies at range 1-2 suffer wounds equal to the number of hits. Uthuk are great at doing damage, but this lets you very flexibly apply direct wounds to hard targets. As discussed, she does good damage, but her surge ability informs her target priorities: for each surge you spend, you deal 2 damage to your target. It's great, BUT, it's not a surge+ ability, meaning it does individual instances of 2 damage. If your opponent is Defense 3 or higher, it cannot hurt them. Use her to mulch infantry and some cavalry, but steer clear of the tough stuff (though she has a mortal strike on the dial, so...). Her two unique upgrades specialize her role: Bonecaster lets her attack at range which is obviously incredible, and Kingsbone Armor increases her Defense by 1 and deals 2 damage to an enemy that collides with her/she collides with or that activates in contact with her. For bringing her, you get to choose two allies at the beginning of the game to gain Unnatural Growths, which deals 2 damage to anyone that attacks them. As a figure upgrade, she lets you replace one of your dice with a white, and also brings her excellent action ability, so you can pretty easily tech in some direct wounding if you need it. Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar and Gorgemaw

    In the steppes of the Ru Darklands, parents pray for their children to be blessed by the dark touch of the Ynfernael, marking them for glory. Th’Uk Tar was thus marked with hooked legs and razor-sharp fangs, leading his mother to leave him in the heart of the Ru for him to grow strong or die, in accordance with the ancient Laws of Tarn'khara.
    But the child did not die. Through some profane connection with the monsters that thrive in the broken lands, Th’Uk Tar was taken in by the deadly caecilian Gorgemaw and raised as its own. Years later, he returned to his village, followed by his monsters, to take his place as chief and to claim the title of Beastmaster.
    So it's two different versions of the same hero: with and without his snake-monster pal. With it he is a quick, versatile striker, and without he is primarily a support model. Lacking Brutal in either form he's not an obvious big damage dealer, but we'll have to wait and see how that goes. Either way, he has long melee reach, being able to attack anyone at range 1 in his front arc.
    With Gorgemaw, his Defense increases to 3 (combined with 5 wounds and Protected 1 makes him very respectably tough), he has the option of increasing the speed of any advances he reveals by 1, can modify shifts with a turn, and gains the scout keyword! Without knowing his dial it's tough to say, but this is certainly the setup for a quick fella. He also gets Lethal 1. On his own, he has the special action ability to cause a wound to a non-unique ally at range 1-2 in exchange for making them do a Reform or Speed 1 shift. That ability is incredible, and will make for countless flank charges, dodges, and blocks. After setup, if you have Gorgemaw, you can assign a wound to each ally at range 1-5 to give them an Inspiration Token, or if Th'Uk Tar is on his own he can redeploy a friendly non-unique unit to within range 1 of himself. I would say the redeploy is more useful, though an inspiration token in exchange for a single Berserker or wound on a Flesh Ripper is pretty great. Infantry:

    No tribesman of the Uthuk Y’llan is weak after surviving the crucible of life in the Darklands, but only the truly mighty can survive long in the front ranks of a Berserker warband. These fearless assailants make up the infantry of the Locust hordes. Infamous for the unearthly scream they unleash as they run frenzied into battle strikes panic into the hearts of their enemies. Any soldier who hears their cry knows that their opponent is the embodiment of evil and, while they appear close to human, they have no sense of compassion and offer no mercy.
    Point at enemy, let carnage ensue. Berserkers are great, if not very diverse: they're cheap, either tying or coming in a couple points more than Reanimates, they have a pretty solid set of maneuvers (no curved charge on the dial which is interesting), they have Steadfast (Fear) (this is great do not underestimate it), and they fight at 4 with a hit modifier. They also have the special ability to suffer up to two wounds to gain that much Lethal, which is often a good trade. Now, some finer points:
    Like most infantry, they really shine with upgrades. The Front Line Spined Thresher gives them Brutal, making them a respectable deathstar. Aggressive Shrieker makes all of their maneuvers charges, which combines especially well with Warsprinter - on a good turn, you can charge seven. Add things like Bloodfire Witch to help control the Runes, Cacophony Reaver to tilt the morale game in your favour, and an Equipment slot to round things out. Lethal 2 doesn't sound like a big deal, but it can often be the difference between killing a blocker and being stuck in combat for another turn. Berserker lives are cheap, trade them up! Take a look at Bannerscamp and Bloodrage Conduit. I don't know if it's good, but there's some real neat stuff you can build for. Experiment! Viper Legion Archers

    The ranks of the Uthuk Y’llan are filled with berserkers and demons from the depths of the Ynfernael, yet in the midst of these terrors lurks a less obvious threat that is no less deadly. One of the few truly sacrosanct traditions of the Uthuk Y’llan is the practice of Hgri’ech, where warriors follow in the steps of Uthuk heroes like Kul the Serpent, who killed thousands with his ambushes and deadly toxins. His worshippers, the cunning archers of the Viper Legion, provide ranged support to the armies of the Uthuk Y’llan with poison-tipped arrows that can kill with a single scratch. 
    Ranged support! Up until now, Uthuk have been all about aggression, so some variety is quite welcome. Plus, when you get right down to it, it can be very difficult to fit 200 points up front and fighting, so a ranged attack can help you better leverage your offense. 
    Cool synergy with the Uthuk panic engine. If the opponent has a bane on them, both of their surge abilities (maybe, it's not currently well-defined that unique surges are in fact surges) go down to costing just one surge. Surge for Lethal on a ranged attack with two blue dice is pretty dang good, and so is dropping additional panic. Pretty good home for Cacophony Reaver, Bloodfire Witch, and Mutilated Grotesque, Rallying Shrieker. Dial is pretty solid, with a standout option being the red reform. Being able to shoot while adjusting your firing arc is a great way to stay relevant. Viper Trapmaster and Ritual Venom are great ways to get banes where you want them. Blight and Immobilize are particularly strong, so look forward to having your plans ruined by these creeps! Cavalry:
    Flesh Rippers

    Any who look into the glowing eyes of the Flesh Rippers know that death is soon to follow. Once one of these **** hounds has caught the scent of blood beating in the heart of its target, it will not give up the hunt until it has claimed the life of the damned. They answer only to their summoners, and at times even this is not enough to keep them from ripping their Uthuk handlers to shreds. 
    The deadly Flesh Rippers are some of the most useful units of the Uthuk army. They are swift and unrelenting assailants on the battlefield, they can smell the blood of enemies’ hearts at great distances, and witches of the Blood Coven can reach into their minds to perceive the world through the beasts’ own senses. This magic allows them to know when a great host marches, or a village’s protectors redeploy, enabling strikes at vulnerable, unprotected targets.
    Fast fast fast. Very fast, gotta go fast. Their dial looks a bit meh, but their defining ability is that at the beginning of their activation, they must perform a speed 1 advance. Let's look at that:
    First off, one of their Unique upgrades (let's be honest, it's the good one) is Dead Sprint, which lets them either increase the speed of their mandatory speed 1 advance by 1 or treat it as modified by a turn. Either go faster, or change direction, so far so good. Terrain. If you enter terrain with your beginning of activation move, it still ends their activation, but exiting is another matter altogether. If Flesh Rippers start the round in terrain, be very afraid, because they will pop out facing any direction and then move freely, probably charging somewhere you don't want charged. Speed and maneuverability: it's worth playing around with on the table a bit, because they can cover some truly impressive ground. If you need someone to go to a variety of specific places on the board, you can do much worse than Flesh Rippers. As charging goes, they're pretty much the kings on initiative 3, though with their next advance coming at 5 AND with speed equal to unstable, they're less dominant outside of the early turn. In combat they are solid. Rolling three dice will always be good, though their surge ability suffers against units with high defense. 1 defense 3 wounds is an interesting profile, tough but vulnerable to chip damage.  Siege:
    Spined Threshers

    A single spined thresher summoned from the Ynfernael is powerful enough to tear apart a barricade, decimate a village, or consume an unlucky patrol. In groups, these demons 
can withstand the charges of armored knights and tear down castle walls with ease. Among their only weaknesses are their unruly natures and the great difficulty and cost of the rituals used to summon them. However, as the Uthuk return to the lands of their ancient enemies, the difficulty of acquiring blood for the sacrifices lessens with each town razed or keep sacked, so more threshers are brought into the mortal realm to continue their gruesome harvest.
    Dreaded, and for good reason. Spined Threshers are probably the most efficient pure combat unit in the game, combining durability and damage in a lovely mix, with a dash of morale for flavour - after they activate, each enemy at range 1-Unstable without a panic token gains one, and they get to reroll one die when attacking a unit with panic.
    2 defense 5 wounds is tough to chew through. 10 total damage is a fair chunk, and mortal strikes are not very valuable. They take effort to shift. Two red dice with Brutal and a probably reroll is solid stuff. With the hit AND morale on the dial, you can be pretty well assured that they'll be dishing out damage and morale tests. A little on the slow side as Uthuk go, but they can still get up close and personal pretty quick. The recently released Scuttling Horrors upgrade shores up their mobility pretty nicely too, letting them perform a speed 1 shift after all dials are locked in, but only sideways. Like Flesh Rippers, you can expect them to pop out of terrain and pounce. As Heavy upgrades, you get either the Brutal and the reroll tech (Frontline) or the panic token distribution and Steadfast (Fear). Both are pretty great, but if you're spending 60+ points on a unit you're probably going for the extra threat. Obscenes

    There are some among the Uthuk Y’llan who do not merely accept the gifts of the Ynfernael and instead choose to gorge themselves on all the power they can grasp. The Ynfernael shall gladly feed their appetites, but at a terrible cost. These select Uthuk tribesmen, known as the Obscenes, gain immense power, becoming huge and bloated while still maintaining a supernatural speed, provided they continue to feed. When the massive army of the Uthuk Y’llan takes to the battlefield, these ravenous tribesmen will continue to fight and feast until they are slain or nothing remains for them to consume.
    The Uthuk's 'technical' unit, we don't yet know enough about Obscenes to get a good sense for them. Compared to Spined Threshers, they're a hair cheaper, lack the Brutal and reroll tech but DO get an extra blue die. Protected in exchange for one less wound is probably a slight increase in durability, but of course it depends on what's attacking. What's really interesting is their special action:
    For a special action, they can choose an enemy engaged with them (that has no more than three times their number of trays) and force it to perform a speed-1 shift.  This ability's usefulness is going to depend hugely on their dial. Attacking and then knocking away their enemy before a counterattack would be neat, as would the option to knock away at an early initiative. Personally I'm hoping they'll have the option to knock away and then charge back in, enabling them to beat a unit back across the field. In any case, interesting control tech.  These will also be available as Heavy Upgrades, so we can probably look forward to Berserkers pushing units around.
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    Chaoticus reacted to werdnaegni in Uthuk brought to par   
    A wizard is not fast. He arrives precisely when he means to.
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    Chaoticus reacted to Xelto in Latari hero and regular unit announced   
    I'm going to be snagging some of the skirmishers, myself.
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    Chaoticus reacted to Zaltyre in Quick Sir Valadir Question   
    Try thinking of it this way:
    Valadir's ability is essentially "you may pay one fatigue to add a surge", while the runic knowledge skill is, "you may pay one surge to suffer fatigue and add 2 damage to the attack results."  In the first case, the fatigue is how the ability is triggered. In the second, the fatigue is part of the effect. The difference is subtle.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Proto Persona in Quick Sir Valadir Question   
    I think there is a small, but important difference here:
    In general, if you are max fatigued, you can never suffer fatigue voluntarily. Using skills (that have  fatigue costs), including the heroic ability is suffering fatigue voluntarily. The runemaster skill is however slightly different. He is using a surge ability voluntarily which causes him to suffer one damage in fatigue. The fatigue damage is not a cost, but an effect of that surge.
    Hope that helps.
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    Chaoticus reacted to werdnaegni in New article posted!!!   
    Tabletop Admiral updated
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    Chaoticus reacted to Aetheriac in New article posted!!!   
    Daranti Warriors
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    Chaoticus reacted to Bhelliom in New article posted!!!   
    Oh my goodness gracious...!!!
    Ok so this is fantastic on Leonx. Being able to advance-shift-shift at initiative 3 means they can dodge virtually any enemy, and it's also great everywhere on their dial. Might not take it every game, but boy howdy will they be flexible with it.
    Pretty great on Archers too! With Precise built in they don't care as much about rank discipline, and with multiple sources of off-dial shifting they can be virtually guaranteed to get mileage out of it.
    On Darnati... I mean it's not bad, but they're the worst at leveraging it.
    Oh goodness it triggers off of wind rune.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Felin in Descent Damage Calculator   
    you set the yellow in the normal row and one blue-set dice in the set row. This way you get the correct result.
    What you set was 1blue (normal) 1blue(set) 1yellow(normal). And because of the normal blue dice, you got a 1/6 chance of rolling an X.
    @ Felin:
    Good Idea, I'll add that in the next version.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Sadgit in Descent Damage Calculator   
    you set the yellow in the normal row and one blue-set dice in the set row. This way you get the correct result.
    What you set was 1blue (normal) 1blue(set) 1yellow(normal). And because of the normal blue dice, you got a 1/6 chance of rolling an X.
    @ Felin:
    Good Idea, I'll add that in the next version.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Sadgit in Descent Damage Calculator   
    I thought about this. Problem is, the way the script is written makes that tests a lot more complicated. I'll think about an elegant way.
    It would be very nice though, given cards like befuddle and items like the lucky charm.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Zaltyre in Descent Damage Calculator   
    after more than a year I can finally release an update for my damage calculator. (Thanks go to Sadgit for reminding me)
    Fixed Issues:
    1) Prettier Icons for the melee and Ranged attack (thanks go to Sadgit for providing the icons)
    2) Buttons for AP (absolute Probability) and CP (cumulative Probability) resized to fit the text
    New Features:
    1) The Attribute test finally works (sorry it took so long)
    2) Re-roll on X for the blue die
    3) Setting the Attack die to the face (2 damage, 2 range, 1 surge) on X (i.e. max Damage)
    The latter two options are still a bit experimental. They work, but are not intuitive and prone errors by the user.
    This is how they work:
    1) Set an attack (o.e. blue red)
    1b) click calculate if you want to see the graph
    2) click "Re-roll" or "set Attack" once. The number indicated in the blue die is decreased by 1 (and a modified blue attack die that gets you the chances for "re-roll on X" is included; this is invisible to the user)
    3) click calculate
    4) Click the "x" next to the dice to reset!
    I need to think of a better way to add re-rolls. Especially since there are also weapons/skills that allow for a re-roll of a power die. Also, re-rolls will be added to the defence dice. Coming soon... (less than a year).
    Any other features you'd like to see? I'm thinking of a drop-down menu to get the attributes for each hero quickly. Maybe I can do this also for the attack and defence pages to quickly compare items.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Charmy in Class Card Question   
    If you buy a Class card, you keep it for the rest of the Campaign and you can't sell it again unless a specific rule allows you to do so. You are only limited by the amount of XP you get during a campaign. For heroes, this is typically 8 XP. The Overlord can get a lot more XP since he often gets one additional XP if he wins a quest. Still, he can't sell his old cards to regain XP and get new cards unless specific rule allows him to. In the Shadow rune, there is one Quest rewards which can trigger that.
    So don't buy bad cards, you might regret it.
    Of course, if everybody in your playgroup agrees, you can do the re-selling to test different skills and cards. Good for newcomers.
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    Chaoticus got a reaction from Volkren in Trials of Frostgate - Official Announcement   
    I bought this add-on as well but I must say that I'm a bit disappointed by this game-mode. My issues are:
    1) Infinity mode means that the party will always loose at the end of the day. There is literally no way to win. A bit meh to hunt for a stupid high score but ok.
    2) Very limited XP (6 or so) which means only limited builds. (But this is not my biggest issue)
    3) More importantly: very limited loot, especially in all trials except the Trial of the Lion. In these other trials you have to search search tokens and then you get either a potion or 3 items from the current act (and you can keep only one!). This means: only about 3 to 4 items per act if you manage to flip all search tokens. If you cannot loot all act I search tokens, you loose them as they are replaced by new tokes when the transition to act 2 happens. Since the trials challenge you with quite hard (or a lot of) monsters right from the start it is of utmost importance to get loot. This means also that the starting equipment (especially the weapon) is very important. Classes with a weak starting weapon are therefore quite the challenge. Also, classes that require a certain equipment type (i.e. runes) have a serious disadvantage.
    4) The design of the trials leads to the problem that you must choose your hero group to match EXACTLY the requirements and anything else brings certain doom (very fast). For example: in the trial of the Lion, you have to fight a so called combatant (a monster with bonus health or a lieutenant ). However you also have to destroy some crystals (tokens) which bring harmful effects if you don't destroy them. 1 to 3 crystals spawn every round, distributed around the map. This means that 2 Heroes fight the combatant while the other 2 run around the map and destroy these stupid crystals. They have basically no time to do anything else. In the other modes (I have tried the Bear), this is more or less the same with the search tokens as these are your only source of loot.
    Generally, I like the idea to have a game mode which is much shorter than a complete campaign and provides a faster game progression, but the Delve is so much better with that regards. The game design of the trials simply discourages  you to try out something unusual (or draw random classes/heroes) as the game effects play a dominant role. And I hate being killed by a message that says "A hero suffers X damage" without a monster even moving a claw, just because I wasn't able to get to that stupid token.
    So, all in all, a meh expansion even though I thought the arena-Idea would be quite nice.
    In conclusion, my feedback for the developers:
    1) Make it more about fighting monsters and less about hunting tokens. If hunting for tokens: make it more about positive effects not avoiding negative ones.
    2) A bit more loot. Or at least: draw more cards from which to choose from.
    3) Some start loot or an easier start to give classes with weak starting gear a chance.
    4) Make more use of the relics. 
    5) For owners of Chains and/or mists: make use of tainted cards maybe?
    6) Fore owners of Labyrinth: use Allys?
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