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  1. How about a cavalry version of Ardus? Would fit greatly with the Death Knights. But in general, I really think that regular troops and heroes should be very distinct, so simple mix-up wouln't do it for me. Heroes having mounting options that are clearly related to normal troops (but still in some way special) are great though. Thinking about Hawthorne and Aliana. This actually makes me sad that there is no bone horror cav unit that synergizes with Maro. Also, a cavalry command expansion would be great.
  2. My mistake. I meant the standard 3x6. Nothing special here. We had 7 units each in that 300 pt game. Definitely not overcrowded.
  3. I tried a 300 point game tonight with a friend as well. Pretty cool in my opinion. The 3x9 battelfield was not too small, but we both ran a spearstar / deadstar. It could be a bit crowded with 12 units, but then, they are smaller. This actually makes my wonder how a 2vs2 game (say at 150 points each) would go.
  4. If you are only interested in the mini of Ardus, check out the Runewars the Miniatures game version.
  5. Another interesting mechanic would be to interact with the dail. An artefact that would allow the hero 1) to look at any unrevealed dial. This would have to come at an early initiative. and/or 2) change a modifier (or even the whole dial) on one friendly unit (or a unit in range 1-x) Would be a very interesting (non pure damage/recovery) mechanic, messing with a core feature of the game: the guess what I have dialed in game-of-chicken. As this would be very strong, the artefact should exhaust when used.
  6. How about: At the start of the game, choose a colour. All modifiers (on the dial of that hero) of that colour are considered white. That would for example allow Kari to dial in a precision symbol on her ranged attack. Or use her defence in any situation. Hawthorne could shift-march 2. Or turn-march 2 Ardus would't profit much Maro could attack at ranged + move 2 or use his ability and move. Lord vorunthul would get a speed 4 charge. etc, etc. Too strong?
  7. Cool Ideas. Your Cleavers don't have dice for their ranged attack though.
  8. I think it would be a bit more intuitive if ffg would have used the word "pay" instead of "suffer" whenever they refer to a hero voluntarily loosing fatigue.
  9. I think there is a small, but important difference here: In general, if you are max fatigued, you can never suffer fatigue voluntarily. Using skills (that have fatigue costs), including the heroic ability is suffering fatigue voluntarily. The runemaster skill is however slightly different. He is using a surge ability voluntarily which causes him to suffer one damage in fatigue. The fatigue damage is not a cost, but an effect of that surge. Hope that helps.
  10. Thank you for your hint. I found that its best to create the quests anew using opera. With firefox, there are issues when using the quest vault. Not only with regards to saving the data, but also with adding/removing expansions since the buttons are missing.
  11. Indeed. I edited one of my quests today and the changes are lost. Very disappointing.
  12. I decided to continue working on a campaing I startet more than a year ago. The quest vault is a great tool and an updated version would be great. I fear I cannot help with the development, but would love to see something like this happening.
  13. Hello. My group and I encountered a question to which we couldn't find an answer anywhere. My Geomancer carries the Staff of Greyhaven and wants to use Earthen Anguish to perform an attack on a stone that gives blast. The earthen anguish card specifically says that range and line of sight is ignored (but only for declaring the attack?), while the Staff of Greyhaven gives Sorcery 3 (convert up to 3 range to 3 damage or vice versa). Can I convert rolled range to boost the damage of the attack? If so, from where is it measured? Thanks!
  14. @Sadgit: you set the yellow in the normal row and one blue-set dice in the set row. This way you get the correct result. What you set was 1blue (normal) 1blue(set) 1yellow(normal). And because of the normal blue dice, you got a 1/6 chance of rolling an X. @ Felin: Good Idea, I'll add that in the next version.
  15. I thought about this. Problem is, the way the script is written makes that tests a lot more complicated. I'll think about an elegant way. It would be very nice though, given cards like befuddle and items like the lucky charm.
  16. A new version of the Damage Calculator is online. I have replaced the checkboxes with buttons that allow to add reroll-dice and set dice to the attack pool. Furthermore, the same options have been added to the defence pool as well. Similar options now also exist for the surge and defence pages. A few things to know about the rerolls: 1) Calculating these probabilities needs a few assumptions since I don't know for which results one would use a re-roll. So, I made the (reasonable) assumption that a die is re-rolled if it rolls the worst face. I have generally chosen the worst result of all. (i.e, X, blank, only 1 damage). For the green die, I made the assumption that a surge is worth more than 1 damage. 2) For the dice that are set, I have to make 2 Assumptions: 1: when to use the ability? and 2: which face to choose. I had the monk's 3XP skill Vow of Freedom in mind, which basically allows you to set dice after your roll is a complete loss. This idea is transferred to all dice, even though abilities that allow you to set such dice don't exist (if I recall correctly). I am then assuming that face that gives you the most damage is chosen (face 2 damage, 1surge, 2 range for the blue dice). For the monk using Vow of Freedom and a exotic bow, this is however wrong (for long shots) as one would pick the face that gives the highest damage while keeping the range restriction in mind. Factoring that in would make things a lot more complicated, so I simply decided to leave that out. It's a good assumption for melee though. enjoy.
  17. Hello, after more than a year I can finally release an update for my damage calculator. (Thanks go to Sadgit for reminding me) Fixed Issues: 1) Prettier Icons for the melee and Ranged attack (thanks go to Sadgit for providing the icons) 2) Buttons for AP (absolute Probability) and CP (cumulative Probability) resized to fit the text New Features: 1) The Attribute test finally works (sorry it took so long) 2) Re-roll on X for the blue die 3) Setting the Attack die to the face (2 damage, 2 range, 1 surge) on X (i.e. max Damage) The latter two options are still a bit experimental. They work, but are not intuitive and prone errors by the user. This is how they work: 1) Set an attack (o.e. blue red) 1b) click calculate if you want to see the graph 2) click "Re-roll" or "set Attack" once. The number indicated in the blue die is decreased by 1 (and a modified blue attack die that gets you the chances for "re-roll on X" is included; this is invisible to the user) 3) click calculate 4) Click the "x" next to the dice to reset! I need to think of a better way to add re-rolls. Especially since there are also weapons/skills that allow for a re-roll of a power die. Also, re-rolls will be added to the defence dice. Coming soon... (less than a year). Any other features you'd like to see? I'm thinking of a drop-down menu to get the attributes for each hero quickly. Maybe I can do this also for the attack and defence pages to quickly compare items.
  18. I did, but there was no information about this case. (Neither is about Rumor Quests and Allies) I think it makes sense to remove campaign-specific things like allies and tainted cards as rumor quests could be broken if keeping this items. Thanks for the answer anyway.
  19. Hello, I am wondering how rumour quests are meant to be played when playing the Mists of Bilehall/Chains that rust campaign? The rulebook says that heroes play with tainted cards in all quests, however this might change some balances as rumour quests are not designed with this mechanic in mind. Also, the win-condition to knock out every hero is missing. How would you play these quests? cheers
  20. If you buy a Class card, you keep it for the rest of the Campaign and you can't sell it again unless a specific rule allows you to do so. You are only limited by the amount of XP you get during a campaign. For heroes, this is typically 8 XP. The Overlord can get a lot more XP since he often gets one additional XP if he wins a quest. Still, he can't sell his old cards to regain XP and get new cards unless specific rule allows him to. In the Shadow rune, there is one Quest rewards which can trigger that. So don't buy bad cards, you might regret it. Of course, if everybody in your playgroup agrees, you can do the re-selling to test different skills and cards. Good for newcomers.
  21. I like the more realistic art-style they used for Vyrath. A lot.
  22. Yeah. I'm also annoyed that they push solely their Star Wars theme and seem to abandon Terrinoth. I fear for the worst for Runewars as well. I accept that there are already a lot of expansions for Descent and one has (as a company) to work on other projects. Still, they should keep doing minimal support for their products. It is us who bought this game and would happily buy Descent 3rd edition. Only problem is that in their mind, Descent 3rd edition is called AI.
  23. I am aware that lair and trollfens rumors favour the heroes much more than the OL, which is exactly my issue. The campaign we are playing right now (Heirs of Blood without rumours) is very well balanced. However, I played the OL once in a Shadowrune campaign with 2 rumors per act (1 Lair, 1 Trollfens) and felt pretty much steam rolled at the end. Still, we'd like to add rumors to the new campaign for fun and new content. I was only a little bit concerned about their impact on the balancing, but I guess 1 rumor is fine. 2 are probably too much. Thanks for your input.
  24. Hello. Me and my friends want to start a fresh campaign next year. This time it will be the combined Mist of Bilehall and Chains that Rust campaign. From reading the quest description it sounds like it is a quite difficult campaign for the heroes and we would like to bring one Rumour-Quest into the game to give the heroes a bit of an edge. Also we haven't played around with the rumour deck yet and thought it will be fun. This is of course a bit of a disadvantage for the OL as we all know (although he gets a few options to mess with the heroes shopping step as well). So the question is about balancing. Would a single bonus mission (well 2; 1 per act) totally tip the balance or is this campaign difficult enough to avoid the snowball effect? We are also thinking about removing the Rumour Quests from Lair of the Wyrm and Trollfens as the Rewards for the OL are rather 'meh' in these quests whereas the ones for the heroes are awesome. (I own all boxed expansions and 2 H&M expansions.) What is your experience with this campaign?
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