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  1. Star Wars RPGs were never offered in digital format due to licensing limits set by Lucasfilm.
  2. At last... Is this the game licence´s deathbed bell? And STILL no comment?
  3. What problems could there possibly be with the rules?
  4. There have been no news about Battlelore at Gencon, have there?
  5. I would hope so, if only for the game not being finished with the third warpack-cycle. If there was really AM as new faction, it were 3 Imperials in contrast to all other. I don´t think this would be so interesting, though. I really can´t imagine any other faction either. As for the allies wheel, all factions are already out in the open.
  6. I´m afraid and rather sure, that Tom Vassel confused this game with WH40k Conquest. That game´s Tyranid Expansion is already out in the open.
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