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  1. Haha! It's my game. ALL the games our group plays are mine, with one exception (Firefly) But I didn't want to have to resort to that if it was possible to articulate the error in their thinking. It was admittedly frustrating to have two first timers tell me I didn't know how to play a game that I'd played over 100 times over the past 25 years... And the last thing I want is to be patronized... "Ok, we'll play it YOUR way..." Game Night starts in 20 minutes or so. We'll see how it goes...
  2. Is there an example of a card that says "even after the dice are rolled"? Because that would help a LOT
  3. Am I the Rules lawyer here? I just don't want to devote 5 hours to game and then have it broken by something like this, which is exactly what happened. It was a crucial point in the game that essentially sealed the winner. Playing further in disagreement was impossible at that point. Had it been ANY other game I would've just said ok and moved along, but that rule seems so essential to the understanding and very essence of the game (I envision a roll of dice as a physical battle occurring, and the ability to drink a potion or cast a spell that increases your fighting prowess AFTER you've swung your sword ruined that entire vision) and having played over a hundred times and then to be told by people who had never played that essentially I played the game incorrectly my whole life was just too tough a pill to swallow.
  4. Osbo25... Being that any and all methods for convincing my friends of the way the game is intended to be played was something I was practically begging for, your addition about how the DE is played is certainly welcome as far as I'm concerned, and I actually purchased the DE specifically to record the scenario in action. After two play throughs, the situation never arose and I gave up playing because it just wasn't any fun to play against AI on my phone. I'm hoping this thread and the other I posted will be enough to convince them. Considering they wrote to FFG and were told that the card was indeed played properly, I'm a little dubious about their willingness to reconsider, but I think they'll come around. I could totally see them arguing that since the DE seems to have several instances of bugging, it might not serve as a legitimate source, and apparently a coworker they spoke with who plays the DE told them that there was indeed an opportunity to cast the spell after the dice had been rolled. In regard to FFG support completely getting the ruling wrong, is this something that can be rectified? Do they even care? My friend wrote a rather detailed account that in my opinion was a bit too much information, but nonetheless covered the entirety of the situation. The answer was two very short sentences, as though the guy couldn't be bothered to elaborate. And on top of that, the two sentences were wrong. I'm guessing I should never place a wager that is dependent on their Rules Clarification Department?
  5. They would argue that the ability to cast the spell at any time is at variance with the rule book, specifically the Battle Sequence that requires you to make any adjustments during step 2. Since the spell is "cast at anytime" they feel they can ignore the battle sequence. Although now that I'm reading specifically "special ability or effect" I see what you're saying. Since the spell is neither a special ability or an effect, then the casting of the spell must fall into the general rules of the battle sequence. Strangely enough, when this was an issue two months ago, I feel that I made the same argument and moved on when it didn't seem adequate to convince them... Thank you
  6. It would put a very sour taste in my mouth to agree to play in such a way... I think I would be too frustrated on principle to even have a good time. I've also been a gamer for 20 plus years, Talisman being one of the first games I've ever played and officially my favorite game of all time.... I just hate that this can't be resolved.
  7. Perhaps I'm just too stubborn. I feel the implications of allowing spells or potions to be used in such a way are just too far reaching. Based on their reasoning, a Healing Spell listed as "cast as required" would allow you to heal your lives after you roll but before you actually tally the roll and lose your last life. That's just one potential issue I see. Would you, having the experience you have with Talisman be capable of playing the game in such a way knowing that it wasn't correct? Would you be willing to relent to two players who had NEVER played the game? Perhaps I'm taking it too seriously...
  8. I really appreciate your replies... I'm glad I joined this forum because this has bugged me since it became an issue 6 weeks ago. We don't talk about it anymore but now that the game has been chosen again... I used the same exact rationale. The spell could indeed be cast but would not affect my strength as far as that battle because the battle had already taken place. Again, they argued that the battle sequence was not over until all 5 steps were resolved. They also argued that since the spell by a third party that he wasn't subject to the Battle Sequence Rules. Should I just get new gaming friends? Lol
  9. How do I convince them that "cast at anytime" doesn't mean exactly that? I don't want it to come to this, but it's almost to the point where I'm going to have to say, my house, my game, my rules... Which is a disgusting sentiment but I'm at a complete loss
  10. They argue that since steps 3 and 4 are separated, that allows time to cast the spell BEFORE the rolls are tallied. This is how the Player vs Player Battle Sequence is indeed written, with scores not being tallied until Step 4. I've argued with them and argued with them, and since I've 25 plus years experience playing the game and it was their first time ever playing, you can imagine my frustration. Talisman is the winner's pick again this week, and on principle alone I can't participate in the game if played that way. I agreed to accept whatever ruling FFG gave on the matter, but I also expected they would have someone who actually knew the game available to answer the question. And since I refuse to accept FFG's response, I'm the jerk...
  11. They feel that "cast at anytime" is absolute... And it doesn't help that when one of them wrote to FFG, they said the spell was cast properly as per the "cast at anytime" requirements. The problem is that the guy who responded for FFG really seemed disinterested in elaborating and after checking his credentials, I have serious doubts that he's even played the game. Based on his listed age, I played the game before he was even born.
  12. But their argument is that "cast at anytime" supersedes the rules from the book, as per the Golden Rule. I see it the way you do a MILLION percent, but I'm incapable of convincing them.
  13. Can you tell me how you got in touch with John Goodenough? Or can you possibly send me a transcript of your conversation with him? I had this exact issue and the two people that disagree with me will not budge, regardless the numerous answers on online forums that specify that all effects on strength or craft must be implemented before the dice are rolled. They stubbornly contend that per the Golden Rule, all rules on cards supersede those of the rule book, and the card states it can be "cast at any time." Furthermore, they wrote to Fantasy Flight Games and received a response that confirmed they were correct in using the spell as such (after the dice are rolled). Since I've played this game for 25 plus years, I had a hard time accepting this, so I checked the credentials of the actual person who responded and they were dubious to say the least. Before it even got to that point, I located this exact thread and showed them what John Goodenough had to say about it, but they argued that we didn't actually see the conversation and that even if we had, John Goodenough wasn't qualified to answer the question as this was the 4th Edition of the game and rules had probably changed since Goodenough had anything to do with it...
  14. This issue recently came up with my gaming group, and we cannot come to an agreement. Player A successfully moved into the Portal of Power. Player B followed on his own turn and attacked Player A. Dice from both sides were cast. AFTER seeing that Player A did not roll high enough to defeat Player B, Player C casts a "Weakness" spell on Player B, thereby modifying his Strength and making it low enough to change the outcome of the battle. Player B argues that any spell or card that affects Strength or Craft must be implemented prior to the roll, and therefore the spell cannot be cast, or more precisely, the spell cannot affect the Strength level after the dice have been cast. Players A and C contend that the fact that the spell says "cast at anytime" combined with the "golden rule" that states text on cards supersedes general rules make it obvious that the spell was cast legally. Since the sequence doesn't officially tally the scores until Step 4, Players A and C claim the spell was cast after Step 3. Players A and C further contend that since Player C is not part of the Battle, he isn't obligated to following the Battle Sequence Can someone please help?
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