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  1. Thanks for the input, all. So the general consensus is that "this figure" applies to the original officer issuing the command. I think it makes most thematic (and grammatical) sense. Useful to revisit the Targeting Priority rules too. I love that all the rules in IA are very clearly explained and documented and don't obstruct the game too much, but it can still be difficult to keep them all in your head when playing irregularly. That, and applying the Imperial Rule when there is no real difference between the options available. Then I tend to choose the option that an Imperial player would likely choose. The hard part will be learning and remembering the key differences between LotA rules and the regular campaign, which I have yet to play (but at least that will have no app interpretation difficulties). I have no suitable gaming group, only a group of 4-5 others with whom we meet 3-4 times a year.
  2. I'm unsure if this query is due to new wording with the latest 1.5.0 release or something I've simply passed over before without over-thinking, but I wanted to check opinion on this activation instruction. The question relates to the word in bold: Order: Another Imperial figure with a figure cost of 3 or less attacks << the healthy Rebel closest to this figure >> Does "this figure" refer to the one doing the attacking, or the Imperial Officer giving the order? I would generally assume it to be the former, but then I thought that the officer is a cowardly type and would want another figure to protect him by ordering that other figure to attack the Rebel closest to him. As it happened in our game, the only other figure on the board was another officer who did not have line of sight to a Rebel. So we skipped the instruction anyway. Thanks.
  3. Thanks a1ber. I'll look for it in the menus next time. By 'simulate', do you mean that the app will restart the mission step through the key events (spawns and deaths) in the same order? Or do you mean for us to roughly repeat the events that occurred in the same order as far as we remember? If the latter, it's unlikely to repeat in the same way, as different units can spawn and randomised variables can be in effect, so that's not a great solution in my opinion. Given the number of times I had to restart some of the missions due to glitches in the initial app release a year ago, I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to use a 'reset mission' button and start over. (Especially since it takes a while to guide and explain it to a 7-year-old as we go, but he's pretty determined and picks up rules well!) For the record, an Imperial Officer also got the "Squad Training" bonus ability as we finished off Mission 2 earlier this evening. We'll see how Mission 3 goes in the near future.
  4. Similar problem to report as MFL above: Campaign: Flight of the Freedom Fighter. Mission 2. My son and I had saved partway through the mission before the app update came through this week. The Elite Nexu unit (which was already on the board when we last saved, before the update - in case it matters), was given the Bonus of "Squad Training", to gain Pierce 1 for each other figure in this group. Obviously makes no sense... Too early to say if it only affects existing saves or newly spawned units. If I see any more I will report back. Thanks.
  5. I second that. An undo button would be most welcome. I also defeated a mission token before my wife reminded me I could have taken the hit myself as I was standing adjacent. No way back after that, and it was the last token so it totally changed the mission outcome. Oops... Another 'wishlist' item which I saw mentioned before: It would be great if the 'Activation' tab at the bottom was more obvious. A couple of times I feared the app was stuck, but it turned out I'd just minimised the activation window (view map option) to view a mission token's rules, then forgot I'd done it by the time we resolved the turn. I do hvae one minor bug to report: On the Android version, whenever an interactive object (door, crate) in the 3D map view is under the UI portrait for a hero or rebel (top left or bottom left), tapping on the hero/rebel portrait actually selects the door/crate underneath. The pop-up window appears for that door/crate instead of the 'defeat/end activation' option for the hero/rebel unit. It gets very frustrating some times and we have to constantly shuffle the map view around to avoid it. I can't replicate it on the Steam version on my PC, only using touchscreen on Android. I've no idea if it device specific.
  6. After losing our Mission 2 progress to the issue of "moving save files to another device but using a different folder/slot number" (two posts above), tonight we lost our progress in Mission 2 again, because the app would not advance beyond Round 6. I have sent a lengthy e-mail to FFG's software support e-mail address to describe the events with screenshots, and sent the save files too, so I hope the reason can be found and fixed. In summary, after all units activated and the round 'clean up' occurred, no new round started. Meaning: No round title appeared at the top of screen, and all unit portraits remained in their red/blue-shaded 'already-activated' state. Saving and loading the game only triggers a new unit to spawn. After activating that unit manually and clicking 'Finish' on their activation, nothing else happens. Saving and loading again triggers another new unit to spawn, in addition to the last one. And so on... I'm only posting here to raise awareness in case anybody else encounters a similar problem. Time for us to start a whole new campaign from scratch, in case of some error in our save files, and try Mission 2 for the third time
  7. Although not a bug, perhaps a 'design limitation' which could be easily rectified: As mentioned in this topic, if you transfer a save game to another device and put the files into a folder corresponding to a different 'slot' number, when you load and later save this game, it will write to the original slot number which it had on the original device. It will ignore the slot number that you put it in by folder number. This can result in data being overwritten and lost in that 'old' slot number. The 'new' slot number you transferred the save data into remains unchanged from its original state. Further details described in the linked thread above. Perhaps the transfer of save game files is not an 'officially' supported process, but clearly quite a few people have had a need to do this operation to transfer campaign progress to a bigger screen, in the absence of any cloud-based synchronisation features. My experience was on the latest Android version. I haven't tried to repeat it, I must admit. (After I lost my progress and was trying (fruitlessly) to re-run a few rounds of mission 2 countless times in the hope of 'recovering' back to the point I was at, I lost the will to live! ) I would love to see a cloud-sync added in the future, perhaps linked to our Asmodee/FFG accounts. The save files are only a few bytes after all.
  8. Hi Dwayne, Oh, please don't worry. There's absolutely no need to apologise. I didn't follow your instructions specifically when I transferred the files, but having done that exact operation I thought it worth raising, to avoid others having the same fate. Once I found the path to the Android files by a quick internet search, I did the rest myself. Thanks for putting up the instructions for others, and for the amendment following my post. Although not a bug, strictly speaking, I might have a look through the bug thread and contribute this issue there. If each folder was truly self-contained, it would make swapping saves between devices easier and safer, especially for users running multiple campaigns where it may not be possible to use the same slot number. Cheers, Martyn
  9. I've like to give you all a BIG WARNING about point 4 in the instructions above, especially the part I underlined, because we've just lost our progress as a result of not using consistent folder numbering. Bear in mind the following applies with the save data: Slot 1 = Folder named "0" Slot 2 = Folder named "1" etc. The following happened: Started tutorial on an Android phone, saved midway through in Slot 1. Transferred files to Android tablet by e-mail. To create the save file folder structure on the tablet, I started a dummy campaign in Slot 2 (has folder name "1"), then exited the app. I copied the files from point 2 to the save file location on the Android tablet, but in the file manager I could not create a Slot 1 folder (called "0"). There was no 'create folder' option in the tablet's file browser. Instead, I deleted the dummy campaign save files in folder "1" (=Slot 2 in the app), then moved in the actual files I wanted in their place. So our Slot 1 game from my phone was in Slot 2 on the tablet. We continued to play... My wife and I then finished the tutorial, got some equipment and progressed quite far into the next mission. We saved it and tried to continue today. On opening the app, I saw two entries: Slot 1: Legends of the Alliance Tutorial Slot 2: Legends of the Alliance Tutorial What was this, I thought? Our save file had duplicated itself??? I loaded Slot 2, expecting it to be our mission. But no. It was in the middle of the initial opening (basic) tutorial. I foolishly chose "Save & Quit", and loaded up Slot 1. To my utter dismay, it was also in the initial opening tutorial, same as Slot 2! My summary of events is this: When the save file is created, the data files contain the path to the slot number. So if you have a save originally created in Slot 1, then transfer it to another device in a different slot, when the mission is saved, it will use Slot 1 again as on the original device. It would seem our actual save was stored under Slot 1 (folder "0"), but on opening Slot 2 and then doing 'save & quit', it overwrote Slot 1 and our progress was lost. I am kicking myself! There's no way to restore it. I even restarted the 2nd mission multiple times but don't always get the same chain of events and no chance to get the same bad guys showing up. We also can't get the same equipment. So our mid-mission progress is lost and we have to start over. Really frustrating, as it's our first ever IA campaign and we're both very invested in the story and the current awkward situation! So let our troubles be a warning to others!!!
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