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  1. My only thought is that the blue-Ish seems more cave troll then hill troll, which I think will come out when we get Moria! But honestly any way will work and am excited to see what people do. https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Cave-trolls
  2. I was doing some reading this morning as I was wanting to do my troll tonight and it wasn't overall clear on Hill-Troll (stone troll's) colour. Cave trolls it seemed they had dark skin, but the Hill Troll's in the hobbit are almost white/flesh with brown on the darker areas. I think I might go with the darker grey and lighter chest and get close to the movies. Some green to maybe simulate some fungus or something would be neat though.
  3. Very nice job. I just finished most of my guys last night and really enjoyed looking at your heroes for colour inspiration. What tone's are you thinking of doing your troll in?
  4. Even though they are a separate unit, each unit requires a shoretrooper unit. It references that in the article
  5. Didn’t the developers shoot over the wall in the twitch event? I will try and find the video of it, maybe I am remembering wrong
  6. Just want to clarify this statement here. My understanding is that when the cards are prepared you can not use them for success, only their abilities. From Rules Reference 69.6 When a skill card is prepared, any success () and fate () icons on that card have no effect and are ignored. Did I misread your comment or is there something I am missing?
  7. I agree that Mirkwood and Moria would be cool. I think Rohan with a bit of Fangorn, and maybe even some helms deep would be awesome; lots of variety in landscape in one setting. We Could have mounted Warg riders and some Uruk-hai. As for new heroes there are definitely some good characters from there, hopefully even maybe a mounted character that maybe has a faster move speed at the expense of maybe poor exploration tests.
  8. Thank you, I was also totally playing this wrong (I think it was probably due to the Imperial Assault app)
  9. Some of the missions get pretty hard depending on you choices, but I found the middle of the game easier then it spiked again near the end
  10. Awesome that’s what I thought, thanks for confirming.
  11. Want to clarify if there is a difference between tests and attacks. Word of Warning says when a character makes a Agility test, discard this add 1 success and scout 1. If Legolas makes a bow attack, agility, does this trigger or is it only for interactions? Or save a saving test to prevent damage? I thought it would but again want to clarify
  12. Really well done! Honestly that hair in that one dude is crazy. Super impressed
  13. So after my first solo campaign both my hero’s and like 4 titles each, which is cool but some of them were so situational I didn’t use them much. the problem I found is that I feel they made my deck weaker for characters who don’t have a lot of inspiration. Reading the rules it looks like you have to include title cards once you get them. Has anyone read elsewhere that you can leave them out?
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