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  1. It really depends on the miniatures. The terrain pieces for nolzurs work really well. I found I tended to use more of the reaper miniatures though as they tend to be a little bigger. What I did is I just bought some 40K bases and put those minis in them and it took away most of the size differences. You mainly notice is in the smaller races (halflings/dwarf/gnome) minis, they tend to have a wide variety of sizes.
  2. I have simply used a lot of the Nolzur's Minatures for the D&D line. They have ton's of options and are fairly inexpensive. They also have a lot of the "supporting" items like barrels, tables, a tent etc. Some of the items like fire pits I had to customize myself (took a witch's coldron and painted it fire like and glue rocks to cover up the cauldron). I have seem some 3D printed files and I know some libraries have the option to 3D things for you.
  3. This quote is in regards to that place in particular. He has been to Moria a few times prior to the lord of the rings, so a Defense/rescue of Moria could be possible.
  4. I saw online in a painting video a guy mentioned that he was using plastic glue on the cone troopers (because it is a different plastic than the rebels and empire). has anyone who have put them together tried using it? I prefer plastic glue to super glue but want the models to stay together. appreciate anyone’s thoughts on who got it already
  5. A mixture of buying a creating my own Bushes - aquarium flora that I cut down and put onto round wooded bases and textured Statues - Got cool looking d&d figures, painted them grey, put on moss effects, and glued them onto square bases (though they are now coming out with d&d figure statues) Rocks - Rocks Tables - d&d tables Fires - Made my own with small rocks, textured basing, and clear plastic that I painted) Walls - glued together rocks onto foam (tons of videos on this) As some examples I don't have access to a 3d printer so I am basically just crafting scenery. I will try and remember to post some pictures later if they inspire anyone, as I find they really ad to the game
  6. One of the aspects that I enjoyed before my second play through of the main game was to get 3d terrain for the battle maps. I tried getting them for the actual terrain (fires, boulders, bushes) but also for other things that added to game (the bar tables, tents, a cat) etc. Now I am about to start the ember crown shortly and thought it would be cool to get ready any good terrain pieces for our group, so without spoilers on the story the ember crown, does anyone have suggestions for what might be cool for me to get the help make the game come even more to life. Thanks!
  7. My only thought is that the blue-Ish seems more cave troll then hill troll, which I think will come out when we get Moria! But honestly any way will work and am excited to see what people do. https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Cave-trolls
  8. I was doing some reading this morning as I was wanting to do my troll tonight and it wasn't overall clear on Hill-Troll (stone troll's) colour. Cave trolls it seemed they had dark skin, but the Hill Troll's in the hobbit are almost white/flesh with brown on the darker areas. I think I might go with the darker grey and lighter chest and get close to the movies. Some green to maybe simulate some fungus or something would be neat though.
  9. Very nice job. I just finished most of my guys last night and really enjoyed looking at your heroes for colour inspiration. What tone's are you thinking of doing your troll in?
  10. Even though they are a separate unit, each unit requires a shoretrooper unit. It references that in the article
  11. Didn’t the developers shoot over the wall in the twitch event? I will try and find the video of it, maybe I am remembering wrong
  12. Just want to clarify this statement here. My understanding is that when the cards are prepared you can not use them for success, only their abilities. From Rules Reference 69.6 When a skill card is prepared, any success () and fate () icons on that card have no effect and are ignored. Did I misread your comment or is there something I am missing?
  13. I agree that Mirkwood and Moria would be cool. I think Rohan with a bit of Fangorn, and maybe even some helms deep would be awesome; lots of variety in landscape in one setting. We Could have mounted Warg riders and some Uruk-hai. As for new heroes there are definitely some good characters from there, hopefully even maybe a mounted character that maybe has a faster move speed at the expense of maybe poor exploration tests.
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