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  1. Since 21 seems to be the unspoken target price, it would make sense to continue that trend. Power creep can kill a meta.
  2. Thanks for sharing your "quick" play through. The game looks like a lot of fun. Looking forward to your next video.
  3. In X-Wing you know who moves next based on pilot skill. The dual dial and initiative/delay does add a lot of guess work. This would create a "fog of war" effect.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing the v-wing get reintroduced I'm canon as a star fighter. Something like a ordinance carrying fast attack ship, like from Rogue Squadron. But in space.
  5. Interesting. Far fewer blanks then I expected. And one rune will always give a blue result? I wonder if there are other rules that play into rune selection.
  6. I whole heartedly agree. $20 card pack that makes the meta more diverse is a great idea.
  7. I get the whole preference for pre-painted minis. It makes a new genre approachable. X-wing's success is a prime example of this. I've fallen in love with painting minis, but a 40 figure army is a hefty painting backlog. I'm on the fence on this one. Make each faction with a different color plastic could be a happy medium.
  8. I saw the rune tokens used in the team covenant demo. It really reminded me of pogs. I didn't see that the runes randomized well. Acrylic tokens or custom 6 sided dice, in my mind, would create a better experience. Perhaps time will tell.
  9. I've never heard of this IP before the RuneWars announcement. What other games are set in this universe? Is there anything unique that distinguishes it from other "generic" fantasy? In the Warcraft are from another dimension/world while the Tolkken universe has orcs as a fallen elf race. Are there any such distinctions in the RuneWar universe?
  10. I for one would love to see some orks or elves. If this game can gain popularity then more expansions and factions are guaranteed.
  11. If a hero, say biv, has strain equal to his endurance can can he exit a space adjacent to Boba fett and take damage. This came up in a campaign the other night and we decided that he can't. I disagreed but could find anything to back it up The RRG says the following, but doesn't answer my question • A hero cannot choose to suffer C if the amount of C he has suffered would exceed his Endurance. This includes suffering C to gain movement points or using abilities with a C cos
  12. That is the message I was getting. I hope this gets addressed soon. This is my first ever attempt a a tournament. I would hate to miss it because of a technicality.
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