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  1. 2 hours ago, Covered in Weasels said:

    Edit: or are you hoping for something without a lock or focus requirement?

    I was thinking of a simple dice attack upgrade for 2 dice ships or pilots with a secondary weapon skill. Having a TL requirement would keep it balanced away from a straight atk upgrade. That is my general idea. This could just be end up being an auto-include that locks out other upgrades. Not too sure.

  2. I forgot about Barrage Rockets.  This would make an interesting flanker.  Swarm tactics on a high initiative ship would make him more effective.

     (31) "Double Edge" [TIE/ag Aggressor]

    (8) Barrage Rockets

    (3) Dorsal Turret

    (7) Hotshot Gunner

    (1) Crack Shot Points:

    50  Total points: 50

  3. I've pondered the idea of a generic missle. Something like 3 dice, 2-3 range, 3 charges, and no special ability.  Basically a cheap missle whose only purpose is to grant a three dice attack that denies a range bonus to the target.

  4. The aggressor, in second edition, is missing some of the tools that made it viable in first edition. Sync-turret, TLT, Intensity, unguided rockets, and light weight frame, all made the aggressor playable. New missles, turrets, pilot skills would go a long way to boost this ship.

  5. 3 minutes ago, ficklegreendice said:


    Think you'll still be better off with ptl Sensors to obstruct yourself and not run over the obstacle next round

    For 3 points more, i agree, PTL is more versatile.  Still, Blackouts pilot ability turns trickshot into a  penalty, free bonus red dice.  Throw in advanced optics to bank a focus token and you can have a powerful flanker.

  6. Back on the topic. There have been flops in the past. The u-wing for example just never found its place. It's priced OK, descent stats, and can do a 180 pivot. None of that worked in its favor, and it ended up underwhelming. 

    The Kimogila looks far from underwhelming. Reload action and and bullseye firing arch look promising.  However, that is no guarantee. 

    Once it hits the tables, people will figure out its place in the game. 


  7. 47 minutes ago, spacelion said:

    As long as there is BBBBZ there wil be KKKKZ

    Slightly off topic, however, it is important.  We may need to come up I think a different single  letter abbreviations. 'K' is used for the kihraxz. 

    Maybe 'G' since some people are calling it Gila monster. Or change the Kihraxz to 'V' since it will only be run with the Vaksia title. 

  8. On 10/20/2017 at 7:02 AM, SkyCooper said:

    As I read the card you are 100% accurate.  

    The key that I was doing is Greedo adds another element to make TLT damage more potent.

    Greedo won't trigger on the second attack? How does that work. I thought he trigger on dealing a damage card. 

  9. I loved Shadows of the Empire, the book and the game. The story revisits classic places and introduces new ones. Hoth, Tatooine, Coruscant.

    New figures such as Guri, Xizor, Dash Rendar, Leebo, swoop bikes, the diagona, the gladiator droid, and Han Solo in Carbonite ;)

    Copyright may be an issue, not to mention resurrecting something out of Legends. One can hope

  10. I look forward to hearing about game mechanics that use more than two dice. All in all, this seems like a silly update.


    Flanking gives an extra die to your attack roll. Probably there are other possibilities to get a bonus. We may even see units with 3 attack dice in the future.

    Like others have said. A dice pack was expected. It's hard to get hyped about it. Now details on game mechanics and new units is what I'm looking forward to.

    To be fair they are probably just reminding us that this game is coming. Not a bad marketing decision on their part.

  11. The latest wave spoiler adds some crazy new dynamics with an illicit slot on a rebel ship.

    I had a crazy idea. Give Emon Azzameen burn out slam plus the advanced slam modification. Through in the Andrasta title and some cluster mines for one crazy opening slingshot maneuver.

    I doubt this would be the new meta, but it would be fun.

    What do you guys think?

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