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  1. That is the main reason why I still buy the German stuff. Despite such translation masterpieces like Tie Dämpfer.
  2. That is kind of reassuring. Perhaps then there is just a problem in my specific region and the stores are reacting by removing X-Wing from the shelves.
  3. Hi there! In my area in Germany a lot of X-Wing players left the game during the last year of the first edition (golden age of harpoons, etc.). In my vicinity (approximately 200000 people are living in this area) there are three game stores which sold X-Wing. Two of the three stores disbanded X-Wing from their product range entirely. I just called the last store and asked for the new wave. They told me, that they only ordered a small amount of boxes. Only three pieces per product. ??? I am worried. What is your experience?
  4. I have played a few games with Redline and he seems absurdly strong to me. I have played him with Adv. Sensors and Proton Torpedoes for 61 Points. Is it correct that he can do the following stuff or have I played him wrong? a) Focus Action with Adv. Sensors > Lock > Bump into another ship b) Reload Action with Adv. Sensors > Lock > Red K-Turn
  5. In this thread: a lot of people explained, why they are not looking forward to X-Wing 2.0 because of conversion costs. I got the impression that there are two main reasons: a) The need to buy a new starter set b) The need to buy multiple conversion sets per faction, because of one or two beloved ship types which are fielded in high numbers at the moment. Cheap conversion kits for individual ships probably won't be coming because of the high logistical effort. So here is my proposal: We, as a community (even if not all of us want to field specific ship types in high numbers), write a community letter and ask FFG to create two new products available for the start of 2.0. a) A small cheap kit which contains the new templates, the new damage deck and other stuff needed for 2.0, but no ships and cards and dice. b) A new type of conversion kit, the “spam kit” (no judgement here by using the word spam) or “small ship epic kit”. Which contains cardboard, dials and generic pilot cards for ships which are fielded in high numbers: 4 x T-65 X-Wing 4 x Y-Wing 4 x A-Wing 8 x TIE/LN … With no unique pilots and no equipment cards inside. I know that these two kits won't solve the problems for all players. But maybe with the kits more players will be able to look forward to 2.0. 1. So what do you think? 2. Would you support such an endeavour? 3. What ships should be included in kit b) and what should be the exact numbers from your point of view? 4. Do you have a name proposal for kit b)?
  6. I have no problems seeing this issue. I will have to spend a lot of money too. The one thing I don't understand, as stated in my first post, is that some people rather quit, then playing only with one conversion set and the new starter kit. And then take a look, buy things one at a time, trade some stuff and so on. Maybe with 2.0 it isn't so important anymore to play with 8 Kihraxz on day one, because there is so much new to explore. And by the way: I don't want to imagine the effort to unbox all these conversion kits...
  7. This strategy is reserved for Games Workshop :)
  8. Yes, you are right. Judgement doesn't help, so I edited my initial post and removed some of my harsh judgement.
  9. Please help me understand. With X-Wing 2.0 FFG will give us a lot of the changes the community was asking for. Balance and longevity seem to be the main two goals. But instead of enthusiastic discussions of the already revealed rules and cards this forum is dominated by rage quit posts. But why? Why do people rather quit the game instead of buying the new starter kit and ONE conversion set (100 $)? I am aware of the fact, that one conversion set is not enough to field two dozens of X-Wings at once or all three factions. But probably it will be enough to have a lot of fun in the first few month of 2.0. Probably even more fun than in the last year of X-Wing 1.0. What was the expectation of the people who want to quit? (regarding the future of X-Wing and the price tag of conversions) Why do people, who want to quit, do not take do it yourself solutions into consideration? What do the people do with their ships when they quit? What could FFG do now (with X-Wing 2.0 announced), to keep you playing? Answers from this thread (unsorted and without check of feasibility): - price tag of conversion kits reduced to 30 - 35 $ - sell individual conversion kits for ships - sell the new damage deck and other mandatory stuff (asteroids?) separately, so that it is not mandatory to buy the new starter kit Edit: Judgement does nothing for understanding, so I removed some parts of my post and added another question, which I will update with answers.
  10. Double post, please remove.
  11. One thing that is haunting me is the following question: How long lasting will X-Wing be? Will it be around in 5, 10, 20 years? Since the launch in September 2012 there have been 13 waves, 5 ace packs and 5 epic ship packs including small ships. Extrapolating that for the next years that would lead to the following numbers. 5 years: 26 waves, 10 ace packs, 10 epic ship packs 10 years: 39 waves, 15 ace packs, 15 epic ship packs 20 years: 65 waves, 25 ace packs, 25 epic ship packs (65 waves might be 260 different ships) Will the game still be around? In which direction will it move? Can the game get that big or is it unreasonable that there will be so many different unique pilot cards and upgrade cards? If it can't get that big, what could be the strategy of FFG? Please share your thoughts.
  12. Here my most recent work. The other Aggressor will be green in a similar painting scheme: Steps: - Priming: GW Chaos Black - Airbrush: GW Regal Blue - Airbrush: Vallejo Game Air Magic Blue - Airbrush: 1:1 Mix Vallejo Game Air Magic Blue and Vallejo Game Air Electric Blue - Airbrush: Vallejo Game Air Electric Blue - Brush: metal parts with GW Leadbelcher - Brush: cockpit glasses with GW Chaos Black - Brush: Triebwerkseffekte with GW Mephiston Red, Wild Rider Red and Fire Dragon Bright - Brush: Tuschen aller Vertiefungen and der metal parts with GW Black Ink - Brush: Highlight metal parts with GW Runefang Steel - Brush: Highlight edges with Vallejo Game Air Magic Blue - Brush: Highlight edges with 1:1 Mix Vallejo Game Air Electric Blue and GW Cerawithe White - Varnish: Army Painter Aegis Suite - Brush: cockpit glasses GW Ardcoat
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