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    JorArns reacted to Nytwyng in Nightsister Article for Collapse of the Republic up   
    More dramatic than truly practical.
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    JorArns reacted to Harlock999 in The Mandalorian   
    Nope.  And so here is the panel...
    And the missing segment...
    The fact Favreau and Filoni are using Sergio Leone westerns and old samurai flicks as their inspiration?  That's GREAT news.
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    JorArns reacted to kaosoe in New Collapse Article - Death Watch warrior talent tree   
    Except that the movies (6 hours at best) gave us very little to work with for this era whereas TCW has 50+ hours worth of content. It's pretty easy to see why there was lots of inspiration drawn from the show. It's literally the largest source of content for this era.
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    JorArns reacted to Kualan in New Collapse Article - Death Watch warrior talent tree   
    I'm okay with this.
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    JorArns reacted to Daeglan in Rise of the Separtist's release date?   
    Well except all the detractors I know are fine with Ripley, Buffy, Zoe, Blackwidow, Willow, The Wasp, Leia and dozens of other strong female leads etc. So is it misogyny or are you claiming it is misogyny because critically thinking about it is uncomfortable?
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    JorArns reacted to Absol197 in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Okay folks, sorry for the delay!
    So, initial predictions.  Using my standard method that I've used since the beginning (which uses the average total time for books in a series [EotE, AoR, F&D, SWR], the average time for a type of book [Core, Career, Adventure, Region, Era], and the average time for ALL books), I would put Allies & Adversaries with an initial estimated date of August 1, and Collapse of the Republic with an initial date of September 26.
    Using my second method, average times for the stages of development, actually gets me close enough to those dates that when rounding to the nearest Thursday we see no difference.
    However, if I limit that second method only to the past five releases... well... we get A&A with an estimated date of October 17, and CotR with a date of December 12.
    I'm going to be positive and assume that we're going to get the August/September dates, but... you know.  Gotta put that more realistic date out there, too.
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    JorArns reacted to HappyDaze in Jedi Order, 6000 years old?   
    Oh,  so the most recent version of the Jedi Order is 6000 years old then...
    Much like the most recent version of the Republic (the one Palpatine killed) was only 1000 years old. 
    Neither were necessarily the only versions of those organizations. 
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    JorArns reacted to Jedi Ronin in Compare/Contrast Saga Edition and FFG Star Wars   
    To the OP: regardless which system you choose you’ll find endless pendantic argument over every minor and insignificant detail. 
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    JorArns reacted to Jedi Ronin in Compare/Contrast Saga Edition and FFG Star Wars   
    I am fascinated by Tramp’s reasoning though:
    Armor must absolutely be Soak based because that’s realistic (unlike all sorts of other aspects of Star Wars).
    Lightsaber deflect/parry being Soak-like in FFG is just fine even though it’s not what’s depicted (realistic simulation).
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    JorArns reacted to Stan Fresh in What is the point of COMPNOR and the ISB?   
    He couldn't protect the galaxy from a farm kid, a drug runner, and Princess I-want-to-speak-with-the-manager.
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    JorArns reacted to HappyDaze in What is the point of COMPNOR and the ISB?   
    That's a bit simplistic. The Moffs (and Grand Moffs) were meant to replace the Imperial Senate. It was a swap of centrally appointed leaders loyal to the Emperor replacing locally elected leaders (ideally) loyal to their own peoples. The Death Star was simply the enforcement stick; it didn't eliminate the need to govern in any real way.
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    JorArns reacted to SavageBob in Why do people hate Jedi?   
    One thing FFG did right was to make the field wide open for Force-sensitives who are not Jedi. I really prefer their take on the Force, as something PCs might have but not have any clue how to use. If the GM is restricting folks to the Jedi or the Sith, that's understandable, but it's a shame. In short, when I play Force-sensitives, I want them to be learning new tricks from Baran Do sages, seeking out Gand findsmen to ask about strange dreams they've having, smoking pipes with Ewok shamans, etc. The Force is much larger than Sith or Jedi, and this game is poised to let groups embrace that.
    Another point is that the Jedi are kind of boring.  I always dreaded the Luke Force scenes in the OT as a kid. Give me the scoundrel stuff and the Rebel battles. Luke on Jabba's sail barge was cool, but Luke on Dagobah or in the Emperor's throne room? Yawn.
    That said, it's of course all subjective. I also find people who insist on always playing Sith or playing Mandalorians to be just as bad or worse that the all-Jedi folks in their ability to fall into stereotypes.
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    JorArns reacted to HappyDaze in Why do people hate Jedi?   
    Whoa, why the jab? My players are quality people and good gamers. Who are you to judge them or their playing style?
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    JorArns reacted to SithArissa in Why do people hate Jedi?   
    Well after you work that stick out, have a look and I think you'll find that the 'beer and pretzel attitude' is how most, not all no, but most people will be running their sessions.
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    JorArns reacted to SithArissa in Why do people hate Jedi?   
    And the reality of the situation is that its actually quite hard to live up to the lofty ideals and tenets of the Jedi when full of beer and pretzels and jeff just told a joke about falling on a cucumber. Think we have to take a step back and realize that the majority of players will be murder hobos because being a murder hobo is a lot more fun than a stoic defender of the light.
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    JorArns reacted to penpenpen in Why do people hate Jedi?   
    Hey, some of us happen to like nanny states! I keep all my stuff in one!
    Having survived the grimdark era known as the 90s, I've pretty much had it with that particular brand of anti-heroes, and most characters I play these days are people who generally try to be good people in bad circumstances. Struggle to be good in most cases. The thing is, being the good guy should be the hard choice in most cases, and playing someone who tries to uphold paladin-esque jedi ideals while being on the run from the empire tends to be very hard.
    What do you do if a dangerous enemy surrenders? Keep him locked up on your ship? Look around for a prison that will take him? Let him go, potentially putting others at risk at a later date? Execute him on the spot? 
    Playing jedi from a position of power isn't as interesting because there's a system to fall back on. Under the empire you might only have yourself, and starting to give in to the more pragmatic choices might become neccessary. Which, of course, might send you careening down a dark path.
    Being a noble jedi should be a struggle, with constant temptation to do things the easy way.
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    JorArns reacted to 2P51 in Rise of the Separtist's release date?   
    Why would his pure speculation be highly doubtful and yours not?
    That was rhetorical, I don't atually need an answer. 
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    JorArns reacted to Jedi Ronin in Rise of the Separtist's release date?   
    It's not canon.  But that book does mention lightsaber forms quite a bit.  Anakin's fight with Dooku also has a lot of lightsaber form stuff.
    Legends stuff is still there it's just that "current" Star Wars works aren't beholden to it.  But it's obviously still an inspiration and drawn on for current "canon" material.  Lightsaber form stuff has made it's way into new canon in limited ways. 
    My real issue is with how insistent and inflexible (and confident) some fans get with "well this thing is canon so X, Y, and Z must be" when very little of what they claim actually is canon and most of what they say is canon is their own interpretation and extrapolation.  That sort of stuff is fine and part of the fun but when they act like their opinion is bedrock fact and that other fans should see that and respect it and defer to it - that's the problem.  This is particularly out of place in a role-playing game where people doing their own thing is a big part of the point.
    As an example, several years ago Tramp Graphics and I went back and forth for pages of forum comments arguing about whether Yoda built as a PC had to - absolutely - start in the Consular career.  Short retelling: Tramp insisted that yes absolutely, that even if two builds (from Talents, Skills, ranks, motivation, emotional strengh/weakness, everything) were identical that if one of them didn't start Yoda in Consular then that was wrong (because Yoda absolutely had to be a Consular even if there was zero mechanical effect due to canon he couldn't name) and that if he were GM and the game concept was "create a Jedi Council member to play" that he would not allow the player to do that.  He even got to the point that he was dictating things to me about my hypothetical force-sensitive doctor character.
    I see some of that in this thread.  Yeah, you can make a good Yoda PC on 2,500 XP (or more).   But it's the insistence that the only true or good Yoda concept is that (and a long list of other specifics that must be there).  There's zero flexibility or letting others do the same thing you are.  And as I said, in role-playing games this violates the basic social contract at the table.
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    JorArns reacted to AK_Aramis in How good is this game?   
    I find the game excellent. Strife management has worked well for us, the advantage mechanic is great, and the few issues I have are clear typos.
    Strife has been central to many scenes; ninjō, anxiety, and passion have driven RP and been driven by RP.
    The duel system has worked quite well for us - the very things Avatar111 has claimed don't work have been used by my players and I to great effect. 
    The mass combat is a weak spot for me, because I would rather have had a damage to cohort rather than damage to army, but it plays fine as is - which brings up an issue: It works just fine if one changes one's playstyle to what is written, rather than trying to force the game to support an incompatible playstyle.
    There is little support for non-clan characters, but already it has support for two minor clans... which is better in terms of stage of product-line than 3E or 4E was...
    I seriously think 90% of Avatar111 and Nameless Ronin's "issues" with the game are due to it not being suitable for their playstyles, and an unwillingness to change their playstyle to fit what's there,  rather than it  being a game riddled with errors.
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    JorArns reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    JorArns reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    JorArns reacted to Nytwyng in Ship art   
    That moment when the GM has been pushed too far....

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    JorArns reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    JorArns reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    JorArns reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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