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  1. I really love the differing expressions on everyone's face while looking at the hologram. The artist is quite good.
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    GM and Player Resources

    Ignore me. Made a mistake.
  3. There isn't really enough data available yet to make the conclusion that FFG will release all of the L5R products this way. However, if you look at the Star Wars lines, each module generally had extra things in them such as force powers, equipment, and other various things that were not located in another book. I suppose we will just have to wait and see.
  4. I think @sndwurks has a list in this thread:
  5. It's not a large article, but here it is. https://geekandsundry.com/our-impressions-of-the-new-legend-of-five-rings-rpg/
  6. For those who may not have seen it: https://www.strangeassembly.com/2018/review-legend-of-the-five-rings-fifth-edition-by-fantasy-flight-games
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    PDF Release?

    I think that was from Max's Twitter but I'm not sure.
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    Release date?

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    knives under-powered?

    Cassanova Frankenstein says so.
  10. You guys should seriously hug this out. ?
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    I like ninja turtles.... Don't judge. ?
  12. This AU is begging to be ran, lol. I'd like to see this fleshed out some more.
  13. Just so you know, I loved that stuff so I'm sure I'll love this too. Incidentally, I had held out hope for some Saga-style Rebels cartoon also. Nice to see you're getting paid for it now. ?