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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/30/legend-of-the-five-rings-beginner-game/
  2. JorArns

    The silence

    @tenchi2a, I think this is the interview @Richardbuxton is talking about.
  3. JorArns

    Failed Force checks?

    Check out page 280 of the F&D core rulebook. It says: Let's use Enhance as an example. A player wants to activate the Enhance basic power to gain successes or advantages on their Athletics check. The player roles their Athletics check along with the Force Die. If the Force Die generates black pips and they choose not to convert them, their Athletics check doesn't benefit from Enhance. So, the power was activated, but didn't benefit the roll it was used on. Move would be affected similarly. Using your example: The power is activated, but nothing occurs. It could be that their concentration was disrupted, the boulder was beyond their ability, the character recognizes that they are conflicted (represented by the presence of black pips), or any number of other things. Hope this helps.
  4. Certainly looks like quite a few we're damaged, some significantly so, imo.
  5. Found this on Reddit. Thought it might be useful here.
  6. JorArns

    Fantasy classic system (like D&D)

    Check the resources thread in this forum. Several people did a fantasy conversion that had talent trees and some home brew magic (mirrors force powers a but). I've used the NDS conversion along with some stuff from Plarfems conversion for a Shannara game I ran for my players. It worked surprisingly well for us.
  7. Maybe its actually a saber-copter a la Star Wars Rebels, LOL!
  8. JorArns

    Dealing with Snoke *TLJ SPOILERS AHOY*

    Possible of course, but looked like surprise to me because of how he took the time to slowly look over at the activated lightsaber. It looked strongly like surprise and/or disbelief to me, but that's just my opinion.
  9. @OggDude I'm having an issue when I try to add Item Attachments using the Data Editor. The unhandled exception window pops up. I have version Not sure how much of the error code you need, so I'll put it behind a spoiler tag (assuming you even look at it, lol).
  10. JorArns

    Dealing with Snoke *TLJ SPOILERS AHOY*

    That look of surprise on his face told me the exact opposite: he didn't see it coming at all.