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  1. Well said and Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving (or just a good day) to you as well!
  2. I can see that. Either way, it was just an idea I had while at work. 😁
  3. I've been wondering if you might want to add a commit force die option to the basic power and/or the duration upgrade and have the power last as long as you commit a force die (or a number of force die equal to the FR you are granting?). Something like: Basic power: You open another’s spiritual awareness, connecting them to the Force, at the risk of forcing them to confront all the hurt they’ve caused others throughout their lives. Spend [FP][FP] and commit [FD] to grant one engaged character Force rating 1 and the Sense Force basic power for as long as the [FD] remains committed. If any [FP] generate [DA], the target must make an Average fear check. I almost see this as letting the target use the Force through the user.
  4. This mirrors my own thoughts: the only real reason to add an additional cost cost is to keep the user from spamming force sensitivity. Obviously this is greatly dependent upon the players at the table and the type and tone of game they enjoy. I love the idea of the user as a bodhisattva BTW. So is an increase necessary? Depends. If the power is used as a story driver (particularly for npcs) I see no reason for an additional xp cost (particularly for the user to pay). If the GM thinks it could be disruptive, I could then see the xp cost increase if it's paid by the receiver of the FP increase . Otherwise, I like it as is. YMMV. 😁
  5. That would certainly curtail any potential abuse of the power.
  6. Or maybe knock off a few xp for them to take a force class (or negate the cost entirely?).
  7. Looks good @Absol197. Lots of flavor. Seems to accomplish what you want. I like it.
  8. Finn may be force sensitive and that's one explanation as to why he turns when he does. He may be turning to go back down the ramp for more cargo. It is also likely this is just the films dramatic license.
  9. We've used Unexpected Demise a couple times. Like the others, cost has discouraged my other players from getting any other SAs.
  10. My apologies, I didn't mean to imply that you did. I added that as an afterthought.
  11. We have enjoyed it immensely thus far. I suppose this is a matter of preference, but I usually choose a game system by how well I feel it gets across the feel of it's accompanying setting. We feel like this one does it's job. I agree here. It seems like they are trying to be both and the overall game is suffering for it.
  12. Ultimately how xp is handed out should be determined by knowing your players. For example: I have a player who would always get Role-play xp and a player who would never get Role-play xp. This would create an enormous gap between the two as the game went on, so I don't hand out to that way. Your way seems to work well for you and the groups you have been in. That's awesome! My players might roast me over a slow fire if I did it that way. Each table is different as is each player and GM. Use what works for you. 😁 I don't think there is a "right" or "wrong" way here.
  13. May his passing cleanse the world!
  14. So...... partially digested then?
  15. I believe they are referencing the Protect/Unleash power; specifically the Unleash half.