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  1. That was what that solution would feel like. I prefer KISS for any rules but especially for house rule. As to when they could hand out to anyone, in standard they could hand it to enemies, if you can do it to your enemy and friends then why not mercs/employers. I don't like the cost, the scum are not all acting in collective intrest, but you don't see a cost to hire black suns, boba or mandelorions. It just lets you play Han smuggling for a hutt with hired gun help, or imps with any bounty hunter, or say running a patrol with Fenn Rou to catch the rebs trying to use his system to get to lothal. Without being to borked, and easy to use.
  2. Ok, create new state, they aren't an enemy, today. I think friendly status would open us shenanigans, and I am sure there would be some worth more than a 5 point tax. Though as a house rule, you just need to identify and make it an exception.
  3. Want to play with some scum in your imps? Some rebs party with your scum? Sure, 2 rules. Scum/Reb/Imp can never be friendly ships to each other, and all cards have to remain faction aligned. No zuckuss on a deci, no biggs taking heat from a contracted scout, no unhinged astromechs on xwings. I think this prevents the unintended card combos that would have to be accounted for. Thoughts? Is there still a loophole for cross ability super powers?
  4. Nope these will be out with the movie. As part of the agreement ffg must release ships alongside the films. For surely it has nothing to do with good and profitable marketing, I mean the mouse is really running rough over FFG here.
  5. Whohoo, the striker does have a rear seat.
  6. I like backdraft too, getting a 3 die attack out of either arc is nice, and maybe still 2 out the front. I definitely feel one 3(and out the back one is a crit always) die attack is better than two 2s. And who's to say what squadron either named pilot flew with, otherwise we'd have to assume Epsilon.
  7. Definatly looks like windows on the back of the TIE, and like the top opens front and back.
  8. What paint/color did you use to match the light grey and did you strip it first? Also like the marking on the interceptor.
  9. None, is a second version where you have re buy your ships what you really want?
  10. Rate of fire and the ship's ability to bring to the weapon to bare on the target. Maybe the refit is just better avionics or targeting.
  11. When can we get a house rules forum? Also, house rules can't impact "the" meta, that's not what the meta is.
  12. OK, I have 2 bombers, how do people actually cut these models, is a shark x-acto sufficient?
  13. How do you handle all the clone army stuff being "rebel" pre "the" rebellion? At the start you have Republic/Jedi vs Separatists. Then the republic military turns on the Jedi. So y wings and v wing were flown by both of the current black hat white hat factions. Starting from ANH the rebels fly outdated or what or essentially new Separatists equipment. So jedi starfighters are mostly "rebel/republic" we know the Eta-2 was also Vaders ride of choice well past order 66.
  14. Smytus

    Ban OP

    This is about the ridiculousness of asking to ban an item in competitive play because you dont like it. Cards are not going to get banned, ships aren't going to lose an upgrade slot, deadeye is fine. Stop hiding behind "discuss" like some you're being intellectual. If you want house rules, fine, but they are just that.
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