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  1. SabineKey

    Are Energy Tokens locked to that card?

    Another point against charges being a communal pool is the pilot ability of the new Fang pilot, Joy Rekkoff, who spends torpedo charges to reduce enemy agi. With it specifying a Torp upgrade and not just a charge, it makes sense that charges are card bound.
  2. SabineKey

    N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    It looks like Scyks are gonna be in that kind of role too in 2.0 with the Heavy Title baked in. Even the Scyk stat line of 2att 3agi 3hull 1shields sounds alright for the N-1. With some linked actions and an Astro slot to make up for the reduced secondary weapon options, and I think we have a nice little ordnance carrier.
  3. SabineKey

    N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    With the TIE Aggressor getting a barrel roll into a red evade, I think we can all agree this Linked action must be on the N-1.
  4. SabineKey

    Kyle Katarn 2.0

    This is what I’m expecting. The majority of HWK pilots received that clause, so I doubt Kyle will be any different. But with the Moldy Crow Title, that’s not a bad limitation. I’m not sure the chances of Kyle getting force powers are good. Other Force Sensitive characters like Corran Horn have been shown without. It would be cool if Kyle did get force powers, but i’ll be satisfied with an arc bound version of his original ability.
  5. SabineKey

    Old factions vs New factions

    I’ll play all 5, but I may stop getting new stuff for Imps and First Order, depending on what new ship release looks like.
  6. A bit more excited after seeing what's become of some of my favorite ships (HWKS FOREVER!), though my purchasing plan is unchanged. A conversion pack for each and the core. Perhaps a little more confidence in the decision, though.
  7. SabineKey

    New E-wing sculpt for 2.0 petition

    It looks like fielding these babies is going to be a delight.
  8. SabineKey

    Scum got nerfed hard

    Yeah, I fear this little combo isn’t making the edition jump. She’s been a staple of many of my Scum lists lately and I shall miss it. Gonna add her to the good bye tour and keep the build on hand for my throwback lists.
  9. SabineKey

    Scum got nerfed hard

    Don’t feel sorry. There seems to be a good number of us who are jumping in with full enthusiasm. Like my fellow HWK pilots have pointed out, it makes your assertion that everything has been nerfed ring hollow, and that’s just one example. You might consider every ship you love nerfed into oblivion, but I’ll take the buffed ships I love (such as the HWK, the Defender, the Firespray, the E-Wing, the StarViper, to just name a few) and have a fun time with 2.0.
  10. SabineKey

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    Yeah, I doubt the HWK will have a Turret slot, so will likely have to team up with Ion Scyks or Y-Wings. Now, there might still be an illicit that hands out ions that he could take.
  11. SabineKey

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    Ah, good point. So the big rocks will be worrying as they could block all of the BR options and even debris can box Dash in after he has completed his move.
  12. SabineKey

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    It means if you barrel roll onto a rock, you can't shoot. Previously, You could turn off Dash's ability to reposition and if you ended up on a rock, you could basicly take back the action and do something else.
  13. SabineKey

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    Yes. I didn’t articulate that well, but that’s basically what I meant.
  14. SabineKey

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    I think so. Veteran Turret Gunner is similar and I took it that you could double tap the same target with him.
  15. SabineKey

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    She’ll be able to use it as much as she had before as she’ll be recovering a Force token a turn. And she’ll probably be trying to keep people in her three dice primary arc, with her stress as a way to boost her 2 die mobile arc.