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  1. Ew, the classic TIE swarm with all named pilots and abilities...I don't have the brain power to run one of those lists with just regular generics. Generics make sense for a variety of flavor reasons, and for the mechanics, it makes sense to have cheaper options with reduced capabilities. If FFG had to make pilot abilities for everyone while still having enough pilots for naked swarms or Epic play, they'd fast run out of good ideas and be stuck with bad ones or repeats*. *Disclaimer: I am not saying bad pilot abilities and repeats aren't already in the game. I just think it would be more prevalent.
  2. No, I would ask you to consider that someone that you consider "cronies" might know more about the faction they play regularly and you don't. This is a free space. You can give advice all you want and I encourage it. But realize that your word isn't scripture and you can be wrong. But that also means you can be right. The reason I really asked is because earlier in this thread, you asked a very similar question to other people and made judgement calls on how much they could contribute to the conversation based on if they had been at the tournaments or not. And you were asked if you did the same by several (myself included), but you brushed them off. I wanted to see you actually answer a question and not just push yours. I was actually expecting no response, based on how I've seen you act in this and other threads. You are showing off some of the same behavior patterns I would ascribe to a complainer who has gone too far, including vilifying the opposition. If you would like to approach this as a conversation rather than a hostile interrogation, I would be happy to try to explain my view point. Afterward, you can decide what to do with it. But that also requires you to be willing to listen and to answer questions honestly and without venom.
  3. Fair enough, but people coming in and telling them how to go with what works and interjecting their interpretation of what works only adds to problems rather than helps. Let me ask you this: how much and how high have you taken an Imperial list?
  4. This is where I'm at too. Shutting down the valid concerns should never be how a community stays happy. But, there are those who take those concerns too far. I wish the excitement for wave 13 could have been more uplifting, but it sadly didn't have those results. And I'll admit, I've taken it too far myself. Need to take a chill pill plenty of times, but don't. It's a wacky situation we're in, but d@mn it, I'm still having fun in my local group. While I still want things to improve in upper level meta, I still got my weeknight games to look forward to.
  5. As are PS 11 cruise missiles, but it is rare for either list to get past top 16, and only one outlier has made it to the top table, but it wasn't RAC. Doubling down on RAC isn't gonna help that. If RAC had taken home just one Nationals, I'd see your point, but his successes aren't enough to prove Imperial Players should just fly RAC lists.
  6. But if you didn't have people blocked, you would actually hear about how RAC doesn't cut it either.
  7. Aces and Defenders have way different play styles, so missing both is viable. Plus, I think it is less the Defenders that pushed them out as what was used to combat the defenders were also super effective against aces.
  8. Wow, I think this is the first time I've seen a triple post interrupted by another post. Sorry for the rabbit trail, but this seems to be happening more lately. Is that just me, or do other people get that vibe?
  9. Not a certainty, so I am not accepting it as such.
  10. Pretty much agree. There are a couple of lists like Heragator that caught me by surprise, but they came and went really fast compared to other meta lists.
  11. And that's on top of the concept that there are a finite number of worthwhile combos out there, thus many people coming to the same conclusion is highly likely, muddying the waters of what is actually netlisted and what is homebrewed.
  12. Easier doesn't mean right. I've enjoyed most of the things I've gotten from Disney controlled Star Wars from the two movies out so far, to Rebels on TV, books like Thrawn, and comic books like the first run of Darth Vader. Were they all perfect? No, there are flaws and ways things could have been improved. And I haven't ready everything new, so won't say that everything new in Star Wars is great. But I'm having fun with Star Wars and enjoying what's coming out. I am very much looking forward to the TIE Silencer. I think it looks cool, has some new upgrades that look fun, and looks like a blast to fly. Now, I do feel the opposite about the Resistance Bomber. Nothing about it is getting me excited. I may even not get it entirely. But that doesn't mean others can't like or be excited for it. In fact, I encourage others who do like it to embrace and share that feeling. Just because I'm not feeling it doesn't mean others shouldn't either. To come back around, if you don't like the new ships, then by all means, don't get them. Vote with your wallet. Get what you like. That is your right. But don't belittle others for liking what you don't. Nor bring accusations without evidence.
  13. Parattanni (in the form of Ventress, Fenn, and Manny) took a big enough hit with the Manny nerf that slotting something else in Manny's place felt viable. It didn't totally go away, but you did see people try it with a Contracted scout, Palob, even Inaldra for a beefier Ventress. I think the main reason we don't see it much currently is that the current situation with bombs has made even Fenn's damage output not enough to overcome his fragile nature. I don't think people have yet to find a reasonable replacement for him yet.
  14. Source?
  15. Man, that sounds like my attempts to fly Interceptors period.