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  1. Imperial ion options

    I've flown it a couple of times and though it's not my style, Deathfire does have an appeal. If you see it across the table, you can't ignore it, even if you are a big base. And having the opponent first worry about your small 26 point guy and leaving your bigger guns alone to pummel face is nice.
  2. Imperial ion options

    •"Deathfire" (26) - TIE Bomber Ion Pulse Missiles (3), Conner Net (4), Extra Munitions (2), Guidance Chips (0) This little guy is really good for 26 points.
  3. New FAQ

    Don't feel to bad. Me and my play group butchered initiative for many months after we started playing.
  4. New FAQ

    It seems so. Part of me is sad that the community didn't have more of a chance to try to adjust to it ourselves, but this does mean I don't have to live through the process, so I'll call it a win.
  5. New FAQ

    Fair, but that was still a couple of months, I think. This was what, two weeks? Quite possibly. I just hope they doesn't get over aggressive.
  6. New FAQ

    Wow. Faster turn around then I was expecting.
  7. No ship that small has a cloaking device... but wait!

    Oh, it makes no sense. But we have the illicit and Phantoms, so *shrugs* It's the off set cockpit. Gotta be.
  8. Not flying meta vs handicapping yourself

    I've definitely seen it before, more than once. With a finite number of cards, convergent ideas are guaranteed. Now add to that the fact that the number of "good" cards is an even smaller pool, and we get a lot of lists that are the same, but no sharing of info was required.
  9. No ship that small has a cloaking device... but wait!

    Well, obviously ships smaller or larger than the Falcon can do it. It's just that size that is impossible to cloak.
  10. FFG not welcoming to new players.

  11. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    Could it be they view the Core Sets as that kind of product?
  12. Dont encourage broken mechanics with money

    To his credit, @Vontoothskie did apologize in the thread he started on the subject. It does not seem to have left a lasting lesson, however.
  13. Anyway, boba fett just won a regional

    Sweet!! we got a look at the other lists?
  14. Introducing...the scrub

    My apologies. I was trying to clarify something and went overboard.
  15. Introducing...the scrub

    My objections have nothing to do with the Author's depiction of player skill, but rather the depiction of player goals. If you look in the article's last paragraph, you see the author saying that the goal of playing is winning. And while that is a perfectly valid goal, it is not the only goal to have. Whether you agree with it or not, someone playing with the goal "just to have fun" is not playing the game wrong. They are playing as they wish to. As long as they are doing this politely and without projecting, then there is no reason to demean their goal. Same goes with more competitively minded players. Keep it polite, don't project, and work towards your goal. Believe me, I've seen bad players with competitive minds and good players who land in the article's definition of "scrub". Scrubs do win. But just because that wasn't their only or primary goal doesn't mean they're playing wrong. I can understand being frustrated with the whining, but it is hardly one sided. Heck, there are people on this forum who complain about the complainers who are just as bitter and poisonous as those they oppose. And they frankly annoy me more. And thus the complaining about complaining about complaining is perpetuated. It's a vicious cycle that's solved by understanding and not preaching. I understand what you were trying to do with the article and there are good points in there to understanding both sides of the equation. But the author's bias is clear and I found it detracting. I will admit, that's based on my understanding of what I read and others can see it differently. But, looking at some of the replies to this thread, it seems I am not the only one. I know it's hard to try to see both sides of something and Heavens know there are times I need to practice what I preach. But we gotta keep trying.