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  1. SabineKey

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    Not for that era or ship. If he becomes a Scum Pilot, it will probably with the Nightbrother.
  2. SabineKey

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    Republic for me. Got one of each coming in. Going to use my Rebel Arc for some double limited Arc action.
  3. SabineKey

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    I got in after wave 4, so summer of 2014. I remember waiting impatiently for wave 5. Had a huge attachment to Shadows of the Empire, so getting the Outrider was huge.
  4. SabineKey

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday! Currently, Scum is my favorite. Resistance is a close second. Haven't gotten in my Republic stuff yet, but I'm looking forward to see how it stacks up.
  5. SabineKey

    Who'd you rather?

    Currently, I’d probably stick with Vader. Hate is nice, the synergy between the X1 ship ability and FCS is great, and Afterburners can really help when he needs to jet. I do like the Calibrated Laser Targeting on Anakin, but you still have to make sure the bullseye is lined up for it. This opinion may change after I get more Anakin time.
  6. SabineKey


    Strange. I have an apple as well, and i’m seeing it alright. It’s the official app, though I think LaunchBay next has gotten some of the new stuff up.
  7. SabineKey


    Last I knew, you have to use Extended in the app to see them.
  8. SabineKey

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    Ah yeah! My boy Wollfe is 51 points. I was expecting around 55. I’ll take it!
  9. SabineKey

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    I suppose...still feels weird.
  10. SabineKey

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Hmm. I wonder why the 7B scales to initiative? I can understand the CLT, but the 7B seems weird. What am I missing?
  11. SabineKey

    A Powerful Ally article

    Agreed. The dependability vs versatility conundrum will have to be considered carefully. Some dealing with consistent stress, like perhaps Mace Windu, the regular R4 will probably be the better choice. Though that is assuming the R4 and the R4-P are the same price, but that doesn’t feel outlandish.
  12. SabineKey

    A Powerful Ally article

    Hmm. Anakin’s ability is interesting. Not what I expected. But it does synergize with the calibrated laser targeting, which i’m pretty jazzed for. Looks like the R4 Astro will be a decent option on the Aethersprite. Adding green one and two turns is really nice for not much. I have a feeling me and Ahsoka are going to be good friends.
  13. SabineKey

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    Well, I'm not so sure this list not working spells doom for the faction. We already know Supernatural reflexes is going to cost an arm and a leg on Anakin. If he's being aided by Sidious for Force regen, he's going to have stress problems as well. Guesstimating point values make it seem that it might all fit, but I'm not sure if the pieces mesh well enough for the cost.
  14. SabineKey

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    I’m hoping to be able to cook something good up with two arcs (using my Rebel one along with the original paint job). If I can get two ARCS, a good Jedi and have some points left over for a Torrent, I’ll be happy.
  15. SabineKey

    Faction identities

    With quite a few Republic abilities dealing with friendlies in the side arc and their Faction talent being generic only, they have an interesting skill set. The Ace/Mini swarm idea comes to mind, but there is also some great support abilities from the Jedi. Ah. I look forward to figuring this faction out.