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  1. That’s a very good point. I was laser focused on the SF, so wasn’t really considering the Striker and others. Hmm. Back to the drawing board.
  2. True. Maybe it could have a”Condition” card that acts like a damage, but can’t be flipped? It feels clunky, though it might work. That could work. Working off that end, maybe instead of a reroll, the Attacker can change a bit to a crit? Though, now that I am thinking about it, that might be too easily comboed with Autoblasters and the likes of Bossk.
  3. Agreed on changing the name of Linked Batteries. It might also require bullseye to keep in with predator. The idea that crossed my mind for Light Weight Frame is something similar to Angled Deflectors. Give up a hull for +1 agility. It seems to check out flavorwise, and might be worth it for the right price.
  4. I really hope the Razorcrest is good. I like the design and having another tech capable Scum ship would be nice.
  5. For me, it’s Linked Battery for Sunny, and Light Weight Frame for my SFs.
  6. Matt Lanter. Him voicing the character is a plus. Physically, he doesn’t look super like Hayden, but the broad details are right. Potentially acceptable.
  7. I’d actually be interested to see Hayden again in the role, with a new director and some better dialogue. See if the different circumstances and time yields a better performance.
  8. I can’t remember who or where, but a Scum “module” was made. It was still the same missions, you could just pick Scum ships too. Played a few games, utilizing a Unhinged Astromech Y-Wing while a buddy started with a K-Fighter. Edit: Upon reflection, I think I switched from the Unhinged, opting went for a BTL/Synched Turret/agromech build. Kind of fun, but I think going for a torp build is better.
  9. I actually disagree. He may be a desert hermit, but that’s on a planet in Hutt control, with savage Tusken Raiders, violent gangs, and other hardships. All that while trying to keep an eye on Luke, probably keeping him out of trouble. Also, if you add in Owen and Baru as primary characters, you have a chance to further define and develop them. Books and deleted scenes paint Owens Lars as a bit of a bad ***. It could be fun to see that on screen. Perhaps even have the relationship between Ben and the Lars start strong, but sour because of events in the show, or Owen finding out what really happened to Anakin. Now, they do need to be careful (as all prequels need to), but I think there is some interesting possibilities for an Obi-Wan Show.
  10. But talk about a conflict of interests. You want to go up in PS so you can get more slots and abilities, but you also want to stay low so that you can move before your targets to tractor them.
  11. If the conclusion at the end of the season is good, I’ll be satisfied. It had a rocky start, but Resistance has potential. A “all killer, no filler” final season could be what it needs.
  12. I might actually opt for Tarken riding solo, giving those points to beefing up his escort.
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