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  1. SabineKey

    Are you an X-Wing cheater?

    Yeah, by this definition of cheater, i’m a dirty rotten one. Plenty of forgotten triggers and crits (use crit tokens, people). Recent trouble revolves around not reading Predator close enough and trying to use it to reroll a Procket die.
  2. Ah. I see. Let me leave you with a story, then. Not too long ago, I was picking up a Scum Conversation Kit from a store I was visiting. While waiting to check out, another man saw what I was purchasing and struck up a conversation. During this, I learned that he had bought into 1.0 previously. His love in Star Wars was the Bounty Hunters, so he bought them. He didn't know what they did or how good they were, but he didn't care. He had what he wanted. He then tried to join a game group, but was greeted by a bunch of comments along the lines of "Scum? Oh, you are one of those players." So, he went home and sold his X-Wing stuff and hasn't touched it since. Your stance reminds me of this story for obvious reasons. I'm sorry you feel this way. Good day.
  3. Look at Sloane again. You only addressed half of her before. The other half allows for friendly rerolls (range 1 - 3) against stressed targets. So, Sloane gives a bonus (rerolls), and then give another bonus (giving stress to enemy ships just playing the game, feeding into her first bonus) and she does it automatically because there is literally no reason to ever not to, even in theory. We are ignoring points here because you do and I don’t buy the “she’s using a crew slot” defense. Same opportunity cost applies to buying a ship over upgrades. I likewise don’t agree with your “but it costs a death” for part of Sloane’s ability. The Sloane swarms I have seen use TIE Fighters and they were going to die anyway. Let’s also look at Vader. Yes, he spends a Force for his ability. But that’s because his ability is so much worse than stealing green tokens. Ever seen what happens when he’s used on a ship with no token to lose? I have. Several times. It’s unblockable damage. Now, you may dismiss this and that is your right. But that doesn’t change that I think you are being inconsistent with your standards. You yourself admitted that Vader should take an action as well. Yet when a Scum thing has similar perceived imbalance, you go for the “Scum shouldn’t exist”option. That doesn’t make sense. Look, I’m genuinely sorry for your situation at your home store. Your looking for something and your fellow players aren’t helping with that. It’s frustrating and it’s easy to blame the obvious target. But now you are communicating that a portion of the player base shouldn’t get to play the faction they like. Intended or not, that’s what I get from you. Is that what you want to communicate?
  4. But still turn a blind eye to similar stuff in other factions. Forgive me for harping on this, but you harp on Scum. I'm sorry it's not your cup of tea, but is your complaining about it actually helping? I've had to deal with tons of stuff in this game and others that annoyed the stew out of me, but I learned how to adjust to reduce its affect on me because it wasn't going to change and complaining did nothing either. Take control of your fun, leave Scum players to theirs.
  5. The current schedule is twice a year, so should hopefully give enough time for data collection and interpretation. With the first one coming at the end of this month, I am interested to see if the changes will be drastic or more conservative. I'm hoping it will be more of the latter to reduce over doing it, but it will be a case by case basis.
  6. Take it from someone who has both played with and against Palob a lot: He can be a tough cookie, but is still fragile. Maybe you should try to change up your tactics. It will likely serve you better than seeking his removal from the game.
  7. Disagree with your conclusion, but at least you are actually thinking about it.
  8. Just so long as you are willing to admit that that applies to the other side too.
  9. Just because there are different “pronunciations” doesn’t make the other one wrong.
  10. SabineKey

    How many ships

    3 ships is my usual contingent.
  11. SabineKey

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    Yeah, I'm for the return of challenge coins and plaques. The coins in particular always interested me. Never used mine for shields, but I have used it as something to fiddle with to remind myself of a new trigger I was trying to get down.
  12. SabineKey

    What previously spoiled ship are you most looking forward to?

    Probably the Aethersprite. It’s configuration transforms it quite drastically, allowing for potentially a lot of customization in role. It introduces purple actions, something very intriguing. And has some old favorite Clone Wars characters as pilots. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype, but it has some fun potential.