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  1. Some defenders and aces did really well in the Dutch Nationals. A bit off topic, but still hopeful.
  2. The top 8 looked to be a nice mix of the three factions, which was very refreshing.
  3. *Shrugs* I suppose it is a matter of prospective.
  4. That poor, poor ship.
  5. Yeah, but they are working for him rather than working with him. He's the employer who while getting off the books work done is still hard core loyal to the Empire.
  6. I don't think so. Regionals are suppose to be about a large area, not just the local scene. And with a limited number of Regionals and restrictions on where they can be hosted, "my " Regionals is a two hour drive for me in another state. There are a lot of players who will never have a Regionals locally. I honestly don't see why someone's proximity to a Regionals should give them some sort of exception from registering.
  7. May I ask how many times you have flown the Gunboat?
  8. So, first of all, The Starwing (or Gunboat) is not the Blastboat, as @Darth Meanie and @gadwag have pointed out. Now, flying them together could be awesome. Second of all, you're implying that SLAMing with the titles as the same as SLAM bombing, which it is not. SLAMing bombs + Sabine was undefendable damage with near perfect information on a good number of ships because of elements like moving before they did for really high PS or the flexibility of being able to choose a maneuver for the SLAM after someone has already moved. Now, there was a dice component of the most popular mine used (clusters), but it bypassed green dice and the target could be hit by multiple mines. And with Sabine, the minimum damage that could be done was one. Neither of the titles bypass green dice. Ordinance and cannons require to hits to do damage, so there are multiple rolls for chance and tokens to alter the outcome of the attack. The only way for the Gunboat to do unblockable damage is through Harpoons and/or Saturation Salvo. But, Harpoons must still be triggered, which requires a successful shot. And Saturation Salvo requires so much to go right for a 50/50 shot to maybe do damage that it is unlikely to be worth the point and opportunity cost. Third of all, the majority of good builds I have seen for Gunboats don't actually use the SLAM firing feature of the titles. I believe @Biophysical has been experimenting with the Gunboats and been getting the best results from HLC gunboats, which do not get to SLAM and fire due to point cost. I know some of the players i chat with regularly have been getting similar results. If these points do not quell your anxiety, then I suggest you follow @Incard's advice. Try them out on Vassel, Table Top Simulator, or even proxy them on casual nights. Perhaps even play them against an unnerfed Bombing K-Wing for comparison. I believe you will find an interesting and solid ship rather than the OP mess you fear it is.
  9. Hmm. A new Vader crew might be interesting, though I really doubt they'd make him duel faction with Aphra. Now, Aphra having that kind of clause to work with Vader works out. I'm personally hoping the Ark Angel will be a duel faction ship, with the droids being delightful crew options.
  10. This was definitely where my mind went at first for Rey, but the destruction of Luke's Academy happened between the book Bloodline (which was 28 ABY) and TFA (which is 34 ABY). With at most 6 years between events, it really doesn't fit with what we know about Rey's origins, even just going by the movie. I'm definitely on board with more with the Whills.
  11. While I didn't do it for this campaign, having an X-Wing with PTL/Blue Ace/Sabine/Hera is something I really want to play with.
  12. While I think it is realistically unlikely, this is my favorite theory.
  13. A buddy of mine has been using Sabine's pilot ability on the HWK and it has been doing wonders for its maneuverability.
  14. I think I've heard it before and it is a possibility, though it doesn't feel like a strong contender. It raises a lot of questions that can be answered, but it starts getting complicated.
  15. Perhaps not that abnormal, but also not something smiled upon either. I really doubt Disney would stick that kind of plot point into the franchise. Not impossible, but it doesn't really match the Disney image. A 14 year old Rey is a very large stretch in my mind, pretty much at the breaking point. Plus, it would make Finn's question if she had a boy friend rather creepy.